Easily and quickly create a beautiful,
authentic, tribe-attracting website in a week, even if you’re not a techie or a designer!

Do you hide your website because it embarrasses you?


Have you spent months, even years, trying to get your website working, but it’s STILL not attracting or engaging the right people… your divinely aligned clients?


Are you afraid that making your site an authentic representation of your uniqueness will take too long, or be too hard, so why even try?

    There’s still hope! I promise you are not the only one who has this problem and it’s easier to solve than you think!

    As a spiritual entrepreneur, it’s important for your website to forward your purpose in the world, but most of the website experts don’t have a clue how to help you create one that is true to your authentic style and message.

    Imagine what it would be like if you could easily create your own website that:

    • represents you beautifully and expresses your unique value so your tribe doesn’t mistake you for everybody else


    • attracts your ideal audience and engages them authentically so your website works for you while you sleep


    • positions your offerings so that it’s clear what you want your website visitors to do, and makes desired actions attractive


    • inspires potential clients to reach out to you so you can grow your business


    • is easy for you to update and revise because you created it yourself… in just one week!

    I promise that you can… and I’ll show you how to create one in record time in my fast ‘n easy online intensive… even if you’re not a designer!


    Quickly Create (or Recreate) an Authentic Website that Attracts Divinely Aligned Clients Online So  You Can:

    • Be found and recognized by your ideal clients
    • Authentically express your unique value
    • Provide a professional platform for your tribe to engage with you.

    My name is Julia Stege, the Magical Marketer, and when I first started creating websites back in the 90s, I thought my job was to create beautiful designs for folks and that they would have everything else handled. Boy was I wrong about that!

    What I discovered very quickly was that nobody I spoke with had any clue how to get me what I needed to make their website not only beautiful, but effective at attracting and engaging their ideal clients.

    That’s why I’m offering Create Your Spiritual Website in a Week, to support you by making the process of launching your Wildly Attractive Website simpler, easier and faster to implement, and I’m no longer keeping it just for my high-end website clients.

    I’ve designed the program so that even if you’re not a techie you can have your Wildly Attractive Website ready to attract and engage your ideal clients this summer!

    Let your Soul guide you smoothly to a website that truly represents you and attracts your tribe.

    Create Your Spiritual Website in a Week is an 8-day transformational intensive that shows you how to make your website wildly attractive to the right people so you can authentically grow your business online.


    As soon as you registered, you got access to all the website trainings here in the program portal. We recommend that you go through as many of the trainings as you can before the live classes begin. This will help you to get further on your website creation journey and have specific questions during our live classes.

    Starting on Thursday, February 29 at 9AM Pacific Time / 12 PM Eastern, we will begin our live classes.

    Each day for 7 days (minus the weekend) we will meet for 90 minutes to receive training and guidance to swiftly get you creating or updating your site in a way that feels really good to you and to your ideal clients. I will be demonstrating new AI technology that will help you get your site done lightening fast. Additionally, we will have a private Facebook Group where you can post your assignments, get feedback, and get help so you don’t get stuck on your website journey.


    Day 1: Your Website Vision and Plan for Sustainable Client Attraction

    Create a vision for your Wildly Attractive Website that inspires you and sustainably energizes your creative process. Learn simple AI prompts that help you create a simple plan that supports you to swiftly optimize your website for long term results and ongoing client attraction.

    Day 2: Magical Website Tools that Support Your Online Spiritual Business

    Discover the perfect tools that do all the heavy lifting of connecting and following up with your site visitors. Easily sort through myriad options to swiftly choose the platforms, software, and elements you need for your website, while ignoring ‘shiny objects’ and ‘the latest thing.’ Design structures that support you to easily conduct business online. Discover new AI tools that help you create your site faster.

    Day 3: Identify Your Divinely Aligned Website Visitors

    Determine who your ideal website visitors will be and what key needs of theirs you will address through your website. Develop authentic strategies for deeply connecting with your tribe, inspiring them to interact with you and take desired actions on your website. Use AI to help you create ideal customer avatars that will populate your website copy with engaging descriptions.

    Day 4: Writing Copy that Attracts and Inspires the Right People

    Learn how to “break the ice” with your ideal clients by piquing their interest and guiding them into an ongoing conversation online. Address their core needs and position yourself as the ideal solution to their problems, wants and desires. Learn to inspire action on each page of your website. Discover how to use AI to write all your website copy in minutes so you spend your time refining instead of staring at a blank page.

    DAY 5: Keys to Making Your Site Beautiful

    Learn simple strategies for creating beautiful, consistent graphics for your website and social media. Become recognizable online and attract your tribe with your unique visual aesthetic. Select the right theme to reflect your style, and learn how to avoid spacing foibles that can ruin the visual effect of your website. Discover AI tools that illustrate anything you can imagine.

