Since the dawning of time I have heard the sad tales of woe from those trying to get their message clarified. For years they have struggled to get the wording just right so they can distinguish themselves from others while being true to themselves.

And to make that journey even more difficult they have gone to coaches (sometimes costing thousands) and shared their true passion only to hear things like, “you can’t do that!” or “You can’t say that!” or “Don’t even try that!”

They have been told, “you have to niche that down,” or “not be so woo woo,” or simply “do this thing other people have done instead.” So they find themselves suddenly on a journey in a foreign land still so far from where they really wanted to go, doing things, saying things, that just don’t feel right.

So they kind of give up and simply start describing their modality. At least that’s something they can relate to. Just put it out there what they do. But then they find their perfect customers are bored. Their eyes glaze over and there’s not a connection to be made.

Then they wonder, “was that coach right? Should I try those ideas she gave me again?” It’s a merry-go-round and for many it feels like they’ll never get off in time to get their true soul’s message out to the world.

A Simple Solution: Branding from the Heart

It’s such a sad tale because years ago I figured out a solution, and I call it Branding from the Heart. I remember one of my first clients way back in the day came to one of my early workshops. She said for 3 years she’d been trying to name her photography business with no luck.

So I took her through a series of steps to find out what her deepest passion was, what really made her tick. What she said was, “I want to help people to live their heart’s desire.” When I said, “How about Heart’s Desire Photography?” She burst into tears. “That’s it!”

Since then I’ve helped hundreds of heart-centered entrepreneurs, coaches, healers and creatives to clarify and express their purpose through branding and websites that attract their soul tribe and inspire a significant connection…. One that could even change the world.

Are you still struggling with your message, wondering what to say that will distinguish you and your important work, one that will engage your tribe and inspire them to connect with you?

If yes, then I’d like to invite you to my complimentary Branding Basics webinar next Thursday, October 5 at 11 am PT where I’ll reveal my Authentic Message Formula and guide you through the creation of your brand message.

If the salesy approach to marketing just doesn’t work for you…

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I hope to see you there.


Julia Stege
The Magical Marketer
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PS: This training will help you to see why marketing the ‘normal’ way hasn ‘t worked for you and what you can do to authentically attract your Soul Tribe… yup, just by being you.