Collaborative Soul Symbol and Logo Design

Soul Symbol and Logo Designs
by Julia Stege, the Magical Marketer

Your business logo should reflect your uniqueness, but it should do this authentically. Any designer can create a good design. But a logo design that reflects the soul of your business requires a deeper, more collaborative process than most designers use.

How is our collaborative logo design process different?

At Magical Marketing Company, we believe that your authentic voice is the most important aspect of your brand. This starts with your message, and extends out to your logo design. Our collaborative design process ensures that your logo reflects who you are, and distinguishes you from the crowd.

When you share your authentic aesthetic, your visual preferences, we find that those who are drawn to you are aligned with your Soul. They are automatically attracted to you and curious to learn more. So we begin with a process we call “Vision Boarding Your Brand.” This provides you the opportunity to express what you love visually and begin to communicate your essence to the world.

To design your symbol we explore the symbols of your soul and the purpose of your business. Yes, your authentic visual brand is directly related to your purpose.

We will get together and you can actually watch over my shoulder as I design using your preferences. This way you can let me know when something feels off, it’s not the right color, or the right style, etc. Thus the result is never a surprise. We literally create it together.


Let’s connect to explore if Authentic Branding Services are for you!

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