Do you hide your website because it doesn’t represent you well?

Are you always struggling to attract enough your perfect customers?

Do you wish you could magically attract your soul tribe online?

Dear Inspired Entrepreneur,

My name is Julia Stege the Magical Marketer, and for over 15 years I’ve been creating websites that

  • represent my clients on a soul level
  • attract their Soul Tribe using the power of the Law of Attraction
  • receive high ranking from search engines
  • and get clients with techniques that feel natural and authentic.


In my program, “Wildly Attractive Websites (WAW) Virtual Intensive: How to Attract Your Soul Tribe Online” I reveal my insider secrets on how to make your website a beautiful representation of you and a wildly attractive magnet to your perfect clients, and I offer the live support to get you there.

In this intensive you will learn how to plan, write and promote your online presence to attract your perfect customers from the Web. I will teach you how to benefit from the myriad of free and inexpensive services that help you become an attractive beam that guides your tribe to you from the across the globe!

The Wildly Attractive Websites Virtual Intensive will Help You:

  1. Create the Foundation for a Website that Attracts your Tribe
  2. Develop an Attraction-Based Website Vision and Plan for Lasting Magnetism
  3. Create Attractive Free Gifts that Fill Your Funnel with Perfect Customers
  4. Wrote Authentic Sales Copy Writing that Creatively Converts Prospects to Clients
  5. Create Consistent Blogging Strategies that Build Your List
  6. Master Attractive Authority Sites that Bring Your Tribe to You
  7. Learn How to Keep Your Site Exciting and Engaging Long Term

And with our weekly live Q&A Sessions, you’ll be invited to ask questions and receive customized answers to anything stumping you on the road to your Wildly Attractive Website.

“I Was So Inspired, I Started My First Blog…”

“In the class, the first things we learned about were “tick words,” which are words that touch our heart,
words that show-up in everything we write, and grab our attention when we read or hear them.AWESOME!
This program put me right back in touch with my emotions and I became real clear about
what words motivate, encourage, and inspire me and my perfect customers to move forward.
I was so inspired I started this blog during the class about honoring the Self.”

Rev. Emma Lisa Hill

Wildly Attractive Websites Virtual Program Includes:

3 Months of Weekly Live Group Q&A Tele-Sessions with Julia Plus Private Facebook Community

Julia Stege Every week for 3 months you are invited to attend live Q&A tele-sessions with Julia and others in the WAW Community. Wherever you are in the program, you will receive personalized answers to your questions and advice on how to plan, write and promote your website so you can attract your soul tribe online.

You will also have access to a vibrant online community where you can share your ideas and receive input and support from like minded souls on the same path.

When you come to these live group tele-sessions, we can talk about your attraction plan, describing your soul tribe, developing your brand message, planning your website flow, creating an irresistible free offer, writing your authentic website copy, defining your soulful aesthetic and visual symbology, and promoting your website online.

You will also have access to the recordings if you cannot make it to the live tele-sessions. Questions can also be provided ahead of time via the private Facebook community. We are do these on Wednesdays at noon PT, though this is subject to change depending on needs of the group and other factors.

Module 1: Discovering Your Soul Tribe

In this module you will create an Attraction Plan that will help you define your Soul Tribe and become a magnet for whatever you desire in your life. This planning process has been used by thousands of entrepreneurs to attract more perfectly aligned clientele quickly! Finally discover who you were born to serve because you are uniquely qualified to help them. These people are your Soul Tribe, loyal customers for life!


  • Attraction Planning Instruction to start attraction your perfect customers quickly
  • Clarify your Perfect Customer Profile so your customers are a perfect match for you
  • Discover your Character Code and the Code of your Perfect Customers to identify and address their core needs and expectations
  • Orient yourself with a new paradigm for marketing that attracts rather than targets perfect customers

Module 2: Creating Your Soulful Site Message

Your website and online marketing will be wildly attractive to your Soul Tribe when your message is deeply felt, meaningful, and authentically delivered. To create your consistent messaging we will delve into what is essentially true about you, your soul’s path, your business offerings, the way you help people, and the results you want to see in the world. This clarity will enable you to easily communicate your most important points and inspire people to interact with you. Marketing becomes completely integrated with your life purpose using the simple exercises in this module. Also learn simple techniques to choose the Magical Keywords for your website that help you get to page one of Google.


