Everyone tells you that you must give SOMETHING away for free to attract clients online.

Because people want to experience you and get a sense of your work before they go all in, so you have to give them free reports, eBooks, trainings, events, even your private time!

The problem with spiritual entrepreneurs, though, is that we tend to give too much away already and we need to stop doing that and start charging for something, right? I mean, you don’t want to just give away the farm! You’ve got to earn a living, too.

The solution is to have some good boundaries around what you’ll give away, and what you’ll charge for, and a clear way to address your Soul Tribe’s problems. The key to this is designing a freebie and follow up campaign that inspires your Soul Tribe to become customers.

Want my help to design an irresistible, profitable and purpose-inspired freebie funnel that will thrill your tribe and make 2024 your biggest year yet?

I invite you to attend my newly revised virtual playshop: CREATE YOUR COSMIC CASH COW on February 12 – 14, 2024 where you will:

✔ Grab your spiritual business by the horns and direct it where you want it to go

✔ Create a freebie that grows your email list without giving away the farm

✔ Milk your best talents for maximum profits and fun

✔ Round-up an offering suite that utilizes your multiple talents and transforms lives

✔ Mooooove your business to the next level

(see what I did there with the farm analogies ; ) lol)

What makes this Cash Cow Cosmic? The fact that it’s so in alignment with your Soul that your tribe finds it wildly attractive, and you will notice the Universe conspiring toward your success.

And right away when you register, you’ll get these cool bonuses:

✔Freebie Idea Tickler: Discover 30 Fun Freebie Ideas that can help you to attract your Soul Tribe online .. even while you sleep. Value $47

✔ Discover 7 Easy Products, Programs and Services You Can Sell Before You Even Create Them. Value $97

✔ The Magical 4 Day Sale ~ this is the strategy my client Melinda, a distance healer, used to attract $4,200 in less than a week, including the exact emails she sent that you can emulate for your own 4-day sale. Value $97

✔ The Soul Tuner ~ Tap into your Soul to discover answers to all your business questions. Value $297

✔ Magical Keywords Toolkit ~ Create magnetic keywords and titles that attract your Soul Tribe. Value $297

✔ The Event Recordings ~ will be released about 30 days after the event is over.

All for a price that won’t break the piggy bank! Just $97 during my Early Bird sale

LEARN MORE AND REGISTER HERE https://magical-marketing.com/cash-cow/

If you come to our Cash Cow event and plant the seeds of weath with us, you’ll be reaping the rewards sooner than you can say, “Ride E’m Cowboy!”

Please feel free to comment below, or contact me with any questions you may have about this special event.