Julia really listens.

“Julia has helped me create branding twice. Both times I was impressed with how well she listened to what I wanted to create. Julia was able to lead through a process that allowed me to tap into an energy and express from a place deep within that I was unable to express initially. With a combination of compassion intuition, understanding, and creative energy, Julia helped me to clarify what I wanted to express in a program that I was creating and brought this vision to life with her own artwork, and now I am thrilled to use the logo and banner she created for Inspired Connexions. She also lent her creative talents to helping me settle into a color scheme for the site. I love working with Julia. The love in her heart is expressed through her artwork and leading her clients through a process that helps them to share their vision with the world authentically. She is professional, attentive and patient, reworking the artistic details until you are not just satisfied, you are ecstatic! Thank you Julia, love! Yours in gratitude.”