  • Discover your Purpose and How to Relate it to Your Marketing
  • Define your Magical Keywords to Attract Your Tribe
  • Learn How to Write Your Copy Authentically from the Heart

“I Increased My DVD Sales by 600%!”

When I signed on for Julia’s  class I thought I was going to learn about the secrets of marketing,
I didn’t realize I would also be discovering secrets about myself. What a journey!
It’s been such a paradigm shift for me. After incorporating more honesty about my passion into my website, my blogs and even into more traditional marketing strategies like promotional letters to a mailing list or cold call email inquiries.

I sold more DVDs in one month than I did in the last three years combined. It’s a 600% increase!
I’m also getting more interest in my film screening presentations with less effort.
Thanks to Julia and our great Attraction Community
(and I love my new website by Magical Marketing! It’s really me!)

~Michelle Peticolas

Module 3: Your Inspiring Marketing Funnel

The key to converting visitors into potential clients is to create an irresistible free offer that leads seamlessly into connection and engagement. This process is inspiring to your Soul Tribe when you solve a problem they are experiencing on their path, and guide them into an engagement with you that helps them transform their lives. With your marketing flow in mind, you will create a clear Site Plan that will help you to organize your site content and structure, including your Site Message, your Free Offer, and Follow Up Campaign.


  • Plan and Create Your Free Offer to Flow Seamlessly to Your Paid Offers
  • Determine What Attractive Actions You Want People to Take on Your Site
  • Learn How to Plan Your Site to Convert Visitors to Clients

“I Learned How to Create Marketing
in Alignment with Who I Am!”

During Julia’s expansive and highly interactive weekly group coaching intensives,  I discovered not just who I’m passionate about working with, but also a great deal about myself.  So much of this was a surprise and in my opinion revolutionary when I consider what other marketing experts are teaching!

Julia’s open, honest discussion about her own personal journey helped me to connect from a deep heart centred level with my ideal client and to truly understand the significance of my services and products.  Her love and generous spirit connected every member of the group and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I’m continually blown away by the wonderful people and resources that have been showing up ever since I completed the class to help me get my message and services reaching the right people.”

~Maeve Crawford

The Soul Mate Catalyst

Module 4: Copywriting for Attraction

In this module you will learn how to write copy that expresses yourself authentically and inspires your site visitors to take desired actions, including best approaches to writing your Home page, Thank-you page and Autoresponders, About page, Services page and Blogs.


  • Guidance and Templates for Effective Copywriting that Inspires and Converts
  • Easy Blog Strategies for Attracting Visitors to Your Site
  • Techniques for Overcoming Writers Block

“Julia is my Go-To Website and Branding Person, for Good Reason!”

“Heart –centered biz owners will do well to take Julia Stege’s advice to be authentic in your marketing. Her program guides you through the steps you need to take to create branding and marketing that expresses your purpose and attracts you perfect customers over and over again.”

Suzanne Falter

Best Selling Self-Help Author/ Speaker,

Module 5: Design that Inspires

Most marketers don’t understand how to use visuals to attract, inspire and convert visitors and clients. Learn keys for translating your site message into visuals that communicate on an emotional level with your Soul Tribe.


  • How to Create an Aesthetic Board that Defines Your Unique Style
  • Ideas for How To Use Important Symbology (to you and your tribe) in Your Site
  • Ways to Incorporate Your Symbology and Style into Your Online Marketing

“This was the Breath of Fresh Air I Needed to Get Back on Track”

Julia’s Soul Tribe methodology was the breath of fresh air I needed to get myself back on track to build the business I’m passionate about. She helped me have the courage to turn away from the advice I was getting to play it safe and build my business by marketing my corporate experience and down playing what I really care about, my passion for using nature connection and somatics to help people transform. Through the Magical Marketing branding process, I was able to turn vague notions that I wasn’t confident in into a clearly articulated brand strategy, including a mission statement, a well defined customer base,  and a brand aesthetic that I’m really proud of. And, best of all, those people I was afraid I’d turn away by highlighting my crunchier side are actually drawn in and becoming clients.” 

