The Magical Marketing Team

Julia D. Stege, MFA The Magical Marketer

Julia Stege

Principal Designer
Intutive Branding Artist & Visionary
Project Manager

Julia helps spiritual business women and conscious entrepreneurs to clarify and express their purpose through branding and websites that attract their tribe and inspire a revolution. Julia provides intuitive branding consulting and design services, project management, website design and online marketing management. Learn all about Julia HERE.

Jeune3Jeune Taylor

Technical Assistant
Shopping Cart Diva
Contact Managmenent Expert

Opt-In Programmer

Jeune makes sure all of our websites function perfectly and interact smoothly with the intended audience. She creates and integrates the website widgets and plug ins including opt-in boxes and shopping carts. Jeune is our go-to technical wizard who trouble-shoots every and all mysterious internet snafus with patience and ease.

NguyenNguyen Tan Dang

WordPress Programmer

Nguyen can take any design Julia creates in Photoshop and like magic create a fully interactive WordPress website, and he does it at a remarkable speed. Nguyen uses a theme family that prevents site crashes while encouraging visitors to interact with you.

Merwyn2Merwyn Dianora

Design Assistant

Merwyn is a graphic designer with boundless energy and enthusiasm. She takes the designs Julia collaborates on with clients and makes them into usable marketing pieces. She is brilliant at creating matching banners and backgrounds for your social media sites, as well as custom graphics for website widgets and interactive elements.