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Authentic Marketing Copy Writing Services

Copy writing  that authentically reflects your uniqueness is a key component to a successful heart-based online brand. It is also the biggest challenge business owners face. Most of the time it just doesn’t get done, or it is done poorly, and this is bad news for your business. That’s when it’s time to get help with authentic marketing copy writing services from Magical Marketing.

Our Collaborative Copy Writing Process

We know your authentic voice is important to you and to your marketing. So instead of going off and writing your website copy, blog and social media posts and email newsletters for you, we write them with you. Our custom writing services include a deeply collaborative process with Julia Stege, the Magical Marketer.

What that means is that we take the time to get to know you, how you speak and think, and especially how you connect with your clients.

We actually get together and begin the writing process collaboratively so you are ensured your voice is expressed.

How is Our Process Different?

We understand that when you share what is most important to you, those who are drawn to you are aligned with your Soul. They are automatically attracted to all of your offerings. Therefore the writing process we use begins with a deep inquiry into what you really want to attract, what is most important to you and your Soul’s journey.

Magical Marketing provides the support you need to have a breakthrough in communicating your value in a way that attracts and engages your tribe consistently and authentically.

What Writing Services Do You Need?

Are you a business owner struggling to market your business because you don’t know all the writing that needs to be done to attract, engage and convert clients online?

It can even be overwhelming to consider, and we want to make it easier for you.

Here is a short list of common writing needs of a small business:

1) Brand Messaging:

If you don’t have a consitent message that expresses your uniqueness, that’s where we begin. We begin a deep inquiry into what makes you different, what’s most important to you and your tribe, and how you hep people. Then we apply that to all your marketing that follows. This ensures your marketing message is consistent and attractive to your tribe. See our Authentic Branding Page for more information on these services.

2) Website Copy:

When your copy is from the heart and engaging to your tribe, you get much better results from your website. Unfortunately, the number one stopping point for most business owners marketing online is the text.

It difficult to know what pages you need, what to say on each page of your website, and how to write for the internet.

Most business owners need a bit of guidance to create interesting, engaging, concise and inspiring text for their website. That’s where Magical Marketing comes in.

We will collaboratively create, then write and edit all of the pages for your website, including Home, Thank You, About, Services, Events, Workshops, and Sales Pages… and more!

You can see examples of our website copy on these websites created by Magical Marketing:

Ben Saltzman Touched and Transformed

April Blake In Light 4 Life

3) Blog Posts:

It’s vitally important to update your website regularly so that Google knows you’re active and sends people to your site. It’s also great to have a place to share tips, ideas, news and strategies that engage and educate your potential clients.  That’s where your blog comes in.

Best practice is to update your site every week with a new post, but most business owners don’t do this. That’s where Magical Marketing comes in! We can create your weely posts to keep your site fresh and fascinating to your tribe.

4) Social Media Posts:

There are 20 top social media sites that businesses should be on, but who can keep up with all the writing that needs to be done for these sites? You want to update your social media sites at least once per week if not once per day. That’s why you need a stock-pile of posts that you can schedule to go out regularly. We can help you with that!

5) Auto-Response, Newsletter and Email Writing

Each time you create a campaign to inspire your site visitors to opt in and connect with you, you need email letters. They are called Auto Responders and you need several for each campaign to create real engagement with your followers.

You also need to write to your tribe consistently to stay top-of-mind when they are ready to hire someone with your talents. You can send regular newsletters, or simply notify your list when you have a new blog post on your website. We can help you write all the letters you need!

6) S.E.O. Friendly Content

If you want your website to be found for certain keyword phrases, those phrases need to be integrated into your copy writing. Specifically, you need to have headlines, sub headlines, and other content that matches your keyword phrases.

But if you simply stuff your copy full of keywords, it won’t read well. You need copy that engages but also attracts! We can help!

Are You Seeking Authentic Marketing Copy Writing Services?

Julia Stege, founder of Magical Marketing CompanyTo explore whether working with Julia Stege and Magical Marketing Company to write your copy and content, feel free to apply for a Magical Strategy Session.

During this complimentary session, Julia will discuss your goals and then together you will review what’s working and not working about your branding, website and marketing. Then you’ll discuss some next steps and how Magical Marketing can help you.

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