~ Caroline Peani

Leadership Coach & Consultant, Caroline Peani Leadership Coaching & Consulting

Module 6: Magical Marketing Online

Your site needs tender loving care to ensure folks find it and interact with you. This module will teach you a variety of ways to promote your site, spread the word, and attract your Soul Tribe online.

Total Value $5,939. Regularly $1,997

This week only $997 Or 3 payments of $375

heart-handsSpecial Bonus #1:
3 Months of Weekly Live Q&A

Receive support to progress at your own pace, and get answer your burning questions on our weekly live virtual group Q&A sessions…for 3 entire months! Most people don’t take that long to go through the modules, but if you need extra support, or just a little encouragement, I’m there for you. Value $999


checklistSpecial Bonus #2:
The Magical Marketing Website Launch Check-List

What goes into a successful Website Launch? This bonus checklist will give you the insider’s know-how to driving a lot of traffic to your site and creating buzz and back-links that last. Make sure your site is found online! VALUE $100


divi_themeSpecial Bonus #3:
Divi Theme & Builder Unlimited

Get started creating your own Wildly Attractive Website site with this versatile, easy-to-use WordPress theme. We install it on your server along with the  popular Divi Builder and WordPress Training modules. Value $347


innercircleSpecial Bonus #4:
Lifetime Membership in Magical Marketing Inner Circle

Get and stay connected with your like-minded attraction community to receive support and inspiration, for life via our Private Facebook Group. Includes monthly live Q&A with Julia to stay inspired and get your burning marketing questions answered. Value $999


$1,497 Coupon Toward a Done-4-You Website by Magical Marketing!

You get a $1,497 coupon that you can redeem any time in 2016 toward a custom designed and fully programmed Magical Marketing Brand & Website! PS: It’s like getting this program for free and having me GIVE YOU $500when you upgrade to have us do your site! Value $1,497


brand-channelerFast Action Bonus: Brand Channeling Session with Julia

Make your payment today and receive a PRIVATE BRAND CHANNELING SESSION with Julia Value $500. Use this session to clarify who your Soul Tribe is, your authentic brand message, work on your copy together, or discuss your unique Visual Aesthetic… whatever you need to attract your Soul Tribe!


FUll Price $1,997

$1,000 Magical Scholarship available for those who are in need. Please use my contact form to request your discount code.


I invite you to say YES to yourself and to Wildly Attractive Websites Virtual Intensive!

After helping so many spiritual business women and conscious entrepreneurs through this system and seeing the amazing transformations that happen when you share your purpose through your marketing, I’m confident that you’re going to be thrilled.

I also know that when you take the steps and do the work, you’ll experience for yourself just how simple it is to create a heart-felt brand that attracts and inspires your perfect customers to connect with you.


I want you to be MORE than satisfied with this program and if for some reason you aren’t, then I want to make sure you end up happy. If you’re not 100% thrilled with what you’re learning – just let my team know within 7 days of placing your order.

We’ll give you a 100% equivalent CREDIT up to 7 days from your purchase. Use this credit towards any of my programs, packages or services within one year. Please note since this program includes instant access to all recordings, transcripts, slides and materials, that no cash refunds can be granted. But again, we’re happy to offer you a full credit toward any other program or service.

That’s how much I stand by this information, and how much I believe in YOU to create success with this system.  You have my word on it!

Love, Julia

“Julia is a skillful Law of Attraction and Marketing Teacher…”

“Julia skillfully and joyfully teaches how Law of Attraction principles and marketing savvy will
accelerate your business connections; leading to ideal clients, sales, referrals and repeat business.”

~ Harriet Tubman Wright

Harriet Tubman Wright