Are you an out-of-the-box genius at what you do but don’t know what to say to attract the clients who get your value?

When someone asks what you do, does it take a half-hour to explain it to them?

Do you wish you could have a message that unites all your offerings and inspires your Soul Tribe to work with you?

We have entered a New Renaissance, a period of great creativity where new answers to problems that have daunted humanity since the dawn of history are being discovered. To solve the problems of our age requires a completely new approach … one that brings together worlds that have previously been isolated, such as science and art, technology and nature, as well as spirituality and business.

When your expertise is this cutting-edge, it’s hard to know the best way to introduce yourself to the world so that the people you were born to serve can recognize you. Many of the people I speak with fall back on trying to describe the intricate details of their modalities, only to bore their potential clients to tears.

My name is Julia Stege, the Magical Marketer, and for over 20 years I’ve been helping people on the cutting edge of transformation and spiritual business to discover the words and images that express their uniqueness, clarify their value, and attract their true Soul Tribe online.

Over that time, I’ve learned all the branding and marketing strategies from the big name gurus, but often those strategies don’t work for me and my clients.

That’s because we are different from the mainstream.

And when you follow the traditional ‘niche’ marketing strategies they teach, often the core essence of your offering is left out and then it becomes almost impossible to attract the right people, the ones who get you and value your amazing gifts, the ones you were born to serve.

Luckily after decades of supporting transformational coaches, holistic healers and heart-centered counselors to express their purpose through their branding and websites, I’ve discovered a different, more authentic approach to attracting your tribe.


And it all begins with your
Soul-inspired brand.

    … a new approach to marketing that fulfills your Soul’s destiny to transform lives.

    … having such clarity about who your tribe is that when you mention them, they exclaim, “That’s me!”

    … having a client-attracting message that cohesively promotes all your offerings … even the strange side gigs you keep wondering how to integrate.

    And the best part?

    You can confidently share what you do knowing that your words come from the heart – not some age-old messaging template everyone uses – and trusting that you’ll resonate with the right people, the ones who aligned with your Soul.

    When you use the right words to describe your tribe and the solutions you have for them, attracting your most divinely-aligned clients becomes a breeze. 

    If this sounds like a dream come true then I want to introduce you to my  program: “Your New Renaissance Brand: Share Your Soul. Attract Your Tribe. Transform the World. “

    During this virtual program you will:

    • Unite your offerings through cohesive messaging that reflects your Soul
    • Learn how to share your purpose in a way that attracts divinely aligned clients who love all you do
    • Create marketing that transforms the lives of your tribe as you grow your business.

    The 5 Training Modules will cover:

    PART 1: The Unchanging You
    Clarify your Soul’s purpose, the foundation that unites all you do. When you know your purpose and can share that with others, everyone you attract will be aligned with you on the Soul level. This is not only more fun, but fulfilling too!

    PART 2: Your Many Splendored Gifts
    Identify the offerings you want to unite under your brand, including the unique gifts you have that up to now were relegated to ‘side gig’ status. No more! Now all of you will be represented by your New Renaissance Brand!

    PART 3: The People You Were Born to Serve
    Discover your true Soul Tribe … the folks who love everything you do and follow you to the ends of the earth. When you are clear on how you can uniquely serve your people, they will never go anywhere else!

    PART 4: Your Soul’s Message for the World
    Your world-changing message – how you transform the lives of even those who don’t hire you (yet). This is the message you want to deliver to the masses because it will help them transcend suffering, illusion, and dis-ease. When Oprah asks you on stage, say this.

    PART 5: Your Client Attraction Message
    No longer be stumped when someone asks what you do. Share your vision, offerings, and results cohesively and concisely to attract the right clients… over, and over, and over.

    This special intensive is not about squeezing yourself into a tiny niche, or interviewing thousands of people to find out what they think or what words they like, nor is it about filling out a pre-fab template that makes you sound like everyone else.

    It’s about discovering your own Magical Messaging that reflects your authentic self and draws the right people to you.


    “Julia helped me promote my authentic self and in a short time I was able to double my prices, enroll 16 new clients, go from ‘deer in headlights’ to ‘Goddess in spotlight,’ and that’s without even having a website yet!” Kate Fotopolous, Goddess Girls Network

    Kate Fotopolous

    Astrologer, Founder Goddess Girlfriends Network

    “Before Julia helped me with my brand, I was afraid my real self would lose me business. But Julia assured me I could be myself and since then I’ve grown my business to over 7 figures, authentically!”

