Are you called to share your purpose through your business and can’t force it into a tiny ‘niche’ box with a bow?

Do you want to grow a following of divinely aligned clients but the ‘normal’ marketing techniques don’t work for you?

Do you know you are destined to transform lives,
you just need to attract your true Soul Tribe?

My name is Julia Stege, the Magical Marketer, and I know what it’s like to feel called to share your gifts with the people you were born to serve, and not know how to attract them.

Over the last 25 years, I’ve learned all the online marketing strategies from the big name gurus, but often those strategies don’t work for me and my clients. That’s because we are different from the main stream and we cannot market our businesses like they do.

When you want to transform lives through your business, you can’t use those old marketing strategies that are about brainwashing, hyping or lying to people.

Luckily there is an alternative.

I remember fretting over how to attract the right clients. I knew traditional marketing wasn’t for me, but I was afraid to share my true self for fear of scaring off potential clients.

Then I realized I’m not here to serve just everyone. I’m here to serve my Soul Tribe, the people I’m aligned with on a Soul level, the people I was born to serve. These people will recognize me when I am authentic and coming from the heart in my marketing.

That’s when everything changed for me and I went from my own glass-ceiling of $50k a year to a solid 6 figure business fulfilling my purpose assisting cutting-edge transformational leaders to attract their tribe.

I discovered that the secret to Soul Tribe Expansion was to artfully combine manifesting techniques, transformational work, along with the best of the honest marketing techniques I’ve discovered along the way. And my tribe has grown exponentially with people I am totally aligned with.

I want to teach you how you too can share your purpose through marketing that attracts your tribe and transforms lives.


Promote Your Purpose * Grow Your Following * Transform Lives
Friday, February 25 from 11 am – 3 pm Pacific Time

During this ½ day virtual playshop, you are going to:

  • Explore Authentic and Mystical Methods to Attract Only the People Who Really Get You and Your Work
  • Learn How to Fulfill Your Purpose and Transform Lives through your Marketing
  • Discover Ways to Unite Multiple Offerings Under One Umbrella Brand
  • Connect with Other Out-of-the-Box Entrepreneurs from Around the World in a Fun, Relaxed Virtual Setting. (Pajamas OK)

Also receive these bonuses in your Magical Marketing Program Portal as soon as you register:

  • Soul Tribe Expansion Playbook to help you become a tribe-magnet.
  • Guided Meditations to help improve your manifesting mojo.
  • 2-Part Money Codes video training to understand how you and your clients respond to money.
  • 5-Part Soul Aligned Client Quest to start attracting the right people fast.
  • And after the virtual retreat, you will receive Unlimited Access to Class Recordings.


You can actually transform lives as you grow your tribe, but most marketers won’t tell you that.

Instead they will show you very complicated launch strategies that make your brain hurt and don’t really work for you anyway. But I promise, there is a power greater than the brain of a successful internet marketer. And it lies inside of each and every one of us. 

We will explore a new paradigm for attracting clients that comes from within, unites all your gifts and offerings under one umbrella, and makes a difference.


“As a result of the course, the information, and using the tools provided, my business is thriving!”

Shannon Van Enger

Virtual Assistant

“Even before my website was launched my client base increased due to the magical methods Julia taught me!”

Carol Morrison

Spiritual Coach

“Julia’s methodology was the breath of fresh air I needed to get myself back on track to build the business I’m passionate about.And, best of all, those people I was afraid I’d turn away by highlighting my ‘crunchier’ side are actually drawn in and becoming clients.”

Carolyn Peani

Leadership Consultant

“Julia, and the system she has created, works. It has moved me, my understanding of myself, and my ability and willingness to stand for what I believe to an entirely new level.”

Scout Wilkins

Transformational Coach

“Julia’s program provides the very, very important guidance of coming from the heart, being authentic, and attracting the PERFECT customers from that. Revolutionary and SO perfectly timed, in terms of where we are in shifting to a different way of existing!”

Angela Coulter

Energy Healer



Growing a group of people who are wildly attracted to your offerings.


People contacting you from the Internet saying, “I know you’re the best person to help me.”

Everyone who responds to your marketing being completely aligned with your mission.

Expanding your reach so you can positively impact more lives… without marketing mumbo jumbo

Meeting cool people online who you can really relate to.

And as a result of this feeling confident that your
Soul’s Purpose is being realized through your online business.

When you register for SOUL TRIBE EXPANSION you will be following your HEART to your most perfect clients, and magically manifesting the business of your DREAMS.

SOUL TRIBE EXPANSION will add a big dose of MAGICAL, PURPOSE AND TRANSFORMATION to your client-attraction strategies and a whole tribe of cool people to connect with on your journey.


This Half-Day Metaphysical Masterclass Includes:

Soul Tribe Expansion Playbook to help you attract divinely aligned clients who love everything you offer.

Client Manifesting Meditation to help you align with and synchronistically draw in the clients you are born to serve.

4 Hour Live Zoom Gathering on Friday, February 25 at 11 am PT with a conversation on Universal Laws for Transformation, a Guided Client-Attraction Process, an introduction to a Branding Method that Unites all Your Gifts Cohesively, and you will get to Network with Other Like-Minded Soulpreneurs.

Unlimited Access to Live Zoom Gathering Video Replay


  • Soul Tribe Expansion Playbook to help you become a tribe-magnet
  • Guided Meditations to help improve your manifesting mojo
  • 2-Part Money Codes video training to understand how you and your clients respond to money
  • 5-Part Soul Aligned Client Quest to start attracting the right people fast
  • And after the virtual retreat, you will receive Unlimited Access to Class Recordings.

All with an investment of just $47. 

Join us for this afternoon of fun and magic! You will walk away with a metaphysical toolkit that you can use time and again to attract your most divinely aligned clients online.

Clicking this button will take you to the check out page.

I will be opening the lines during the event for Heart Seat Coaching on your Soul Tribe Expansion strategy and folks who register first will get first dibs on the spots. Just email me once you’ve registered and I’ll put you on the Heart Seat List.

Registration Closes Midnight on February 23, 2021








“When I entered Julia’s program, I had no idea of the extensive depth and breadth of her offering. Through the rich guidance she gave, I clarified (and thus attracted) my ideal clients, re-connected to my true brand name, and created beautiful promotional communications. Magical Marketing indeed!”
Marian Head

Transformational Coach

“From taking Julia’s program, I increased my sales by 600%. But what’s even better is that I’ve embodied myself more authentically since working with Julia.”

Michelle Peticolas

Grief Counselor

About Julia


I know what it’s like to run a cutting-edge business that’s not attracting the right people. And I know what it’s like to attract people who are so aligned with my soul that I can hardly wait to talk with them each week.

And isn’t that why you’re marketing online to begin with, to attract the folks who really get you and your value? After all, these are the folks who are willing to pay your fees and become raving fans who refer you business. 

When I first started designing brands and websites back in 1997, I attracted some clients online who I was really aligned with. But this was mostly luck. 

I didn’t have a clear idea of who I was attracting, what my message was, or even what my offering was. So what happened? I also attracted people who were SO NOT in alignment with me. Like the chewing tobacco company. Yes, and the pseudo-porn company. And no, I didn’t work with them. But they somehow got through my marketing funnel.

What I figured out over the years is how to create an authentic online marketing funnel that attracts and engages exactly those people I want to work with, and not the other kind. And I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs like you to do the same. Now I’m opening the doors to my weekly group mastermind so you can connect with others of like mind and heart and get the support you need to create your wildly attractive client-attracting online marketing platform.

Allow me and your Attraction Community to help you finally attract the right people online so you can create your own revolution.