Experience the Power of Coloring
to Heal your Heart, Clarify your Essence and Purpose, and Connect with your True Soul Tribe

Do you LOVE to color but don’t always give yourself the time and space to do it?

Are you feeling stressed and pushed to your limits with life’s challenges and seeking a new way to transform your experience…

one that you can do with a marker, crayons and some paints?

Would you love to discover the colors for your brand and website while transforming your life through coloring?

As a painter and professional designer, I sometimes take for granted the amazing transformational power of creativity and color because I am immersed in it every day. But recently it occurred to me that people in my tribe are creative wizards who often don’t have the time, space or encouragement to color, and perhaps they aren’t aware of the spiritual power of making art… or maybe they just need a little friendly guidance.

When we immerse ourselves in creative exploration we are closest to godliness, and spiritual guidance flows more freely to us. Part of my purpose is to assist my tribe in reconnecting with that creative drive we all had as children and allow it to influence our current life journey.

So I am offering a lovely 1/2 day virtual retreat where we will gather folks from my tribe to draw, color and connect our way to bliss.



How to Use the Power of Creativity to Magically Transform Your Life
Live Virtual Event on Friday, April 14th from 10am – 2pm Pacific Time

Investment Now Just $77.00

During the live ½ day live virtual retreat, you will:

1. Learn an EASY APPROACH TO DRAWING that can reprogram your brain to be calm, clear and connected to your higher guidance, while having fun!

2. Experience guided COLORING MEDITATIONS that help you to CLEAR PAST BLOCKS that have kept you from creative freedom.

2. Discover a COSMIC MANIFESTING PROCESS that literally draws from the power of the unconscious mind.

3. Transcend the Inner Critic to allow your INNER CREATIVE GENIUS  to come out and play in and environment of encouragement and acceptance.

4. Discover your most powerful TRIBE-ATTRACTING COLOR PALETTE to use in your marketing

5. LEARN AI IMAGE CREATION BASICS that result in amazing artworks that reflect your Soul, even if you can’t draw a straight line!

AND enjoy all of the REPLAY RECORDINGS afterward so you can continue to explore these magical creative processes time and again.

And THE BEST PART is that we get to be together and share our exploration with others of like-mind and heart who are on a similar journey. And who knows, maybe you will create a little masterpiece while we’re together that you can share with others and hang on your wall as a reminder.

freely exploring your natural creativity and experiencing results like

Expanded awareness about your Soul Purpose

Transcendence of everyday problems through connection with your higher-self

Natural calm, even when the world outside is crazy

Becoming a magical manifestor and magnet for what you desire

And finally meeting others you can relate to who are on a similar spiritual journey as you.


As soon as you register you will gain access to fun Mandala Coloring Pages to get your creative juices flowing before the event.

Then we will gather at 10:00 am Pacific Time on Friday, April 14 via zoom for an uplifting time of creativity and spiritual exploration.

We will spend 4 glorious hours together learning, coloring, sharing, connecting and transcending the limitations of everyday existence.

There will be guided coloring exercises, play time for inner exploration, and time to connect with other cool people on a similar journey.

The retreat will be divided into several short playshops and recorded so you can easily experience the processes over and over once the event ends. We will have a short break half way through the event.

There are recommended coloring supplies you will want to bring with you such as watercolor paints, water-soluble oil pastels, crayons, or pencils, plus a small craft paintbrush and/or q-tips, and a pad of art paper. These can be purchased at a craft store or amazon for under $20.


“Julia’s program provides the very, very important guidance of coming from the heart, being authentic, and attracting the PERFECT customers from that. Revolutionary and SO perfectly timed, in terms of where we are in shifting to a different way of existing!”

Angela Coulter

Energy Healer

“Julia, and the system she has created, works. It has moved me, my understanding of myself, and my ability and willingness to stand for what I believe to an entirely new level.”

Scout Wilkins

Transformational Coach

“Even before my website was launched my client base increased due to the magical methods Julia taught me!”

Carol Morrison

Spiritual Coach

“Julia’s methodology was the breath of fresh air I needed to get myself back on track to build the business I’m passionate about.And, best of all, those people I was afraid I’d turn away by highlighting my ‘crunchier’ side are actually drawn in and becoming clients.”

Carolyn Peani

Leadership Consultant

“As a result of the course, the information, and using the tools provided, my business is thriving!”

Shannon Van Enger

Virtual Assistant

When you register for COLORING FOR CALM, CLARITY AND CONNECTION you will be allowing your creative genius to come out and play while gaining clarity to solve today’s challenges.

Join us for this online gathering of fun, creativity and magic! You will walk away with an open heart, clear guidance, and processes you can use time and again to acheive calm, clarity and connection… and a tribe of new friends!

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This program is offered at no cost to Charter Members of The New Renaissance Business School. Learn more here.

Registration Closes Midnight on April 13, 2023








“When I registered into the coloring program, I instantly got access to 100 coloring mandalas, and I’ve created over 200 mandalas (some more than once!) in the last year because it was so stressful. Those were worth the cost of the program alone. They really helped me remain centered and calm.”

Julie King

The Practical Mystic

“When I entered Julia’s program, I had no idea of the extensive depth and breadth of her offering. Through the rich guidance she gave, I clarified (and thus attracted) my ideal clients, re-connected to my true brand name, and created beautiful promotional communications. Magical Marketing indeed!”
Marian Head

Transformational Coach

About Julia


I know what it’s like to run a cutting-edge business that’s not attracting the right people. And I know what it’s like to attract people who are so aligned with my soul that I can hardly wait to talk with them each week.

And isn’t that why you’re marketing online to begin with, to attract the folks who really get you and your value? After all, these are the folks who are willing to pay your fees and become raving fans who refer you business. 

When I first started designing brands and websites back in 1997, I attracted some clients online who I was really aligned with. But this was mostly luck. 

I didn’t have a clear idea of who I was attracting, what my message was, or even what my offering was. So what happened? I also attracted people who were SO NOT in alignment with me. Like the chewing tobacco company. Yes, and the pseudo-porn company. And no, I didn’t work with them. But they somehow got through my marketing funnel.

What I figured out over the years is how to create authentic online marketing that attracts and engages exactly those people I want to work with, and not the other kind. And I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs like you to do the same. 

Allow me and our Attraction Community to help you finally attract the right people online so you can help the people you were born to serve.