Spiritual Website Design

Have you invested time and money into a website only to discover too late that:

  1. It doesn’t represent you well, and it never did (your web person just didn’t get you!)
  2. It doesn’t bring in the right people, if any at all (and how would it with no freebie opt in?)
  3. It’s out of date (and probably not mobile-friendly)
  4. It’s boring and too wordy, and a bit too ‘science-y’ (yup I made up that word)
  5. It looks like everyone else’s site, too generic (cuz that web person used a pre-fab design)
  6. It’s not search-friendly (and you have no clue how to make it so!)
  7. Fill in the blank 

Welcome to a New Paradigm for Online Marketing … Starting with a Wildly Attractive Website that truly reflects your uniqueness.

At Magical Marketing Company, we have designed and produced websites for spiritual business women and conscious entrepreneurs over the last 20 years. So, we know a thing or two about how to attract the right people online and guide them to take the right actions on your website.

Finally… a Tribe-Attracting Website in Alignment with your Soul

When you go to traditional website designers for help, most of them will ask you to deliver your content (without much guidance) and then they’ll give you a template that hundreds if not thousands of other people have used.

How can you attract and engage the right people online if your website is generic and kind of confusing?

Our clients want to share their transformational work with the world, and they are too cutting edge for that template stuff. That’s why our custom website services include a deeply collaborative process with Julia Stege, the Magical Marketer. Julia has created a process she calls Branding from the Heart that can help you go deep within, yes even to the Soul level, to clarify and express your essence through your website… both through your words and your visuals.

Our designs are unique and tailored to our client’s aesthetic. We believe that when you reveal what is beautiful to you, your authentic aesthetic, your Soul Tribe will be naturally drawn to you. What is beautiful to you is also beautiful to them.

“What You Seek is Seeking You.” Rumi

We say that your perfect customers are seeking you right now. But they won’t recognize you unless you are authentic and reveal what is most important to you… why you do what you do, and who you really are. Your tribe needs to know where you are coming from, and that your approach and values are in alignment with theirs.

When you share what is most important to you on your website, those who are drawn to it are aligned with your Soul. They are automatically attracted to all of your offerings. Therefore, the website creation process we use is highly interactive and collaborative, and the results are… well, Wildly Attractive!

Let Us Create A Stunning Website You Can Update Yourself

Our experienced programmers, designers, and techies on The Magical Marketing Team program our websites in WordPress using the popular Divi Modular Theme. We include an integrated Blog, List-Building Sequence, and Interactive Testimonial Module, plus Interactive Modules to Inspire Action. We review each page for layout, flow, and beauty, ensuring that the desired actions are clear and easy to take.

Our Website Design and Production Packages Include:

  • Website Planning Session: Get together to plan the website flow and how to inspire interaction
  • Theme Design: Create an Attractive Mobile Responsive Website Theme Suited to Your Brand
  • Create a Test Site on our Private Server
  • Lay Out Pages of New Text and Images in WordPress using Divi
  • Design to Inspire Engagement
  • Install CRM (ie Mail Chimp) including your Opt In Sequence and Auto Response Letter
  • Create Module Library for Modules that Inspire Action
  • Post Live Site to Your Server
  • 30 Days test period where we will fix any problems that arise during that time.
  • Brand Clarity Consulting
  • Branded Banner Design
  • Copy Writing and Editing Services
  • S.E.O. and S.M.O. to make sure you are found online
  • Ongoing Website Maintenance


Get started with a private website analysis.

You are invited to apply for a private website analysis with Julia Stege to review your current website (if you have one) to see what’s working and not working, and discuss your best next steps for attracting your Soul Tribe online.