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If you are seeking ways to attract your Soul Tribe online while sharing your authentic purpose with the world, Magical Marketing is for you.

At Magical Marketing Company, we combine years of marketing, website design and multi-media experience with the powerful Law of Attraction to create a whole new paradigm for marketing.

We have abandoned the old hypey marketing strategies for one that attracts rather than targets perfect customers, what I call your Soul Tribe. These people are aligned with your purpose, they get what you’re about, and they value your offerings.

Why Marketing the “Normal” Way can Sabotage Your Heart-Based Business

My name is Julia Stege, the Magical Marketer, and I founded Magical Marketing as an alternative to traditional target-based marketing. When I started my career as a graphic designer in Manhattan years ago, I discovered that traditional marketing was all about brainwashing, hyping and lying to people to make a sale.

Fast forward to today and I notice many internet marketers still using these old methods to trick clients into buying. Using their techniques can actually make you invisible (or deplorable) to the people you really want to attract.

We need a brand new way to attract clients that doesn’t sacrifice our integrity!

Using the Powerful Law of Attraction in your Branding, Website and Online Marketing

The Law of Attraction says in a nutshell, “like attracts like.” Another way to say it is how Rumi, the Sufi Poet put it: “What you seek is seeking you.” We are always attracting people, experiences and things that match our vibration. Therefore, we must be authentic and of a high vibration for our Soul Tribe to even recognize us.

My unique marketing process involves collaboration with our clients to ensure the result reflects their purpose and beautifully expresses their authenticity. Also, we create marketing tools that attract and engage ideal prospects online.

How the Magical Marketing Process Works

When you begin a branding, website and marketing program with Magical Marketing, we provide you with powerful video training, processes and a series of collaborative conversations that help you:

  • Discover who your Soul Tribe is and how to address them
  • Identify what draws your Soul Tribe to you: Your Point of Attraction
  • Create your Authentic Brand Message to Attract Your Tribe
  • Develop an Irresistible Freebie your Soul Tribe will love
  • Unite all of your offerings under one consistent brand

Next we collaborate to create your Authentic Visual Aesthetic and then apply these to all of your key marketing tools, starting with your website.

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How Magical Marketing can Help You Attract Your Soul Tribe Online

We offer a variety of done-for-you services, group training, and valuable Internet Marketing resources that help you send a clear, consistent message to the world and attract your perfect customers quickly, beautifully, and authentically.

Whether your need is brand clarity and a clear, consistent message,

…or a logo symbol that represents your true purpose (we call them “Soul Symbols”)

…or a beautiful, effective and easy-to-maintain website that inspires potential clients to contact you

…or if you need help creating irresistible freebies that magnetize your perfect customers

… we have what you need ALL IN ONE PLACE!

Apply for your Magical Strategy Session Today!

To determine the next steps in your authentic marketing journey, I’m happy to offer you a complimentary Magical Strategy Session.

During this 30 – 45 minute “Magical Strategy Session” we will discuss your goals and analyze what’s working or not working in your branding, website and online marketing. Then we’ll discuss your best next steps to attract your Soul Tribe online.

To apply for your complimentary, no-obligation session visit

Or call (510) 30-MAGIC to speak with a Magical Marketing Representative