Magical Marketing Before and After Branding and Website Design Showcase

Introduction by branding and website artist Julia Stege

“A picture is worth 1000 words and a “Before & After” tells a whole story in an instant. Over the last 20 years I have created hundreds of brands and websites and love to share the transformation this unique creative process provides. Each time I meet with a new client we dive deeply into their essence, what is most important to them. This is different from mainstream marketing that focuses initially on the external “potential client.”
When you start your brand with what is most important to you, your marketing will attract people who are interested in what is important to you. This is key to attracting loyal followers, prospects and clients who feel that you are the only person who can truly help them. Because you are aligned on what is essential, they are more likely to be interested in everything you are up to.

On this page are some of my favorite “Befores and Afters” from our archives. The first smaller image is the “Before” and the larger image is the “After.” Please comment below on which are your favorites. We’d love to hear from you!I hope you enjoy witnessing the transformation.”

Want your own better “after?”

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“Now my website is really ‘me’!”

rg-beforeBefore I worked with Rich German, he was known for running a 7-figure internet marketing and coaching business, but he was gaining international attention as an ocean activist, and his website didn’t share his true passion. It became an embarrassment that people were finding this website (above).

When we designed his new site, we made sure that his passion was front and center. His quote don’s the Home Page reading, “No ocean, no us. Know ocean, know us.” Rich German, and his artwork fill the page with stunning effect.

Now he is proud to show off his website and says, “Julia created exactly what I wanted in record time. Now my website is totally me.”

My sales increased by 600%!”

solad_beforeWhen Michelle Peticolas came to me for a new brand and website for her business Secrets of Life and Death, she was ambivalent about how much she wanted to reveal about herself through her website. She was sharing a new paradigm for dealing with sorrow and loss, and she was sensitive about how her clients viewed her. Though her website at the time was creative, (albeit a bit dark and heavy) Michelle’s essence and brilliance wasn’t coming through.

Through our collaborative design process, Michelle had a breakthrough in authenticity and allowed me to reveal her passion for trance dancing. Now of her brand that shows her trance dancing with the universe, Michelle says, “I have more and more embodied who I am, and I’m living a more authentic life since working with Julia.”
See Michelle’s video testimonial here. You can see Michelle’s site at


“Our website represents who we are at a higher level now.”

When I met Ben Saltzman, the Enneagram guy, at the JVX (big joint venture party in So. Cal) I stuck to him like glue trying to get insight into my own Enneagram type (I’m a type 6 and he had pointed advice that helped me begin to overcome my paranoid schitzophrenia!) As we talked, he mentioned that his website was too boring and that he needed an upgrade to reflect the power of his coaching and programs. So we decided to collaborate on his new site.

There are a few things we needed to learn about Ben before moving forward with the site. One was that he values deep, authentic connection above all else. The other was that his aesthetic and style are quite minimalist. So there was going to be no wild colors or nebulas or anything like that. We started with a nice light blue, and then added a darker blue. And then a bit of gold and white. That was it!

Then we decided the best way to communicate the powerfully transformational personal work Ben does was by showcasing full-sized photographs of real clients from his live events. On his old site he had great photos already, they just were not displayed beautifully and the feeling tone was off. We also made sure the copy was written from the heart and engaged the reader on a personal level.

The result is a clean and simple yet emotionally engaging online platform that allows Ben to market to his high-end corporate and royal clientele as well as to his peers who are seeking a life-changing experience. 

“I love the simplicity of the style.” 

Melinda Iverson Inn is a talented and brilliant intuitive healer with a mission to help empower people on their own self-healing journey. Her old website did not present Melinda in a professional way. It was outdated and she was ready to upgrade her brand and online presence significantly.

We started by identifying her tribe as those who have been wondering, “Is there something I can do to help my own body heal faster and stay stronger?”

Then we clarified her message and wrote the site copy to be authentic, engaging, and inspire the actions she wants her site visitors to take. It was important to Melinda that her message of empowerment came through clearly.

We selected the dragonfly as her symbol for the wisdom of transformation and adaptability in life.  We designed a logo for her that is simple, professional and yet hearkens back to nature.

Melinda is also a minimalist and wanted very neutral colors to set her apart from the “New Age” crowd. Her professional photo set the tone for the rest of the design, which was enhanced using photos from nature. 

 “My brand reveals the importance of light!”

April Blake has several out-of-the-box ways to help her clients to rejuvenate and restore their body, and she needed her brand and website to better reflect her uniqueness. Her old website was not bringing in her ideal clients (open minded people seeking proven natural self-healing solutionsand just felt off to her.

First we wanted to clarify April’s uniqueness through her message. We established that she helps people who are open to natural self healing to uncover the underlying emotional conflict beneath their illness or ailment with advanced technologies and practices. Her special processes allow people to experience balance, freedom and peace while empowering them to heal themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.  

