Branding from the Heart

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Do you feel flustered when you attempt to describe what you do in a way that attracts your Soul Tribe?

Now there is a different way to market that comes from the heart and authentically portrays your mission.

This revolutionary approach to marketing is called Branding from the Heart.

Julia_Soul_3Hi, my name is Julia Stege, The Magical Marketer, and I am an intuitive branding artist, writer, marketing visionary,law of attraction marketing coach, and wildly attractive website designer. I created the Branding from the HeartTM Program to help you market your business in a way that is Fun, Fulfilling and Transformative for you, one that you will LOVE ♥ because it simply comes from your heart. If you are ready to get your message out to the world in a bigger way, making authentic branding the foundation for all of your marketing activities will ensure that you can attract the exact right people to your business.

When you participate fully in this program you can expect to produce these results:

♥ Clarify Your “Perfect Customer Profile” and Never Be Confused About Your “Niche” Ever Again.

♥ Create a Brand Message that Reflects Your Life Purpose and Learn to Apply it to All Your Marketing, Products and Services Cohesively

♥ Create an Irresistible Free Offer that Fills your Pipeline with Ideal Prospects.

 Learn How to Attractively Name Your Business, Products, & Programs and Develop Compelling, Attractive Keywords, Taglines and Posts

♥ Write Marketing Copy and Blogs that Truly Represents You and Attract the Exact Right People to You

♥ Discover Your Uniquely Reflective Visual Aesthetic and Personal Tribe-Attracting Symbology

♥ Unify Your Offerings Under One Umbrella Brand That Sings To Your Heart

♥ Finally Experience a Fun and Fulfilling Way to Market Your Business!

logo trees for a changeAND for every person who participates in this program, we are planting a tree in your name in a forest that has been ravaged by wildfire, through the Trees For A Change program!

We have already planted over 100 trees in California forests through this program.


“I Increased My DVD Sales by 600%!”


MichellePSquareWhen I signed on for the BFH class I thought I was going to learn about the secrets of marketing, I didn’t realize I would also be discovering secrets about myself. What a journey! It’s been such a paradigm shift for me. After incorporating more honesty about my passion into my website, my blogs and even into more traditional marketing strategies like promotional letters to a mailing list or cold call email inquiries, I sold more DVDs in one month than I did in the last three years combined. It’s a 600% increase! I’m also getting more interest in my film screening presentations with less effort. Thanks to Julia and our great Attraction Community.

~Michelle Peticolas


“Julia Makes Branding So Clear…”


andreabI loved Julia’s Branding from the Heart Intensive! It has helped me be more clear about who I am, what I do and the spark that I want to share with others. She has a great method of helping you connect to what makes you tick, your strengths and gifts and sharing that with others, through your website, interactions, blog, conversations. Julia makes branding so clear. Whenever I use the method she has shown us, I get results! Those I connect with really want what I most want to share with them. It’s perfect! New client sessions have increased. I recommend this work to anyone. Thank you, Julia!

~Andrea Beaudoin


“I Was So Inspired, I Started a Blog…”


EmmaLisaHill“I have not always trusted my inner guidance to lead me because I was emotionally wounded. This is the number one reason why I have not always experienced the awesome power I AM. This also prevented me from sharing and expressing the mighty love within me. In the class Branding from the Heart, the first things we learned about were “tick words,” which are words that touch our heart, words that show-up in everything we write, and grab our attention when we read or hear them.AWESOME! Branding from the Heart put me right back in touch with my emotions and I became real clear about what words motivate, encourage, and inspire me to move forward. I was so inspired I started this blog during the class about self-value and honoring the Self.”

~Rev. Emma Lisa Hill


“Julia’s Process Helps You Market From The Heart…”


ChristineE80x80“Julia is a creative, intuitive, fun teacher to guide you to attracting your perfect clients. Her process is easy, effective and it help you to market yourself from your heart, meaning you use your personal gift and style to attract the clients you want to spend time with.”

~ Christine Esters

Branding from the Heart
Virtual Intensive



Part 1: Training Modules

When You Register, You Gain Instant Access to These Training Modules including Video Presentation, Audios, and the Companion Handbook:

Module 1 ~ The Foundation of Attraction Based Marketing

Your Attraction Plan creates the basis for attracting your perfect customers through your marketing. In this class we will discover exactly who we want to attract, what makes us and our perfect customers tick, what we want, and who we really are. Many people start attracting new perfect customers within 48 hours using this process.


