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Branding and Websites for Spiritual Entrepreneurs using Law of Attraction Marketing

Are you a spiritually inspired entrepreneur, holistic healer, or transformational coach? If your branding and website are not attracting and engaging your perfect customers, your “Soul Tribe”, online, then we need to talk!

You started your business or organization to make a difference and follow your Soul’s purpose, so you don’t want to use marketing strategies that are about brainwashing, hyping or lying to people.

And we promise you don’t have to.

Welcome to a new paradigm for marketing designed for purpose driven and spiritually inspired entrepreneurs.

My name is Julia Stege, the Magical Marketer, and I created a new paradigm for marketing that is authentic, comes from the heart, attracts just the right people (your Soul Tribe) and inspires them to make a significant connection with you.

Finally you can have a brand and website with Soul!

For over 20 years we have helped spiritual business women and conscious entrepreneurs to authentically attract their tribe online with stunning brands, wildly attractive websites, engaging content, and magical marketing techniques.

Magical Marketing is a full-service marketing firm for spiritually inspired, heart-based entrepreneurs and we really understand YOU and YOUR NEEDS.

We welcome the opportunity to help you express your purpose through branding and websites that attract your Soul Tribe and create real connection online.

Step 1: Create Your Soul Tribe Attraction Plan 

To get started with this new paradigm for marketing using Law of Attraction, download my Magical Marketing Toolkit and start creating your Attraction Plan. 

This is the first step all our Spiritual Branding and Website Design clients take when we are collaborating on their project.

The Magical Marketing Toolkit Includes your Soul Tribe Attraction Playbook and short video training to get you started becoming an irresistible magnet to your perfect customers.

Step 2: Determine what’s next for you? Register for a Magical Marketing Review.

If you are resonating with what I’m saying here, and you know you need help with your branding, marketing or website projects, and would like to receive some clarity on your next steps, let’s connect for a private Magical Marketing Review.

During this session, I will review your branding and marketing challenges, and discuss how we at Magical Marketing can help you to attract your divinely aligned clients online.

To get started, please send me a bit of info about you and your business using the button below and I’ll send you my link to schedule. Looking forward to connecting with you.

Branding and Website Campaigns for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Created Using Law of Attraction Marketing Principles