    DAY 6: Website Production Secrets for Keeping it Simple

    Learn how to produce your website with ease and grace while keeping it simple. Discover the Landing Page, Business Brochure Site, and “Call Me” Site strategies that will work for you. Watch as Julia creates a brochure site with a simple AI website development tool anyone can learn to use.

    Day 7: Site Launch Strategies for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

    Create a successful Website Launch that attracts and engages your Soul Tribe online. Create a sustainable marketing plan to continuously drawn new potential clients to your website. Learn fun and fruitful list building strategies. Discover ways to get AI to make your marketing easier.

    There will be a BONUS LIVE WEBSITE OFFICE HOUR in March (Date TBA) to help you get unstuck, get your questions answered, get tech gliches handled, and share your progress.



    Private Website Review Consultation with Julia

    Valued at $1,000

    All who register will receive a private consultation with Julia where she will review your Spiritual Website page by page and offer feedback on how to make your site more wildly attractive to your tribe, and more effective at converting clients.

    This session can take place any time after the program is over as long as it’s in 2024.

    Extensive Canva Demo Video Library

    These video demonstrations will guide you step by step to create the graphics you need for your brand and website. I have included demonstrations by non-designers as well as myself to show that you don’t have to be a professional to get professional results.

    Value $500


    I totally get it. Pretty much everyone I speak with has had some kind of website nightmare that made them want to throw in the towel on internet marketing completely. And I can understand that.

    In all these years … decades really … of making websites I have seen everything, every kind of terrible disappointment you can imagine. But the reason these nightmares occur is because nobody showed these folks how to swiftly and effortlessly create (or update) their website in a way that is authentic and effective.

    So how do I know my steps will work for you? Because my steps are designed to tap into your own intuitive knowing ~ that part of you that has been at the root of all your success ~ so that the resulting website is an authentic representation of you … not just a boring old template nobody wants to look at, much less read!

    I will not, I repeat NOT, make things so complicated that you give up and pay me to do it for you (though we do have a way to let us do it for you!) You’ve been through enough already!

    INSTEAD I will take you through short, easy steps you can do in minutes so that in record time your website will shine like a beacon to your ideal clients online.


    Stop letting your website be a couch potato and start attracting your Soul Tribe online.


    “I had spent literally tens of thousands of dollars on marketing coaches who didn’t get me, and I was about to give up when I met Julia and I fell in love as soon as I heard her say, ‘Forget everything you were ever told about marketing.’ What a relief! And the process was amazing. Julia helped me promote my authentic self and in a short time I was able to double my prices, enroll 16 new clients, go from ‘deer in headlights’ to ‘Goddess in Spotlight,’ online.”

    Kate Fotopolous

    Goddess Girls Network

    “For 9 years marketing experts failed to guide me where I wanted to go. Then Julia helped me express my personality in my business so I have way more fun and feel free to be myself. And I’ve grown my business to 7 figures, authentically!”

    Tammy Lane

    Facebook Faucet

    “Julia Stege is one of the most gifted marketers I’ve ever had the joy to work with. She is brilliant at helping you uncover your message and speak it to your audience through your website.”

    Michelle Manning-Kogler

    Michelle Manning International

    “I hired experts over the last 10 years who failed to help me express the uniqueness of my business. With Julia’s program I was able to share myself in a new way that attracted over $40,000 in business in one week!”

    Kate Hellmers

    “I really enjoyed and benefited from Julia’s program. A big takeaway was permission and encouragement to be authentic — which will attract the EXACT people I LOVE doing business with.”

    Dean Bell

    Energy Healer

    When you register for Spiritual Website in a Week, you gain access to the strategies, support, and accountability you need to get your mission out to the world through your own platform so you can and have the impact you were born to make.


    February 29 – March 8, 2024


    7 Pre-Recorded Spiritual Website Trainings so You Know How to Attract Your Soul Tribe Online

    ~ Value $3,500


    7 Daily Live Group Creativity Labs with Q&A to Support You as You Create Your Site

    ~ Value $1,400


    Live Group Website Review Hours with Julia for Additional Support Getting Your Site Launched

    ~ Value $400


    Private Facebook Group for Questions and Connection

    ~ Value $500


    Bonus Videos: Creating Vibrational Visuals on Canva

    ~ Value $500


    BONUS: A Private Spiritual Website Review Session with Julia to ensure a successful launch

    ~ Value $1,000

    TOTAL VALUE $7,300


    or if you need a payment plan:


    What is 'Create Your Spiritual Website in a Week' in a nutshell?

