Magical Marketing is all about empowering visionaries to express their purpose and impact the world through business. Part of our purpose is to support causes we believe in through our programs. Whenever you invest in your purpose with Magical Marketing, you can know that you are also directly supporting these important causes.

Here are some of the causes we currently support through donations, marketing, and other support services.


Watch this video about the incredible work of FTS

There are 27 Million people in the world TODAY who are suffering in slavery. That’s double the total number of people enslaved in the entire trans-Atlantic slave trade of the 1600′s – 1800s. As someone who studied the Abolitionist Movement of the 1860s with deep passion and regard for its leaders Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman and Fredrick Douglass, I was shocked to learn that slavery is more widespread now than it was back then. When I discovered this in the Fall of 2013, I decided to support in any way I could to succeed at eradicating slavery world wide.

First I decided to donate 5% of all proceeds from the Magically Attractive Webinars program directly to In December 2013, with the funds raised through this small launch, we were able to donate enough money to fund one slave camp raid to free as many as 5 children and offer them a new hope on life.

In 2014 we will continue our support of this cause. For each customer who purchases a new website, we will contribute the funds to free one child slave and provide them education for a year.



I met Kim Isley at a local networking event and was attracted by her rebellious, fun nature, and inspired by her purpose to restore forests that have been ravaged by wildfire. As a tree-hugger myself, I decided to plant one tree in the name of each and every person who participates in my Branding from the Heart program. So far we have planted over 50 trees through this program.