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Stop Turning Off Clients with Bland Marketing and Learn how to Create Graphics that Reflect your Uniqueness, Express your Essence, and Attract your Soul Tribe Online… Even if You’re Not a Designer!


Are you attracting the wrong people, or worse, nobody at all, because your marketing looks hodge-podge and thrown together?

Are you tired of boring, generic imagery that doesn’t capture the essence of your unique offering?

Do you admire beautiful marketing, and want yours to be attractive so you can attract a higher end clientele, but don’t know where to start?

Suffer no more! I can teach you how to create unique graphics that reflect your Soul and attract your Tribe in 21 days or less, even if you, “can’t draw a straight line.”


  • Reflect your personality
  • Express your purpose
  • Distinguish you from others in your industry
  • Reveal your essence
  • Attract clients who are aligned with you!

This vision can come true for you at an 80% savings during my MAGICAL MARKETING GRATITUDE SALE when you purchase CREATING VIBRATIONAL VISUALS™: How to Create Graphics that Reflect Your Uniqueness, Express Your Essence, and Attract Your Soul Tribe Online

This program is designed to assist you to easily and quickly create stunning graphics so that you can:

  • Stand out online among others in your industry
  • Design a consistent look that your tribe will recognize and remember
  • Delight your followers and inspire engagement online

My name is Julia Stege, the Magical Marketer, and I’ve been designing stunning brands and websites for spiritually inspired clients since 1997.

Until very recently, the technology to create great graphics was prohibitively expensive and complicated to learn.

But now with free online tools like Canva, and access to literally millions of stock photographs, illustrations, and paintings, with the right guidance, you can be creating your own unique imagery in a snap.

One thing I’ve discovered from participating in the marketing industry all these years is that a majority of marketers have no understanding of the magic of visual communication. They say things like, “you don’t need a pretty website to attract clients.” What they don’t realize is…

Beauty is our connection to the divine, and when you reveal your own unique visual aesthetic through your marketing, you attract divinely aligned clients.


It’s amazing how much you can communicate without words and truly touch the heart of your tribe. I’m offering CREATING VIBRATIONAL VISUALS™ at 80% off as my way of expressing my gratitude to you for being in my tribe. I’m also excited to offer you a completely unique approach to expressing your message online.

A 21-Day Immersive Experience to Break Through Creative Blocks and Express Your Soul in Visuals that Attract Your Tribe!



I totally get it. Pretty much everyone I speak to has a wounded artist inside who is aching to come out and share their wondrous uniqueness. Most of us were discouraged or outright humiliated as children when we tried to share our creative side. But I promise you, EVERYBODY IS CREATIVE, and with this program your inner creative genius will finally find expression.


Even if you are not an artist, your Vibrational Visuals will be a beacon of light leading your Soul Tribe directly to you.


“I grew up surrounded by great artists and I was always intimidated, so I repressed my natural creative instincts. In the Vibrational Visuals program, Julia gave me permission to PLAY and allow my artist out. I’ve been creating my own graphics on Canva and promoting my authentic self, and in a short time I was able to double my prices, enroll 16 new clients, go from ‘deer in headlights’ to ‘Goddess in spotlight,’ and that’s without even having a website yet!” Kate Fotopolous

Kate Fotopolous

Goddess Girls Network

“For 9 years marketing experts failed to guide me where I wanted to go. Then Julia helped me brand my business so I have way more fun and feel free to be myself. And I’ve grown my business to 7 figures, authentically!”

Tammy Lane

Facebook Faucet

“Julia Stege is one of the most gifted marketers I’ve ever had the joy to work with. She is brilliant at helping you uncover your visual message with ease.”

Michelle Manning-Kogler

Michelle Manning International

“I hired experts over the last 10 years who failed to help me express the uniqueness of my business. With Julia’s program I was able to share myself in a new way that attracted over $40,000 in business in one week!”

Kate Hellmers

“I really enjoyed and benefited from the Vibrational Visuals program. A big takeaway was permission and encouragement to be authentic — which will attract the EXACT people I LOVE doing business with.”

Dean Bell

Energy Healer

When you register for Creating Vibrational Visuals, you gain access to the strategies, support, and accountability you need to create tribe-attracting visuals that make you proud of your marketing.

Creating Vibrational Visuals will blow your client-attraction strategies out of the water because… it bypasses words to directly attract divinely aligned clients online.



In this 21 day creative adventure, you will follow simple guided steps to:

  • Free yourself from creative blocks
  • Express your Soul through words and imagery
  • Discover the symbology and style that authentically reflects your essence
  • Create graphics that reveal your Soul
  • Delight and Attract your Soul Tribe online

Beginning December 1 and continuing through December 21, I will be releasing short, actionable modules designed to move you step by step toward the creation of your Vibrational Visuals™.

