Back in the 90s when I first started creating websites for clients, there were very few businesses online. The biggest business was and most of the businesses going online wanted to copy whatever did, including making their pages both busy and ugly.

Now obviously was successful as they are still one of the largest online retailers in the world. However, does that mean all websites that came later should mock Amazon? I always said no.

That’s why my slogan back then was “Abolish Boring Websites!”


The fact is, much of the website trends then and now are not appropriate for conscious entrepreneurs trying to get an authentic message out to the world.

We don’t want thousands of options, or ugly sales pages with big red flashing headlines, or hypey advertising claims designed to scare people into buying. We know we really can’t abolish all of the boring websites of the world, but we also know we want our website to attract rather than attack our perfect customers.

So to Abolish Boring Websites,
we actually need to create Wildly Attractive Websites that make the
boring ones obsolete!


So what are the components of a Wildly Attractive WebsiteTM?


1) It Starts with an Attraction Plan. To ensure your website will attract your perfect customers, you first want to define who your perfect customers are, what makes you and them tick, and what you want to offer. This process is different from choosing a niche to target. Rather, you are getting in touch with what is perfect for you. Your Attraction Plan will serve as the basis for everything that goes on your site. You can download your free Attraction Plan instructions at


2) Your Authentic Message Comes Next. How do you want to serve your perfect customers? What is your mission? Craft your website message from the heart and really share what is most important to you. Remember that “like attracts like,” so by sharing yourself authentically in your website, your most perfect customers will be intuitively drawn to you. (If you need help clarifying and expressing your purpose through your brand message, you may apply for a complimentary Magical Strategy Session with me to get started.)


3) A Resonant Visual Expression of Your Brand. When someone comes to your website, you want it to FEEL like you. The colors, shapes, symbols, style combine to offer a certain experience, or vibration, for the visitor. Since your site represents you when you cannot be there to represent yourself, make sure the site design is a beautiful, authentic expression of you and your message. Just as you would not attend a business networking function in your PJ’s, don’t let your online presence be frumpy, home spun or disorderly. (If you need a new website, or ideas on how to improve your online presence, you may apply for a complimentary Magical Strategy Session with me to get started.)


4) Make it Google Friendly. Google searches are the #1 way customers find their vendors these days, so you want your site to be Google-Friendly. By selecting keyword phrases that are authentic, accurate and compelling and using them frequently in the Title, Meta and Image Alt Tags, Headlines, URL and Links, you have a better chance of coming up well for searches of that phrase. Also post your site to popular online directories and social networks to help your ranking.


5) Change it Regularly. Many solopreneurs are opting for sites that they can easily update themselves, like a WordPress Site with integrated Blog. Updating your site regularly will not only help to keep the interest of your customers, but the search engines reward new content with higher ranking.


6) Brag About It. Though it’s easier to get good Google ranking than it was in the past, you still want to spread the word about your site through marketing. The best places to brag about your website are at in-person and online networking spaces. Meeting people in person is still a vital element to your online marketing plan. Social networks also offer an incredibly viral platform in which to spread buzz about your site. Make sure you let people know how to find your site and what benefit they will receive when they do that (a free report or audio?).


7) The Question of Investment. Some business owners are surprised to find that a professionally designed and programmed website can cost them several thousand dollars or more. When compared to some of the free and inexpensive options for creating a site yourself, this expense seems unnecessary at first glance.


I think of a website like a restaurant, a store front, or an office space. When a new business creates a public space, they either buy or rent a building and then they design it to be attractive to their customers. They select the right colors, fixtures and furnishings. They create signage that stands out while displaying the brand identity nicely. They make the space a professional representation of their product or service, and they can spend tens of thousands of dollars to do this. Consider your website to be your online public space and invest appropriately to represent you and your important heart-felt mission.


When you attract your perfect customers online, this initial investment can be recouped quickly.

I hope you enjoyed these website tips. If you would like to see more of our site designs, please visit our online portfolio of designs here.

Go forth and attract!