    Tammy Lane

    Facebook Funnels

    “Julia Stege is one of the most gifted marketers I’ve ever had the joy to work with. She is brilliant at helping you uncover your message and speak it to your audience with ease.”

    Michelle Manning

    Michelle Manning International

    “I hired experts over the last 10 years who failed to help me express the uniqueness of my business. With Julia’s program I was able to share myself in a new way that attracted over $40,000 in business in one week!”

    Kate Hellmers

    Strategic Executive Business Expert

    “With Julia’s help I clarified my message in a way that brought new life into my business and helped me bring in $4,500 from one event!”

    Nicole Isler

    Energy Healer


    As soon as you register, you get access to the Your New Renaissance Brand program, a step-by-step brand clarity process that helps you share your uniqueness, authentically. Value $2,500

    Then starting Tuesday, April 9, 2024 we dive into the live program:

    5 Live Weekly Trainings and Playbook to guide you through the process of developing your authentic brand that unites all you are up to.  Value $2,500

    5 Weekly Messaging Labs to provide a community in which you can get the support you need, share your message, get feedback, and ask questions. Value $2,500

    Brand Channeling Meditation to help you discover your own unique Magical Words from the Soul designed to attract the people you were born to serve. Value $111

    Facebook Group were you can meet others who have taken this program, share assignments, get feedback, ask questions, get customized answers, and support each other. Value $500


    BONUS: Instant Access to How to Unite Your Offerings Under One Umbrella Brand presentation… to get a head start on what we’ll be doing at the playshop! Value $111

    BONUS: Instant access to What Cha Gonna Call It? Create Names, Titles and Taglines that attract your Soul Tribe online. Value $500

    BONUS: Private Brand Channeling Session with Julia to clarify your message. ~ Value $1,000

    Total Value $9,722

    All for just $997

    or 6 payments of $197

    Join us for this magical journey into your Soul to discover the authentic message that will attract your tribe.

    Clicking this button will take you to the check out page.

    Or select the Payment Plan ~ 6 x $197

    “From taking Julia’s program, I increased my sales by 600%. But what’s even better is that I’ve embodied myself more authentically since working with Julia.”

    Michelle Peticolas

    Grief Counselor

    “When I entered Julia’s program, I had no idea of the extensive depth and breadth of her offering. Through the rich guidance she gave, I clarified (and thus attracted) my ideal clients, re-connected to my true brand name, and created beautiful promotional communications. Magical Marketing indeed!”
    Marian Head

    Transformational Coach

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is YOUR NEW RENAISSANCE BRAND program in a nutshell?

    Your New Renaissance Brand is a new paradigm for marketing that helps you clarify and express your purpose through messaging that attracts your Soul-aligned clients from around the world.

    Who is this program for?

    Your New Renaissance Brand is designed for spiritual businesswomen and conscious entrepreneurs who want their marketing to bring in their Soul Tribe and also be in alignment with their Soul’s purpose.

    It’s for you if:

    • you are starting a new business or redefining a business or program you want to be in alignment with your Soul
    • you like learning in a group setting, receiving support from others of like mind and heart
    • you want to discover ways to express your Soul’s calling online and attract people who are aligned with you
    • you have struggled with what to say to clarify what you do in a way that feels right and distinguishes your unique value
    • you have important offerings – even seemingly different offerings – to share with the world that you want to make sure are presented authentically
    When will the live online program begin?

    This program will begin Tuesday, April 9th, 2024 at 11 am PT and will run for 5 weeks at the same time. And the live Messaging Creativity Labs will happen at 11 am PT on 4/12, 4/25, 5/2, 5/10, & 5/14.

    What if I don't have a business yet. Can this program help me?

    This program is the perfect first step to create the foundation for all your future marketing and will assist you to begin your new business if you want one. And, because this is a new paradigm for attracting your tribe from the Soul, you don’t actually have to have a business to benefit from these steps. Instead of attracting people to a specific product or service, you attract people to YOU. So whether you want friends, clients, business partners, or any kind of community, this process will bring the right people to you.

    What kinds of results do your clients acheive?

    “For 9 years marketing experts failed to guide me where I wanted to go. Then Julia helped me brand my business so I have way more fun and feel free to be myself. And I’ve grown my business to 7 figures, authentically!”

