It’s frustrating when your website isn’t attracting the right people to your business, isn’t it? When you’ve invested time and money for your online presence, you want it to work, right? For many people, the ever changing technology of internet marketing is so daunting that they feel alienated by their website, maybe even ignoring it for days, weeks or even months on end.

Do you relate to that?

What I’ve discovered from designing websites for 20 years, and combining that with metaphysical marketing principles like Law of Attraction, is that how you feel about your website and how well it represents you vibrationally impacts who you attract to your business online.

If you’re not attracting the right people to your site, one likely reason is that your website is vibrationally ‘off.’

In Part I of this Vibrational Marketing Series, I pointed out that everything is vibration, including the marketing you use to attract your tribe online. Ensuring that your marketing, and especially your website, is a vibrational match for you and your perfect customers is paramount to a successful business. (Missed it? You can find Vibrational Marketing #1 HERE.)

Imagine the effect of feeling that your website is just not “you.” Even if you do go to your site and post a blog once in a while or update an event rather than ignoring it altogether, the feeling you have about your site, your message, the look of it, how it works, the technology, the way you present your offers, will impact how folks who visit your site feel about you.

So what can you do about it right now? Here are some steps you can take to determine the current vibration of your site.

  • ENVISION HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL ABOUT YOUR SITE. Take a few moments to meditate on what your ideal site would feel like to you. If everything were working perfectly and you were attracting the perfect people in the right timing, what would that mean to you? Take note of these high-vibration feelings. They are your set point for where you want your website to be.
  • HOW DOES YOUR SITE FEEL TO YOU NOW? Go visit your site and take an emotional assessment of how it feels now. Remember, anything that feels off to you will reduce the vibration of your site. Take note of what you like and what you don’t like about your site, and be as detailed as you can. This will help you tune in to the vibration of your site in its current state, and will give you clarity of how far it is from your vision in step 1.
  • IS YOUR SITE MESSAGE OUTDATED OR BORING? Read the Home Page and key pages of your site. Does your copy sound like you? Does the message match what you’re about now? Or is it old copy that no longer fits, or boring passive description that doesn’t reflect your essence? Messaging that doesn’t fit will take the vibration of your site down. Take note of what feels flat or outdated in your copy.
  • CHECK YOUR WEBSITE STATS! Do you know how many people visit your site every month, how they’re finding you, or what they’re doing once they get to your site? If you’re like most people I speak with every week, the answer is no. Thing is it’s really hard to figure out whether your website is attracting the right people if you don’t know anything about the folks visiting your site. Check your website’s analytics. If you don’t know what that is or how to do it, ask your assistant to help you. If you don’t have an assistant, hire someone just to help you review what’s going on with your site, read or set up the analytics. Once you have your data, write down the date, how many people visited in the last month, how many people opted in to your list, and how many clients you attracted online. This will help you create a baseline for where you are in your business. Do this regularly to determine how the site is performing over time.

Once you have taken these steps you will be clear on what the current vibration of your website is. This is paramount to any future change you may decide to implement. If these steps feel overwhelming to you, but you are committed to ensuring your website is in vibrational alignment with your essence and your ideal clients, let me help.

I have a few spots left in my calendar to offer complimentary Magical Website Analysis Sessions. If you want my assistance in going over the steps above, you can apply for your session HERE:

In Part III of Vibrational Marketing I’ll share some steps to take to raise the vibration of your website and other marketing.



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