  • Attraction Planning Instruction to start attraction your perfect customers quickly
  • Clarify your Perfect Customer Profile so your customers are a perfect match for you
  • Discover your Character Code and the Code of your Perfect Customers to identify and address their core needs and expectations
  • Orient yourself with a new paradigm for marketing that attracts rather than targets perfect customers


Module 2 ~ The Branding from the Heart Process

In this class we will cover the Branding from the Heart Process and learn how to tap into our purpose and share that in a way that promotes everything we’re up to and attracts the right people to us. This deceptively simple process will help you to create an authentic, cohesive, consistent and wildly attractive brand that will serve you long term.


  • Discover your Purpose and How to Relate it to Your Marketing
  • Define your Magical Keywords to Attract Your Tribe
  • Learn How to Name Anything in Your Business Cohesively and Authentically


Module 3 ~ Defining Your Authentic Brand

In this class you will use the BFH Process to create your Authentic Brand. Many people struggle for years trying to decide what to say about their business. With this class you will discover how your brand was inside of you all along, and ways to effectively apply your brand to key components of your business.


  • Craft Your Authentic Brand Statement
  • Develop Your Statement into a Longer 30-Second Speech
  • Discover Your Aesthetic and Visual Symbology


Module 4 ~ The Attraction Marketing Funnel

Now is the time to Create Your Free Offer! Your Free Offer creates a great way potential customers can interact with you, and branding this offer “from the Heart” will make it irresistible to your perfect customers.


  • Determine Your Greatest Gift that Your Tribe is Seeking
  • Craft a Free Offer that is Irresistible to Your Perfect Customers
  • Learn to Write Effective Autoresponder Campaigns and a Regular Ezine… all Branded from the Heart!


Module 5 ~ Branding Your Products and Services PLUS Your Umbrella Brand!

In this class we will use the Branding from the Heart process to name anything in your business, from products to services to VIP Packages.


  • Determine What Your Customers Really Need
  • How to Price Your Offerings
  • How to Create an Umbrella Brand to Cohesively Market All Your Offerings


Module 6 ~ Sharing Your Message With The World

Now that we have our Authentic Brand, it’s time to get it out to the world. In this class we will cover the most popular ways to get your message out to the most people online.


  • How to Build an Audience Through Blogs
  • Best Ways to Use Popular Social Networks: Which Ones to Use, Which to Ignore
  • When to Promote Through Teleclasses and Webinars, Speaking Gigs and Live Networking
  • Learn How to Present Your Brand in a Way that Draws Your Perfect Customers to You in Droves


Part 2: Live Group Branding Sessions with Julia

2 Months of Weekly Live Q&A Sessions with Julia

Get your questions about any aspect of Modules 1 – 6 during our Weekly Live Q&A Sessions. Usually we meet Wednesdays at Noon PT we meet to get your questions answered live. You gain access to these weekly sessions through the end of January 2017. (*No session the week after Christmas)

Live Group Client Attraction Bootcamp

In December of 2016 (Time TBA) Julia will lead a Live Group Client Attraction Bootcamp where she will demonstrate how to attract your Soul Tribe authentically. Julia will offer personalized attention to each participant so you can discover your Soul Tribe, create great Brand Names, develop your authentic Brand Message, and clarify what you’re offering to the world!

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This program will help you to:

  1. expand your customer reach beyond your locale without having to travel the world networking.
  2. develop a large following of peeps who love your stuff and want to engage with you.
  3. leverage your time by serving groups of people at once instead of 0ne-on-one.

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For the last 2 years we have supported Trees for a Change who are dedicated to restoring forests that have been ravaged by wildfire. As a tree-lover, I am honored to support Trees for a Change with one tree per person registering in this program.



I invite you to say YES to yourself and to Branding from the Heart.

After helping so many spiritual business women and conscious entrepreneurs through this system and seeing the amazing transformations that happen when you share your purpose through your marketing, I’m confident that you’re going to be thrilled.

I also know that when you take the steps and do the work, you’ll experience for yourself just how simple it is to create a heart-felt brand that attracts and inspires your perfect customers to connect with you.


I want you to be MORE than satisfied with Branding from the Heart and if for some reason you aren’t, then I want to make sure you end up happy. If you’re not 100% thrilled with what you’re learning – just let my team know within 7 days of placing your order.

We’ll give you a 100% equivalent CREDIT up to 7 days from your purchase. Use this credit towards any of my programs, packages or services within one year. Please note since this program includes instant access to all recordings, transcripts, slides and materials, that no cash refunds can be granted. But again, we’re happy to offer you a full credit toward any other program or service.

That’s how much I stand by this information, and how much I believe in YOU to create success with this system.  You have my word on it!

Love, Julia


Julia is a skillful Law of Attraction and Branding Teacher…”


“Julia skillfully and joyfully teaches how Law of Attraction principles and branding savvy will accelerate your business connections; leading to ideal clients, sales, referrals and repeat business.”

~Harriet Tubman Wright