The modules will be shared through the Magical Marketing Program Portal on Kajabi, a beautiful, professional and streamlined program delivery platform you can access from any device, and you will have lifetime access so you can go through the program at your own pace, or as many times as you like.

I will also host 3 live Mentoring Calls on Zoom where you can ask questions,share your creations, and get feedback from me and your Vibrational Visuals ™ community. These will take place Fridays at 1pm Pacific on Dec. 3, 10, and 17. These will be recorded and you can ask questions in advance if you cannot attend live.

Join me on this 21-day transformational journey of creativity and client attraction:

Creating Vibrational Visuals 21-Day Immersion

Learn a new paradigm for attracting divinely aligned clients authentically with visuals that represent your uniqueness.  Receive lifetime access to modules and Facebook Group. Value $1000

MODULE 1: Attracting Divinely Aligned Clients

Let go of the boring old approach to marketing and:

  • Transcend Past Creative Blocks
  • Identify Your Soul Tribe
  • Express Your Purpose and Reveal Your Essence
  • Clarify Your Message

MODULE 2: Tap into Your Soul to Discover Your Visual Aesthetic

Release your creative brilliance and follow simple steps to:

  • Create Your Aesthetic Board
  • Identify the Symbology that Represents Your Path
  • Choose the colors, fonts, and style that feel good to you

MODULE 3: Create a Unique Banner (or any graphic) that Reveals Your Soul

Finally express your uniqueness!

  • Select images you may publicly use
  • Choose your preferred tool (Collage, Canva, Photoshop)
  • Write or Select Content for the banner
  • Determine the purpose (square for post, wide for top)
  • Design Your Authentic Branded Banner

3 Live Mentoring Calls and Demonstrations

During our 21-day program we’ll get together 3 times live so you can get plenty of support on your Vibrational Visuals journey. Watch demonstrations, ask questions, and connect with others in the program.

Celebration Show & Tell

To complete our program we will get together and celebrate our wins and share our vibrational visuals. Wear your party hat!

Private Facebook Group

Facebook is where you can connect with others in the group. post your assignments, get your questions answered, and catch me doing impromptu livestreams!

2 Canva Demonstrations

Even if you are not a professional graphic designer, you can create beautiful graphics with Canva. These are 2 demonstrations by non-designers who have created Vibrational Visuals that successfully attract their tribe.

Total Value $1000

Was $555. Today Only $111. SAVE 80%


VIP Package includes everything above plus:

VIP Private Aesthetic Discovery Session with Julia

Receive my help determining your authentic visual style so you can beautifully and consistently connect with your tribe.  Receive personalized guidance on your best steps to attracting more divinely aligned clients online. Value $1000

VIP Painting from the Soul with Christi Corradi

Christi led a group of spiritual entrepreneurs on a journey to reawaken their creative nature and paint from the Soul, and we captured it on video for you. Even if you are not an “artist,” you will become creatively free following Christi’s fun process. Value $111

VIP Soul Client Attraction Guided Meditations

Tap into your Soul to discover your Soul Tribe, your magical tribe-attracting words, and your authentic aesthetic with these guided meditations. Break through creative blocks and receive direct guidance from your higher self. Value $111


Was $1665. Today Just $333. SAVE 80%

“From taking Julia’s program, I implemented changes to the messaging on my website that increased my sales by 600%. But what’s even better is that I’ve embodied myself more authentically since working with Julia on my brand and website.”

Michelle Peticolas

“Julia patiently guided me to a new, deeper brand. When I entered her program, I had no idea of the extensive depth and breadth of her offering. Through the rich guidance she gave, I clarified (and thus attracted) my ideal clients, re-connected to my true brand name, and created beautiful promotional communications. Magical Marketing indeed!”
Marian Head

Agreements Institute

About Julia


I know what it’s like to run a cutting-edge business that’s not attracting the right people. And I know what it’s like to attract people who are so aligned with my soul that I can hardly wait to talk with them each week.

And isn’t that why you’re marketing online to begin with, to attract the folks who really get you and your value? After all, these are the folks who are willing to pay your fees and become raving fans who refer you business. 

When I first started designing brands and websites back in 1997, I attracted some clients online who I was really aligned with. But this was mostly luck. 

I didn’t have a clear idea of who I was attracting, what my message was, or even what my offering was. So what happened? I also attracted people who were SO NOT in alignment with me. Like the chewing tobacco company. Yes, and the pseudo-porn company. And no, I didn’t work with them. But they somehow got through my marketing funnel.

What I figured out over the years is how to create an authentic online marketing funnel that attracts and engages exactly those people I want to work with, and not the other kind. And I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs like you to do the same. Now I’m opening the doors to my weekly group mastermind so you can connect with others of like mind and heart and get the support you need to create your wildly attractive client-attracting online marketing platform.

Allow me and your Attraction Community to help you finally attract the right people online so you can create your own revolution.