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Branding from the Heart: How to Share Your Purpose through Marketing that Attracts Your Tribe and Inspires a Revolution


Finally, the magical steps revealed to discovering the Soul Tribe you are meant to serve, knowing what to say that captures their heart, and inspiring them to connect with you so that you may transform the world.




Lace dress head shot“Heart –centered biz owners will do well to take Julia Stege’s advice to be authentic in your marketing. BRANDING FROM THE HEART guides you through the steps you need to take to create branding and marketing that expresses your purpose and attracts you perfect customers over and over again.
Suzanne Falter. Best Selling Self-Help Author/ Speaker

teish“In BRANDING FROM THE HEART, Julia Stege reveals a process that takes you deep within your soul to discover your authentic unique message.  She shows you, step by step, how to share your vision and attract kindred spirits, members of your Soul Tribe. This is a revolutionary approach to marketing.  The processes you experience here will enrich all your relationships, thereby transforming your business, your personal life, and the world around you.”
Luisah Teish, Author, Director, Artist.

KEITH LEON - The Book Guy“So many marketing experts advise entrepreneurs to follow cookie-cutter processes, scripts and other tricks to attract clients, but their advice doesn’t work for heart-centered biz owners. Julia Stege presents a new paradigm for marketing in BRANDING FROM THE HEART that any purpose-driven entrepreneur would benefit from.”
Keith Leon, Multiple Bestselling Author/Book Publisher

Alan Hickman and Jan Stringer of Perfect Customers, Inc.

“Brilliantly, Julia has taken the vision of Strategic Attraction and created an original approach to branding and marketing that can literally change the world.  She has woven the very essence of how Law of Attraction works into easy steps you can take to create an authentic brand that attracts your tribe from around the globe and inspires them to connect with you.”
Jan Stringer, founder of Perfect Customers, Inc.
Bestselling Author of “Attracting Perfect Customers:
The Power of Strategic Synchronicity”