Here’s Your Branding Book and Webinar

Thank you for your interest in my eBook Branding from the Heart: How to Share Your Purpose through Marketing That Attracts Your Tribe and Inspires a Revolution.

My name is Julia Stege, the Magical Marketer, and it’s my pleasure and my purpose to share all the steps to creating an authentic brand that attracts your Soul Tribe from around the world and inspires them to connect with you. I truly believe that when you share your message with the right people, you can change the world. That’s my goal in giving you my book. And check it out, I have a free training for you too! (see below)


BFH_thinpaperback_333Step 1:

Download the eBook using this Link:




Step 2: Come to Our Complimentary Training Branding Basics for Spiritual Business Women and Conscious Entrepreneurs on Thurs. March 2 at 11 am PT


What if You Could Attract Perfect Customers Just by Being Yourself?

, and my passion is to help spiritual business women and conscious entrepreneurs to clarify and express their purpose through branding and websites that attract their tribe and inspire a revolution. To support you in creating your authentic brand message, I am offering a complimentary training entitled “Branding Basics for Spritual Business Women & Conscious Entrepreneurs.”

If the salesy approach to marketing just doesn’t work for you…
If you have a heart-felt business that you don’t know how to describe…
If you want to attract perfect customers who are on the same life path…
If you want to transform the world through your business and marketing…

this free training is for you!

In this content-rich training, I will demonstrate

  • How to integrate the Law of Attraction into your brand to empower you to attract perfect customers
  • Important insights for marketing to an audience of spiritual business women and conscious entrepreneurs
  • My formula for creating a wildly attractive heart-felt brand message
  • Why and how to attract people on the same life path as you are on
  • How you can transform the world through your business and marketing
  • And I’ll answer your branding questions during the presentation


Step 3: Apply to Win a Brand Analysis Valued at $500

If your brand is not a reflection of your unique gifts and is not attractive to your Soul Tribe, and you know it’s time for a change, I invite you to apply for one of my Complimentary Brand Analysis sessions. This is a limited offer, dependent upon the space in my calendar and how you answer the questions in the form, so if you are ready to upgrade your brand, please act on this now.

During this complimentary session, I will guide you through several key steps to identify where you want to go with your brand, and how well your current brand is taking you there, and what steps you need to take to bring your brand to the next level.

We will select up to 6 recipients of this valuable prize on July 22. Please fill out our application form full-heartedly so we can better understand your needs and prepare for your session properly. Someone will connect with you shortly to let you know if your application was accepted and how to schedule your appointment.



Give My Book to Your Friends

If you would like to give my book away free to your people, please send them to




The following best-selling authors have provided several gifts for you to celebrate the launch of BRANDING FROM THE HEART. These valuable gifts are designed to provide you with perfectly aligned assistance to get your purpose out to the world authentically. Enjoy!

KEITH LEON - The Book GuyLife Purpose Package – Value $197

“The Book Guy” Keith Leon has donated his Life Purpose Package, which includes an electronic copy of his bestselling book, Who Do You Think You Are; Discover the Purpose of Your Life, an action guide, and four teleseminar calls where Keith interviews superstars from his book.


Alan Hickman and Jan Stringer of Perfect Customers, Inc.

tick bonus graphicIt’s Time to Get What Makes You Tick – Value $97

Creator of the Strategic Attraction Plan, Jan Stringer, and her PERFECT partner Alan Hickman of Perfect Customers, Inc. have donated this program to help you clarify, “What Makes You Tick.” A perfect companion to BRANDING FROM THE HEART, this program includes revealing, “What Makes You Tick” interviews and a fun, easy workbook.