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Attention Spiritual Business Women and Conscious Entrepreneurs

Are you seeking an alternative to dishonest marketing strategies?
Do you want to transform people’s lives through your offerings AND your website?

If you started your business or organization to make a difference, you don’t want to use marketing strategies that are about brainwashing, hyping or lying to people. And I promise you don’t have to.

Magical Marketing Company founder Julia Stege, the Magical Marketer, has created a new paradigm for marketing that is authentic, comes from the heart, attracts just the right people (your Soul Tribe) and inspires them to make a significant connection with you. Finally! It’s marketing with Soul!

For over 20 years we have helped spiritual business women and conscious entrepreneurs to authentically attract their tribe online through stunning brands, wildly attractive websites, and magical marketing techniques. We are a full-service marketing firm who really understands YOU and YOUR NEEDS. We welcome the opportunity to help you express your purpose through branding and websites that attract your tribe and inspire a revolution.

Step 1: Create Your Attraction Plan

To get started with this new paradigm for marketing, download my Magical Marketing Toolkit and start creating your Attraction Plan. Includes your Soul Tribe Attraction Playbook and short video training to get you started becoming an irresistible magnet to your perfect customers.


Step 2: Come to Our Magical Marketing Webinar

We regularly sponsor live Magical Marketing Webinars where we go into why marketing the “normal” way doesn’t work for heart-inspired entrepreneurs, and how you can begin to attract your true Soul Tribe online just by being your authentic self.


Step 3: Let’s Connect! Apply for a Magical Strategy Session with Julia

Julia opens her calendar a few times each month for special Complimentary Magical Strategy Sessions with her tribe. During this session, Julia will review your branding and marketing challenges, in addition to what you’re already doing right, and come up with a plan that will bring your message to the world and attract your true Soul Tribe online…authentically!


Magical Marketing Branding & Website Campaigns

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