I want to get to the point in case you don’t read this whole post (though I hope you do).

Despite what every other marketer out there tells you, you actually don’t need to niche your business into oblivion to attract your Soul Tribe online.

Starting December 20th, I’m hosting a 3 day (2 hours a day) free virtual event called The Soul Aligned Client Quest where I’ll show you the no-niche approach to client attraction. You can register and get the info just by clicking here: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

The reason everyone says you need to select a niche (and why they laugh in my face when I say I help people who can’t niche) is because their approach to marketing is rooted in the corporate landscape and not the transformational one.

I actually did experience the corporate landscape back in Manhattan when I worked for a designer on Madison Avenue. But I rejected it early on due to the lack of integrity rampant in the industry. Still I recognize these same techniques being used by so many internet marketers today, many of whom actually brag that they learned their trade by serving behemoth corporate entities.

Bottom line? The niche approach is about appealing to the unconscious desires of a mass audience so they buy without thinking.

When you are a transformational coach, spiritual healer, or any kind of practitioner trying to make people’s lives and the world better, you simply cannot use trickery to get clients. And you cannot niche your thing down to the lowest common denominator because that’s not what your ideal clients are seeking.

So I’m hosting a 3 day salon-style live event (2 hours per day) next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10 am to Noon Pacific Time to talk about these issues, and clarify how you can attract divinely aligned clients online by following the purpose of your Soul.

During the Soul Aligned Client Quest FREE 3-day event (2 hours per day) you will:

  • Clarify your Soul Purpose and the philosophical foundation of your spiritual business
  • Discover your SOUL TRIBE, your most loyal and aligned customers, and start attracting them almost immediately
  • Learn the keys to SHIFTING YOUR VIBE through your marketing to be more attractive to your tribe
  • Learn how your words become MAGNETS for the people and experiences who can help your business SOAR

We begin next Tuesday, December 20th at 10 am Pacific and meet same time Wed and Thursday, 2 hours each day, to really align with your Soul, raise your vibe, and attract your tribe. Allow me to guide you toward the people you were born to serve.


See you there!