Have you ever gone to a business or marketing expert to help you attract clients only to be told you should find a niche and narrow all your offerings down into the lowest common denominator, and then go out and target that niche?

Most of the people I speak with tell me that finding their niche has been a sticking point for years. So they are usually relieved when I tell them there’s another way. You don’t actually have to select a niche in the traditional sense.

Instead what we do is attract the people we are aligned with, the ones who like our stuff.

Sounds logical when I put it like that doesn’t it? So you would think that many others would have figured this out. But they don’t. They are simply following those old traditional marketing tricks I learned back when I was on Madison Avenue IN THE 80S! I mean, this stuff is not new.

They start with a solid base of BS and then add a sprinkling of coercion and brainwashing and … voila! They have millions of people spending hard earned cash to buy stuff that will slowly kill them, or do things that are ultimately against their greater good.

I know all about that because I started my design career in Manhattan and my advertising buddies were getting paid BANK for coming up with ads to get folks to consume cigarettes, alcohol, and pharmaceutical drugs. I was even paid to come up with a campaign for Burger King employees that was like a game that got them to make French fries faster.

Really? Was I going to spend my life energy on that?

And in fact, fast forward 35 years and… Really, do I want to spend my life energy serving one tiny niche with a very limited offering? Why, no! I don’t. Nor should you, or anyone with a creative bone in their body.

Thing is, when you are a Renaissance person, someone with multiple creative talents and areas of expertise, healing modalities, transformational processes, philosophical perspectives, and cutting edge solutions, you simply CANNOT NICHE THAT THING DOWN.

It’s like saying, “Yes we want to create a new society where everyone is fed, clothed, housed and free… but can you water that down a bit so we can sell it to the masses?”

What are you going to leave out in that process? Which part of your Soul’s essence are you going to put on the back burner so that you can bring your work down to the lowest common denominator in obedience to the marketing gods?

I have found another way that doesn’t require that I cut off bits of my Soul in the process. Instead of niching everything down, we are Birthing the New Renaissance by bringing ALL OF US into everything we do, including our business and our marketing.

That means that if dancing is a part of your creative fire, then TODAY WE DANCE!

That means if painting is a desire that fuels your unique genius, then TODAY WE PAINT!

That means that if gardening grounds you and keeps you whole, then TODAY WE GARDEN!

And the brand you create must conform to that, not the other way around.

The marketing you do can embrace this Renaissance Way and those people who are aligned with your mission, your style and your je ne sais quois, will want to connect with you.

I can help you create your Renaissance Brand by collaborating with you in private conversations that go deep into your Soul to discover and express your essence. Let me know if you are interested in speaking with me about how to start on your Renaissance journey!

Do you have repressed creative talents or a wounded inner artist?

Do you have multiple talents that are difficult to combine in a cohesive way?

Do you want to bring all of you to your Renaissance business or organization but not sure what that would even look like? I’d love to hear from you. Please comment below and share about what’s going on.