Freedom for All

Thank-you for your donation to Free the Slaves! As my expression of gratitude for your generosity, I am providing you with the gift of Client Attraction Breakthrough, my magical program to help you attract your perfect customers fast in any economy.

If your donation was $100 or more you also receive a private Branding Breakthrough session with me to clarify any aspect of your brand or marketing. I will be sending you the link to schedule with me shortly.

Your access to Client Attraction Breakthrough Program recordings and resources is available on my website at

PW: CAB2016

With this program is included 40 days of attraction tips sent to your inbox. These brief suggestions are designed to support you in developing a mindset for attracting your most perfect customers quickly. To start your daily tips please email with the subject line “Start CAB Tips” You will begin receiving your tips after December 1, 2017.

Please send any questions to Julia at and again thank you for helping to end slavery in our lifetime.

Love and Freedom,