Authentic Branding Services

Soul Symbol and Logo Designs
by Julia Stege, the Magical Marketer

 At Magical Marketing Company, we believe that your authentic voice is the most important aspect of your brand. The challenge most spiritually inspired business women and conscious entrepreneurs have when it comes to branding is knowing what to say, and how to express their brand visually.

Why the Old Paradigm for Marketing Doesn’t Work for Heart-Based Entrepreneurs

When you go to traditional marketers for help, most of them skip over the authenticity part. Instead they recommend tricky strategies to get attention or force a result. They even recommend strategies that are nothing short of brainwashing, hype and lies. That’s because most marketers learn the tricks of their trade from their time in Corporate. Often people come to us after having worked with marketers who really don’t get them and who have advised them to engage in these old unscrupulous strategies.

Our clients value the beauty of truth and want to communicate the uniqueness of their offerings honestly. That’s why our custom branding services include a deeply collaborative process with Julia Stege, the Magical Marketer. Julia has created a process she calls Branding from the Heart that can help you go deep within to clarify and express your purpose through your marketing.

How is Branding from the Heart different?

We understand that when you share what is most important to you, those who are drawn to you are aligned with your Soul. They are automatically attracted to all of your offerings. Therefore the branding process we use begins with a deep inquiry into what you really want to attract, what is most important to you and your Soul’s journey.

That’s right, we don’t start with what will sell, or with what other people think at all. We start with what is most important to you, and why you do what you do. We ask probing questions about who you feel you were born to serve, and why you are uniquely qualified to help them. The reason we start here is because we always want to make sure that the marketing we do has this foundation of authenticity.

Magical Marketing provides the support you need to have a breakthrough in communicating your value in a way that attracts and engages your tribe consistently and authentically.

The Branding from the Heart process supports you to:

  1. Define Your Soul Tribe so they Recognize Themselves in Your Description
  2. Clarify Your Soul Purpose (and Your Tribe’s!) and Create an Authentic Brand Message
  3. Choose an Irresistible Free Offer
  4. Learn How to Package Your Products and Services
  5. Create an Umbrella Brand to Promote All Your Offerings Cohesively
  6. Create a Fun, Fulfilling and Sustainable Marketing Plan for your Business

Brand Clarity Comes First, then We Implement with Design and Production

Once you are clear on your brand, it’s time to express your message visually. Your visual brand must also be authentic and related to your purpose. We provide Soul Symbol and Logo Design, Branded Banner Design, and Website Design and Production Services, along with other marketing services designed to support you in attracting your Soul Tribe authentically.


Let’s connect to explore if Authentic Branding Services are for you!

To explore whether working with Julia Stege and Magical Marketing Company to create your authentic brand, feel free to apply for a Magical Strategy Session. During this complimentary session, Julia will discuss your goals and then together you will review what’s working and not working about your branding, website and marketing. Then you’ll discuss some next steps and how Magical Marketing can help you. APPLY HERE >