I’m doing great these days, but still, I get pretty bummed out when I listen to the news. I generally try to avoid it but my husband watches NPR and I sometimes get drawn in, and before I know it I’m feeling pretty down. Then suddenly everything annoys me and I start worrying about the future of my business. Because I know that thoughts are powerfully creative, unless I want reality to start matching my fears, it’s time to raise my vibration.

Not only that, being stressed out will not make me more attractive to my perfect customers, right? I’m sure you can relate to what I’m talking about here. So what can we do to raise our vibration? Here are some simple tips I like to use to help me feel more like myself.

1) Get Into Action: if you’re feeling worried about the future, one way to get you thinking along a more positive bent is to do some authentic marketing from the heart, write a blog entry, or plan a free tele-class. Forwarding your purpose and your work feels good and it’s practical. Additionally, the result (ie attracting perfect customers) is also a vibration raiser.

2) Just Relax: If you’re feeling stressed and burned out, getting into action might not be what you need right now. In this case I suggest some radical self care. When was the last time you took yourself to an uplifting movie or took a nap in the middle of the day? How about a bubble bath with some hydrating oils and aromatherapy, or maybe a massage? Focusing on making yourself feel great will raise your vibration, and when it’s time to return to work, you will be refreshed and ready.

3) Get Some Help: If you’re feeling overwhelmed then it’s probably time to get some help. Today I finally asked my husband to help me get my car smogged and registered and now that’s one less thing I have to worry about. I also have someone coming over to help me clean and organize my house and office, someone to help me with my books, and someone to help me create new products for my business. The Lone Ranger days are over for me. It’s a great feeling to get help and get relief!

4) Jump-Start Those Endorphins: Excercise is not only good for your health, it stimulates those good-feeling hormones to go rushing through your body. I love to take my rainforest herbs and hit the treadmill while listening to my favorite music. Or when the weather is good, a brisk walk outside can be exhilarating.

Give these a try and then notice how your circumstances start to shift as your vibration rises. I’d love to hear about the results you get when you raise your vibration.

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