We wanted to convey this message through a unique aesthetic that brings in symbols of importance to April.

Through our collaboration we developed a unique aesthetic that she feels is a good representation of her and her service. The butterfly is her favorite symbol for transformation, and the one we found has a remarkable similarity to the light products April offers. Her colors turquoise and gold are displayed prominently in the banner giving a artistic feel and the sense of light.

Since we launched, April changed the name of her business to April Blake Biofeedback, and she was able to easily and inexpensively change the banner on her site using the original files we provided her. She also created a wonderful video using one of the branded backgrounds we provided for multiple uses. It looks wonderful.


Magical Marketing helped us grow to an international audience!


When Jeannette and Frank of Wadokyo came to us, they were aiming to expand their reach from Berlin where they have their Taiko drumming academy, to the international audience they know are seeking their style of transformation, including performance audiences and corporations. We began by updating their slogan to “Wadokyo: Experience the Universal Sound that Awakens the Senses, Changes Space and Time, and Creates a Community of One” and then to communicate this message.

Then we updated the logo to include a Japanese ensō symbolizing oneness, absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and mu (the void). While keeping a touch of red, we changed the brand color scheme to gold with black for an enhanced, more stylish appeal.

Whenever we create a website, we take steps to ensure that it is beautiful, engaging, and mobile friendly. Each action we want visitors to take is clearly stated in the text and designed into the layout. For Wadokyo, we had three distinct audiences (Corporate, Performance and Academy) and we wanted to ensure the site visitors knew what pages to visit. To facilitate this we featured three rotating banners at the top that lead the three audiences to their appropriate destinations. We wrote the copy in both German and English and installed a language translation plugin to assist in their global expansion.

We showcased the best photos from their performances to express the beauty, artistry, and high vibration of the Taiko drumming experience. Videos are also included to provide the online visitor with  a glimpse into the power of Taiko.

“This process has moved me to an entirely new level.”

Scout Wilkins

Scout came to me when she had recently come out of a year-long period of deepening into who she is and what she’s doing here, and she knew it was time for her marketing to reflect her new understanding of herself, who she helps and why they do it together. Her vision is of a world filled with self-actualized people who love themselves, love each other, love the earth and act accordingly. She had all the great tools, powerful insights, the courage to say what she thinks, and what she needed was help from a person who can see what she sees, to pull it all together and put it out there in a way that is magnetic, beautiful, compelling and the obvious next choice. This is the result:

Scout shares her experience…

“Julia, and the system she has created, works. In my experience, showing up as a heart-centered entrepreneur takes the willingness to move through many layers of how fully I let myself to be seen. Julia not only creates a safe place to explore the question of who you are, she provides real tools that help go deeper in that exploration, and find the specific words, messaging and imaging that puts it out there for the world to see. This is a scary process that is absolutely worth doing. It has moved me, my understanding of myself, and my ability and willingness to stand for what I believe to an entirely new level. Thank you, Julia.” Scout Wilkins

“My website feels authentically ‘me’ in my heart and soul!”

Tami Schmickle

When Tammy first came to me, she had a website for a while but was wanting it to reflect who she is and who she serves. She didn’t have a consistent brand and her site didn’t attract many visitors. She was ready to be seen and step into her power in her business and she wanted her website to be seen as well! She had been wanting to figure out her brand for some time and desired a website that totally matches who she is as a heart centered spiritual entrepreneur and draws in her soul tribe. She knew that once her site was aligned with her soul and her purpose that her business would be much more successful and bring her the people that could benefit from her coaching and astrology services. Working with Tami was a delight and I love the unique aesthetic we created during our collaboration.

Tami was thrilled with the final result.

“Julia is a gifted intuitive artist who truly understands how to implement the Law of Attraction in creating a beautiful website that is designed to attract your perfect clients. She began by guiding me through a process that enabled me to get complete clarity on who I am and who exactly I want to serve. Then she worked with me to create a fabulous and unique website design that I love and that feels authentically “me” in my heart and soul! She also shared ideas for the site with me on the calls as well as suggestions for marketing my new site, which I really appreciated as a newbie in my field.

I now feel so much more confident in what I have to offer and prepared to “go forth and attract” my clients right away! If you want a beautiful website that completely represents who you are, heart and soul and doesn’t look like everyone else’s……I would definitely recommend you work with Julia. Thank you Julia for “getting” me and creating the perfect website for me!” Tami Schmickle, Celestial Transformations




If your ‘before’ website is not working for you, doesn’t represent you well, is not mobile friendly, or doesn’t bring you the right customers, it could be time for an upgrade. I am making space available in my calendar to help you understand what’s working or not working about your site, and discuss your best next steps, including how the Magical Marketing Team and I can help you attract your Soul Tribe online. If you are ready for your own better “after” then please apply for your Magical Website Analysis at and I’ll get back with you to schedule.