The Conscious Business Leadership Manifesto

This manifesto was collaboratively created by Julia Stege with the contributions of over 75 members and friends of the Conscious Business Network (CBN). CBN was a small network founded by Bill Baren and Patrick Dominguez in 2013 and disbanded at the end of 2015. This is the one remaining creation of the group, and represents principals that we at Magical Marketing Company strive to live by.

The Conscious Business Leadership Manifesto

Integrity, Inspiration and Innovative Contribution

As conscious business leaders, we stand for a world that is fun, fulfilling, free and founded on integrity. We are committed to transforming the ways entrepreneurs do business. By innovating a paradigm for commerce that transcends competition and fosters collaboration, we create new structures that generate wealth while benefitting the world.

Through our collective efforts, we strive to make a much bigger, more positive impact than we can make on our own.

When we connect with each other, the natural world, and spirit, miracles happen. We each show up in our unique gifts, honoring, collaborating, and celebrating with each other. A new consciousness emerges that allows us to thrive as we turn our businesses into vehicles for positive change.

Along with financial profit, innovation, creativity, happiness, outrageous pleasure, peace, love, inspiration and contribution become equal measures for business success. Our industries flourish as we transcend the limitations that can make business an unconscious destructive force in the world.

We become living inspiration for entrepreneurs on the rise who want to do business in a way that moves beyond fear, competition, and manipulation into a business community based in authenticity, collaboration, and transformation.

Our impact expands to millions of people and our world becomes filled with creative genius, joy, true freedom, and a new peaceful consciousness that supports humanity’s evolution.

As a collective, we create the foundation for a world that works for everyone.