    Create Your Spiritual Website in a Week is a week-long intensive where you get guided step-by-simple-step to create your authentic tribe-attracting platform. We will forgo all the complicated nonesense and get you launched and ready to grow your spiritual business onine.

    Will this work for me if I'm not a techie?

    This program is designed to support you no matter what your level of tech-ability is. I will guide you to understand what tools are best for you and leave the confusing stuff you don’t need behind. So yes, you can succeed in this program even if you are a bit tech-phobic! In fact it’s THE place to discover what will work FOR YOU.

    What if I can't attend some of the classes?

    You will gain access to the trainings instantly upon registration so you can learn all the steps on your own. The live classes are there to answer your questions and get over any humps along the way. If you have to miss a class or several, no worries. You can ask questions of me directly via email or in the Facebook group. And the replays will be posted in our Kajabi portal instantly after each class is over.

    Will my access to the program materials ever end?

    You will have a minimum of one year to consume the trainings included in this program.

    Who is this program for?

    This program is designed for spiritual businesswomen and conscious entrepreneurs who want their website to authentically bring in their Soul Tribe.

    It’s for you if:

    • You are starting a new business or updating a current business that you want to promote online
    • You want your website to be a professional representation of your business but you want it to be authentic, too
    • You have struggled with updating your website yourself and are tired of waiting for your VA or web guy to make your requested updates
    • you have an important offering to share with the world that you want to make sure is presented authentically
    • you like learning in a group setting, receiving support from others of like mind and heart
    What kinds of results do your clients acheive?

    “For 9 years marketing experts failed to guide me where I wanted to go. Then Julia helped me brand my business so I have way more fun and feel free to be myself. And I’ve grown my business to 7 figures, authentically!” — Tammy Lane, Facebook Faucet

    See more testimonials at https://magical-marketing.com/testimonials/

    i've tried lot's of online marketing strategies before and taken programs that didn't work. how is this different?

    I feel you! I’ve taken lots of online programs too, and most make me so frustrated I could cry (and sometimes have!). That’s because most marketers use techniques that are designed to get a result without even considering the desires of the Soul. This program begins with an inquiry of what you want your website to be about so that everything you do on your site is in alignment with your Soul. Only when you are this authentic can you attract your true Soul Tribe. This program will show you how.


    Is there a guarantee?

    While due to the intensive nature of this program we don’t offer any refunds, if you watch all the modules, do all the assignments, come to classes and/or participate in the Facebook Group to get your questions answered, and you don’t feel you got the promised results, then I will connect with you personally to help you have a breakthrough in your Spiritual Website so you can confidently attract your Soul Tribe online.

    I've been in programs before where my questions weren't answered. Can I be certain you will call on me?

    I want you to be clear about your marketing, and so I make myself available for questions during the live classes. You can also ask your questions on the Facebook Group posts. Therefore you can be certain your questions will be answered!

    “From taking Julia’s program, I implemented changes to the messaging on my website that increased my sales by 600%. But what’s even better is that I’ve embodied myself more authentically since working with Julia on my brand and website.”

    Michelle Peticolas

    “Julia patiently guided me to a new, deeper brand. When I entered her program, I had no idea of the extensive depth and breadth of her offering. Through the rich guidance she gave, I clarified (and thus attracted) my ideal clients, re-connected to my true brand name, and created compelling promotional communications. Magical Marketing indeed!”
    Marian Head

    Agreements Institute

    About Julia


    I know what it’s like to run a cutting-edge business that’s not attracting the right people. And I know what it’s like to attract people who are so aligned with my soul that I can hardly wait to talk with them each week.

    And isn’t that why you’re marketing online to begin with, to attract the folks who really get you and your value? After all, these are the folks who are willing to pay your fees and become raving fans who refer you business. 

    When I first started designing brands and websites back in 1997, I attracted some clients online who I was really aligned with. But this was mostly luck. 

    I didn’t have a clear idea of who I was attracting, what my message was, or even what my offering was. So what happened? I also attracted people who were SO NOT in alignment with me. Like the chewing tobacco company. Yes, and the pseudo-porn company. And no, I didn’t work with them. But they somehow got through my marketing funnel.

    What I figured out over the years is how to create an authentic online marketing funnel that attracts and engages exactly those people I want to work with, and not the other kind. And I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs like you to do the same. Now I’m opening the doors to my weekly group mastermind so you can connect with others of like mind and heart and get the support you need to create your wildly attractive client-attracting online marketing platform.

    Allow me and your Attraction Community to help you finally attract the right people online so you can create your own revolution.

    Still Have Questions? Let’s Talk.

    I’d be happy to connect with you and answer any questions you still have that this page hasn’t answered, and help you determine if this program is for you.