If you are like most holistic or spiritually inspired business owners, you hate marketing. You know it’s something you have to do to stay in business, but you simply don’t like it. There are many reasons for this, mostly because marketing the ‘normal’ way is frankly bad for heart-based businesses.

As someone who started a career in marketing on Madison Avenue, I discovered that traditional marketing is all about brainwashing, hyping and lying to people in order to make money. Even the entertainment industry turned out to be no fun at all… totally cut-throat. I left Manhattan at an early age because I couldn’t even have a conversation with my friends anymore, the ones who had sold their talent to the cigarette, alcohol and pharmaceutical drug industries. And its these folks who wrote the book on how to market a business that most internet marketing gurus learned from in their early stages. No wonder you feel smarmy trying their techniques.

Never fear, there are alternatives. You can discover a marketing style that is fun, fulfilling and sustainable, and attracts your Soul Tribe from around the world.

What Makes Marketing Fun?

To make sure your marketing plan is fun, you want to select 3 things that you like to do to connect with people either on or offline, then plan to do those things consistently. If you like to do the activity, you are more likely to do it! If you categorically HATE the activity, no matter how good of an idea it is, you eventually won’t do it at all. And that’s no fun because you won’t be attracting new clients.

For example, I like to go to a specific event in Southern California every year. It’s part of my Fun, Fulfilling and Sustainable marketing plan. I don’t go willy-nilly to every event in the world to attract potential joint venture partners. I go to Rich German’s JVX. And afterward we spend the day on the ocean having fun and deepening our connections. I look forward to this marketing activity every year, and I am so high-vibration when I’m there that I make wonderful friends. Here’s a photo from our whale watching tour after JVX this past week.

What Makes Marketing Fulfilling?

Saguaro National Monument by Julia D. Stege

If you hate marketing, then the idea of marketing being fulfilling seems impossible. But there is a way. For if your marketing comes from the heart, and you share your Soul’s Purpose with people who are aligned with you, then marketing is an extension of your purpose. Our Soul yearns for us to connect with those we were born to serve, and help them with our unique gifts and talents. When we do this through our marketing, the connections we make through our marketing fulfill our Soul.

I love painting. It fulfills my soul. So creating artwork for my marketing is fulfilling for me. This is a painting I used for my Wildly Attractive Websites Virtual Intensive brand. What do you love to do that fulfills your Soul? How can you integrate that into your marketing?

What Makes Marketing Sustainable?

As I just mentioned, if you don’t like the marketing activity you’ve chosen, it won’t be sustainable for you. Same is true if our marketing does not fulfill our Soul. Also, if you select too many things to do, that’s no sustainable either. That’s why I suggest you select just 3 things that you will do consistently, things that you love and that fulfill your soul, and then do only those marketing activities. Don’t get lured in by the latest craze because these day’s there’s always something new, and that won’t be sustainable for you!

My sustainable activities are Joint Ventures (including Giveaways), Webinars, and Private Marketing Assessments. Feel free to put your Fun, Fulfilling and Sustainable marketing ideas below in the comments section. I love to hear what you’re up to.

What’s Next?

If you want help developing your Fun, Fulfilling and Sustainable marketing plan, the first step is to apply for a Magical Strategy Session with me, Julia Stege, the Magical Marketer, so we can connect and look at what you’ve been doing that works, and what you’ve been doing that doesn’t work, and create a mini-plan for you going forward. To apply for your session, please fill out my form HERE so we know a bit about what you’re up to, and that will get you my scheduling link. Looking forward to connecting with you soon!