“How I authentically attract
my most perfect customers time and time again,
no matter what the economy is doing,
and how you can too!”

Learn how to attract your most loyal clients, divinely aligned customers, your true SOUL TRIBE!

Become a magical client magnet just by being yourself with this amazing, out-of-the-box new paradigm for marketing.

Hi there, I’m Julia Stege, known as The Magical Marketer, and I’ve developed a new paradigm for marketing that is perfectly designed for heart-centered entrepreneurs, healers, psychics, coaches and mystics.

I have been authentically attracting my Soul Tribe from across the globe since 2001 using this out-of-the-box approach to marketing, and I want to share it with you.

Imagine this..

…What if you could learn an approach to marketing that transforms your life as it makes you into a magical magnet for perfect customers when you want them?

…What would it be like to attract a steady flow of customers who love your unique approach and feel you are the only person who is qualified to help them?

…What if your clients were so aligned with you that they rave about you to everyone they know? Those clients are called your Soul Tribe and I can teach you how to attract them NOW.


jan kucker

“I attracted two new perfect customers that day!”

“I did what Julia suggested; I shared myself authentically in a post on Craigslist.  I attracted 2 new perfect customers that day who said they chose me because of my heart-felt post!” ~ Jan Kucker, Psychic With a Loving Heart

I’ve helped hundreds of conscious entrepreneurs like Jan to develop a sustainable, fun and fulfilling marketing plan that authentically projects their important mission and attracts their most perfect customers locally and from around the world.

I want to help you have magical results like this
in your business, and in your life!



Julia’s Methods Worked Immediately!

“Julia helped me start attracting clients by expressing myself authentically. During the very first class I learned specific tips and techniques I was able to implement that day to begin attracting my perfect customers. AND IT WORKED IMMEDIATELY AND HAS CONTINUED TO BE EFFECTIVE. I am getting the clients that I WANT to work with!”

~Jesseca Logan, Thrive Nutrition


kathleen rhodes 2

I Learned Magical Ways to Build my Biz Authentically!

“Julia is a very talented internet marketer who teaches “magical” ways to build your business by promoting your “authentic” self online. She assisted me in clarifying my personal mission and values. But she didn’t stop there, she explained how to incorporate that priceless information into my marketing strategies and techniques. This class will show you how you can use these law of attraction marketing methods in your business and attract perfect customers fast.”

~Kathleen Rhodes, Appy Marketing


Harriet Tubman Wright

Accelerate Your Business Connections!

Julia skillfully and joyfully teaches how magical principles can accelerate your business connections; leading to ideal clients, sales, referrals and repeat business. I appreciate her expertise and passion, plus she’s a phenomenal graphics and website designer, showcasing her clients authentically and attractively.” ~ Harriet Tubman Wright, the Wright Resort

Client Attraction Breakthrough:
How to Authentically Attract Your Soul Tribe Now

STAP_Cover_3dDuring my magical immersion program, you will receive the guidance and encouragement you need to become a magnet to your true Soul Tribe.

With your registration you’ll receive:

  1. An Attraction Planning Playbook that provides simple steps to build your core for attraction
  2. Attraction Marketing Podcasts from Julia Stege, The Magical Marketer
    Module 1: The Attraction Planning Process ~ 4 simple steps that will transform your life
    Module 2: Branding from the Heart  ~ 
    How to clarify and express your purpose to attract soul-aligned clients
    Module 3: Attracting a Fulfilling Business Life ~
    Create the perfect business vision that fulfills your life purpose
    Module 4: Being Attractive Class ~
    How to shift your being to attract what you desire
    CAB_ipodhorizontalModule 5: How to become a Social Media Magnet ~
    Take your Attraction Plan online to authentically magnetize your audience from across the globe.
  3. Guided Meditation Audios designed specifically to help you stay in tune with your Attraction Plan and become an irresistable client-magnet.

  4. 40 Days of Daily Inspirational Notes that help you train your mind to imagine the positive outcomes you desire most, and empower you to use Social Networks strategically to allow clients and abundance to flow to you. Become a magical magnet for the divinely aligned clients you seek.

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expires Midnight Friday 11/25/16


Or Use Our Convenient 2-Pay Plan $174 x 2



Go Forth and Attract!

Best wishes,


PS: If you are experiencing pain and frustration from attracting the wrong clients, or not enough clients, or clients who just don’t get you, then you don’t want to wait any longer to learn these magical methods for attracting perfect customers fast.



Jesse Logan

Julia’s Methods Worked Immediately!

“Julia is highly knowledgeable about her subject matter- laws of attraction marketing, branding from the heart, magical marketing, how to get to page one of google by expressing oneself authentically, etc etc. The very first class I learned specific tips and techniques I was able to implement that day to begin attracting my perfect customers. AND IT WORKED IMMEDIATELY AND HAS CONTINUED TO BE EFFECTIVE. I am getting the clients that I WANT to work with!”

~Jesse Logan
Thrive Nutrition