    Tammy Lane
    Facebook Faucet

    “I had spent literally tens of thousands of dollars on marketing coaches who didn’t get me, and I was about to give up when I met Julia. I fell in love as soon as I heard her say, ‘Forget everything you were ever told about marketing.’ What a relief! And the process was amazing. Julia helped me promote my authentic self and in a short time I was able to double my prices, enroll 16 new clients, go from ‘deer in headlights’ to ‘Goddess in spotlight,’ and that’s without even having a website yet!”

    Kate Fotopolous
    Goddess Girls Network

    See more testimonials at

    I've tried in vain for years to clarify my message to attract the right people. will this program really help me?

    For over 20 years I’ve been helping out-of-the-box entrepreneurs to clarify and express their purpose through marketing that attracts their Soul Tribe online. As soon as you take part in the trainings and live brainstorming sessions I provide, you will gain clarity on how to express what you are about and who you were born to serve. You will be able to engage the right people and inspire them to connect with you online and in person.

    Many of my clients who have been struggling with their messaging for YEARS have attracted high end clients like magic once they have their message clarified.

    Like Michelle who said: “From taking Julia’s program, I changed the messaging on my website and increased my sales by 600%! But what’s even better is that I’ve embodied myself more authentically since working with Julia.” Michelle Peticolas, Grief Counselor

    Or like Kate who said: “I hired experts over the last 10 years who failed to help me express the uniqueness of my business. With Julia’s program I was able to share myself in a new way that attracted over $40,000 in business in one week!” Kate Hellmers, Strategic Executive Business Expert & Energy Healer

    Or Carol, who shared: “Even before my website was launched my client base increased due to the magical methods Julia taught me!” Carol Morrison, Spiritual Coach

    i've tried lot's of online marketing strategies before and taken programs that didn't work. how is this different?

    I feel you! I’ve taken lots of online programs too, and most make me so frustrated I could cry (and sometimes have!). That’s because most marketers use techniques they learned from corporate and are designed to get a result without even considering the desires of the Soul. This program begins at the deepest level of your purpose so that everything you do is in alignment with your Soul. Only when you are this authentic can you attract your true Soul Tribe. This program will show you how.

    I've been in programs before where my questions weren't answered. Can I be certain you will call on me?

    I want you to be clear about your marketing, and so I make myself available for questions during the live classes, and I stay till everyone is served. You can also ask your questions on the Facebook Group posts. Therefore you can be certain your questions will be answered!

    what's the bottom line of what i'll get WHEN I REGISTER INTO this program?

    Instant access to the bonuses:  How to Unite Your Offerings Under One Umbrella and the What Cha Gonna Call It Programs

    5 Your New Renaissance Brand Training Modules delivered recorded to your portal, and delivered live each week over 5 weeks, along with 5 live creativity labs by zoom to learn how to create authentic messaging that attracts your Soul Tribe and inspires an authentic connection online.

    There will also be a private Facebook Group for the program.

    Lifetime access to the recordings and handouts 

    Is there a guarantee?

    Yes! If you watch all the modules, do all the assignments, come to classes and/or participate in the Facebook Group to get your questions answered, and you don’t feel you got the promised results, then I will meet with you personally to help you have a breakthrough in your New Renaissance Brand so you can confidently attract your Soul Tribe online.

    About Julia


    I know what it’s like to run a cutting-edge business that’s not attracting the right people. And I know what it’s like to attract people who are so aligned with my soul that I can hardly wait to talk with them each week.

    And isn’t that why you’re marketing online to begin with, to attract the folks who really get you and your value? After all, these are the folks who are willing to pay your fees and become raving fans who refer you business. 

    When I first started designing brands and websites back in 1997, I attracted some clients online who I was really aligned with. But this was mostly luck. 

    I didn’t have a clear idea of who I was attracting, what my message was, or even what my offering was. So what happened? I also attracted people who were SO NOT in alignment with me. Like the chewing tobacco company. Yes, and the pseudo-porn company. And no, I didn’t work with them. But they somehow got through my marketing funnel.

    What I figured out over the years is how to create an authentic online marketing funnel that attracts and engages exactly those people I want to work with, and not the other kind. And I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs like you to do the same. Now I’m opening the doors to my weekly group mastermind so you can connect with others of like mind and heart and get the support you need to create your wildly attractive client-attracting online marketing platform.

    Allow me and your Attraction Community to help you finally attract the right people online so you can create your own revolution.