It’s summer and there’s a lovely golden light outside beckoning me to go into the garden instead of working. I will go outside today and revel in the magnificence of the SUN that was so shy over the winter. But that’s because I know I have a website that is working right… because if I’m off playing, I need to know that my website’s still on task, bringing me contacts and clients.

But what if you really don’t know how to tell whether your site is working or not? How can you have fun in the sun if you’re not sure your site is taking up the slack? I have made a list of 10 Signs Your Website’s Not Working for YOU, plus several offers to help you make it right… offers you can’t refuse! (well, you can refuse it if you want, but you’d be silly to pass them up!)

Then you’ll know how to make your site work for you while you’re soaking up some heavenly rays… like this gal… ahhhh.


1) You don’t have a website!

If you want to attract and serve clients online, you need a website. You can’t just go off and play and expect to attract clients without an online presence. You really need a platform that represents you well to attract and engage your tribe. Without it, when you’re done with your beach day you may be facing an empty calendar!

2) Your website doesn’t represent you well.

Maybe you never really felt the site represented you, maybe you did it yourself and felt stymied by your lack of knowledge, or maybe it used to represent you but now it’s outdated. Now when you really need your site to work for you, it falls down on the job. In fact it can deter folks from hiring you, even if they are aligned with you. Yikes! Some of the next steps will help you hone in on what’s not working on your site.

3) Your brand message is unclear.

Do you have a clear, consistent, authentic message that engages your tribe and inspires them to connect with you? If not, your website could be attracting the right people, but you’re not engaging them. If they don’t understand what you’re about and how you can help them, they will say, “hmmm, what’s this about? I don’t know… next!”

4) Your Soul Tribe is not identified.

You may have said you can serve everyone, that you don’t want to narrow it down or leave anyone out, but when you don’t have your tribe clearly identified, they will not feel that you understand them or their specific problems and your ideal clients may pass you by.

5) Nobody is connecting with you because there’s no free offer!

More than anything else, if you want your website to work for you while you’re off galavanting around in your summer skivvys, you need an irresistible free offer that inspires your site visitors to give you their name and email so you can follow up with them once you’re ready to get back to work.

6) Too many things on the site, a confused mind won’t take the desired action.

Having a limited number of possible actions you want folks to take on the site will help ensure those actions are taken. When there are too many things on a site, it can be distracting, overwhelming and lead to folks just bouncing away. Make sure the actions you are asking your visitors to take are clear and easy for them, and fruitful for you!

7) Visuals aren’t appealing to you or your customers

If you think your site is ugly or boring, so will your perfect customers! Ensuring that your site feels beautiful and resonant to you, that the look of it is very appealing to you, that will ensure that your like-minded tribe will get you and want to engage with you. Also, a beautiful site is more user friendly and your site visitors are more likely to stick around to take the right action when they feel good being there. For some inspiration, check out these examples of Wildly Attractive Websites on my gallery of designs HERE.

8) Site is not mobile friendly, looks bad on a mobile

Now over 75% of folks use a mobile device to surf the internet. And now Google won’t even show your site to mobile surfers if you’re not mobile-ready. That means you will lose 75% of your potential business. It’s that simple. And no business does not a happy beach-bum make! Make sure your site is mobile ready by taking this test:

9) Your site can’t be easily updated by you so it’s … out of date!

If you cannot update your site yourself, then your site will become outdated very quickly and not have your energy in it. Also, Google likes a current site and will ding you if yours is too old. You need a platform like WordPress site that allows you to post updated blogs, media, and offers to keep your people up to date and engaged.

10) You don’t have the right team to help you

This is the big problem most people face, not having the right team to help. That’s why I take time off from playing in the sun to help folks like you with their message, visual expression, and website design and production. At Magical Marketing we pride ourselves on providing a fully collaborative process that ensures that what’s most important to you is honored and included in the process, and that the result is one you are proud to share with the world.

Now you didn’t think I was going to abandon you with all these problems did you? Of course not.

I want you to ENJOY your summer. So here are 3 ways I can help you ensure your site is working for you.

1) Magical Live Group Website Review:

I am hosting a live group Website Review on Thursday, July 27 at 1:30 pm Pacific Time. You can have me review your site or just listen as I review others. We’ll be going over typical mistakes made by folks trying to attract their Soul Tribe online, and I’ll reveal some solutions that can change your site and actually change your life.


2) Apply for a Private Website Analysis with Me

Right now my Summer Sale is still on with only 3 discounted websites still available (4 have already sold.) You can save $1,500 if you are ready for a brand and website and act quickly. To reserve your site at this price, apply for a Magical Website Analysis with me where we will review your marketing and website together and come up with a plan to help you attract your perfect customers online. We can also talk about what you need and the cost in a no-pressure setting. LET’S LOOK AT YOUR SITE TOGETHER! CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE

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A huge reason I experience so much freedom is due to my wildly attractive website! I attract my Soul Tribe from around the world every day. To celebrate summer and help you achieve freedom, I am hosting a Magical Summer Website Sale where you can save up to $1500.00 off your new website! If you want to reserve yours, visit details.

Enjoy your summer! I know I am!


Julia Stege
The Magical Marketer
(510) 30-MAGIC

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