Julia Stege and Magical Marketing Company are happy to provide excellent service to our clients. Below are our current Terms and Policies. These are subject to change at any time.

We take pride on delivering what we promise, and everything we offer has been tested and proven.

Magical Marketing trainings are not something to check out, test drive, or “hope” they will work. Your success depends on your full commitment to practice the inner and outer game strategies I’ll be sharing with you.

If investing in our services, programs, and products will cause a financial hardship or create stress for you, it’ll be in your best interest to invest at a later time.

All purchases are non-refundable, so be sure that the material and timing are aligned with you before you commit.

Since all sales are final, you waive any rights to chargeback your purchase with your credit card processor.


“Deliver What We Promise” Guarantee:

We are 100% committed to giving you tools, strategies, and coaching that set you up for success in your spiritual business. Our goal is to deliver what we promise and so much more.

If you’re on a payment plan, you agree to make all payments you have committed to. We don’t cancel payments, as this is not a membership.

*If you’ve gone through all of the course material, completed all the homework, and asked for support from us during the program and still feel our program hasn’t delivered on the promise, I will offer you a scheduling link to discuss your challenge with me personally. In the rare event of a refund, there’ll be a 10% processing fee. You’ll also lose access to all materials.


Proposals, Agreements and Advanced Payment

After a request is submitted, we will send you a proposal and terms. Once the quote is accepted we will send you a full, detailed summary and terms for you project. Your documents will be sent via email. Your payment signifies acceptance of the terms provided during our initial consultation/correspondence. All payments must be made in advance of services rendered. If you add any requests for services to the original agreement, payment must be made in advance before Magical Marketing will begin those additional services.

Payment Plans

Depending on you project, and upon approval by Magical Marketing, you may divide your project fee into monthly payments with the addition of a $75 service fee per payment. Your first payment will indicate start of project, and your additional payments will be charged /auto billed 30 days from date of first payment until project fee and all service fees are paid in full. Payment plans may slow the delivery of services as payments must be made in advance of services rendered.


Magical Marketing and Julia Stege do not issue refunds. If you decided to cancel you project or choose not to complete it, all deposits and monies paid are forfeited. Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, if the Client goes out of communication (no calls or emails made or responded to) for a period of 60 days or longer, project will be automatically considered cancelled. Client agrees in advance to not use Credit Card Charge Backs to receive a refund. This policy is enacted due to the intensively personal, customized nature of our work, the ‘behind the scenes’ activities required by our team, as well as the valuable training materials we provide upon the start of every project.


In order to keep our projects flowing and run our business effectively, our primary form of communication is via email. We may schedule an initial consultation (brief 30 min call) prior to sending you a proposal. Once your project has begun we will communicate via email with updates, mockups, questions, etc.  If our initial consultation was done via Skype, please know that we do not respond to Skype unless we have a scheduled appt.


All items relating to your project will be confidential between the client and our team. The client also agrees that all documents, checklists and processes provided by Magical Marketing are protected under copyright and are the property of Magical Marketing and Julia Stege.


Time Frame

The standard estimated completion time for Branding & Website packages is 3 – 4 Months, though we allow Clients to take longer if they need time between sessions to complete content, etc. Each Client will be given a time frame on the project based on what is included (ex: multiple requests for design revisions can add to the site completion time). There are also optional A La Carte items the Client may choose to add at some point. All A La Carte items will be done AFTER the initial project is complete and a new proposal will be created.

Production Dates

During the early phase of brand and site development, Client will receive a production date for website. This is the due date for final, edited content ready for programming. Client is allowed to change their production date once without charge as long as they make the request 30 days or more before due date. If Client does not deliver final content by the due date, Magical Marketing will either program the approved site design with dummy copy, or we will charge a re-que fee of $500 to provide a new production date. 


CANCELLATION BY CLIENT: Client may cancel the project by giving written notice of termination. In the case where Client terminates the agreement, any advance payments already made will not be refunded, and any fees not yet paid for work already performed will be due immediately. If payment has already been made in full by Client, upon cancellation any finished and approved designs and files will be delivered to client   Unfinished or rejected designs will remain in the possession of Magical Marketing. Project will be considered cancelled if Client fails to communicate with Contractor for a period longer than 60 days unless requested and agreed to by both parties in writing.

CANCELLATION BY MAGICAL MARKETING: Magical Marketing may terminate this agreement for due cause by given written notice of termination.  In the case where Magical Marketing terminates the agreement, Client has the choice to receive either 1) a full refund forfeiting all rights to use any brands or designs created, or 2) all pertinent project files plus a refund of unused portion of deposit. (This option includes layered source files.)

Training and Support

A short video training is included with each WordPres Website Design to help you with simple updates to your site. Additional maintenance and support is available for an additional cost upon completion of your site.


Terms Terms for our design services are clearly outlined in the proposals/agreements sent to clients before first payment is taken. Whereas the Client purchased the Consulting Package online, the terms are outlined on the sales page of the package. Magical Marketing has a strict “No-Refunds” policy. This policy is enacted due to the intensively personal, customized nature of our work, as well as the valuable training materials we provide. Please refer to the terms set forth in your Magical Marketing Proposal / Agreement for details. If Client is on a payment plan, all payments are taken each month at the same time. Payments are due even if client decides not to take advantage of the consulting time provided. If Client cancels or fails to pay on the Monthly plan as agreed, Client is liable for cancellation fees up to $250 per consulting hour received.


We want you to be MORE than satisfied with our Virtual Program/s and if for some reason you aren’t, then we want to make sure you end up happy. If you’re not 100% thrilled with what you’re learning – just let my team know within 7 days of placing your order. We’ll give you a 100% equivalent CREDIT up to 7 days from your purchase. Use this credit towards any of our programs, packages or services within one year. Please note since this program includes instant access to all recordings, transcripts, slides and materials, that no cash refunds can be granted. But again, we’re happy to offer you a full credit toward any other program or service.