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October, 2013

Dear Wild Woman with a Mission to Share with the World, couple of years ago my best friend from college said to me, “Julia, if leisure time was a commodity, you’d be a multi-millionaire!” It was a funny joke, and poignant coming from someone who commutes to her job through hours of L.A. traffic every day.

From her perspective, what I do can’t really be considered work. After all, I spend my days drawing pretty pictures, making cool websites, and talking on the phone in my pj’s with wild women from around the world who inspire me. And I get to inspire them!

I have the freedom to tell it like it is, determine what I do, who I do it for, and when to do it.  And my home is in gorgeous Sonoma County, California where hippies are the norm and people come from all over the world to vacation, eat good food, and drink award winning wines.

Living in the country really suits me, and I hardly ever have to leave home to attract and serve my perfect customers.

I owe a lot of my freedom and happiness
to the use of free webinars.

I have been offering free webinars for over seven years with incredible results both financially and personally. With free webinars I can connect with multiple peeps at once and empower them to share themselves authentically in their marketing. I can give them something valuable for their time, and in return let them know about my upcoming offerings and specials.

dreamstime_xs_5306299This kind of marketing is great for heart-centered, rebel-minded entrepreneurs who want to increase their impact in the world by being themselves.

You can attract people from far and near who are aligned with your message and inspire them to step into their power.

Over the years, a lot of my clients and contacts have asked me to share my webinar tips, including how I’ve been able to increase my income by 100% over the last 2 months, putting me in the trajectory for multiple-six-figure earnings.

That’s why I’m offering an Encore Live Presentation of my popular free webinar “How to Create Free Webinars that Attract Your Tribe and Increase Your Sales without Being Salesy” on Thursday, October 31, 2013 at 10:30 am PT

Yes, my friends,
it’s a free webinar on free webinars!

superwomanIf you’re not yet using your superpowers (yes, webinars can be magic for your business) to successfully attract clients, share your unique voice, gifts and knowledge, and sell products, services and programs, then you’ll want to attend this free webinar to learn:

  • What is the Most Important First Step to Successful Free Webinars that Even I Used to Forget?
  • How to Design a Free Webinar that Allows You to Unleash Your Rebel Voice, Attract Your Tribe, Promote Your Soul’s Passion, and Make More Sales!
  • What Key Obstacles You Need to Overcome to Successfully Fill Your Webinars.
  • How to Monetize Your Free Webinars while Genuinely Connecting With and Serving Your Perfect Peeps.
  • How to Stop Letting Technology Fears Stop You from Growing Your Business and Your Influence through Webinars.
  • And I will share ways you can get the support you need to increase your sales through webinars without selling your soul.

Isn’t it time you stop keeping your gifts a well-kept secret and start sharing them with the world?

bigstockphoto_Happy_Business_People_With_Han_4049349Your perfect peeps are seeking your unique perspective and expertise now.  Offering webinars is a great way to help more people and expand your income. Let me teach you how.

I promise you’ll learn simple ideas you can implement right away to start attracting your tribe and making more sacred sales through webinars immediately.

To register, there is a 2 step process. First put your name and email in the form below, then to reserve your seat in the live webinar que, make sure to fill out the form on the gotowebinar page. You will receive the webinar information by email.

Here’s what folks are saying about Julia and the Magical Marketing classes

Harriet-purplescarf-bigsmileJulia is a Multi-Talented Magician

“Julia is truly gifted and consistently excels as an artist/alchemist who magically and masterfully guides and supports her clients to clearly communicate their message and service with authenticity, so that they consistently attract and maintain their ideal clients. Clearly I value, enjoy and highly recommend Julia. She’s a multi-talented magician, who will bring out the essence of you and your message—and she’s so much fun to work with too.”
~ Harriet Tubman Wright

LauraMathiesonI Grew My Biz by Being Me!

“Since attending Julia’s classes, my business has grown 50%. I am attracting more business than ever, and Yipee! I get to be me through the whole process! The success results are dramatic for me. Enthusiasm is key and Julia pointed the direction.
~Laura Mathieson

Christine HueberWithin Days I Attracted New Perfect Clients!

“Within days of creating my Strategic Attraction Plan with Julia’s expert guidance, I had several perfect new clients, my phone was ringing with inquiries, people said they were finding me online (along with many of the other words and phrases I’d imagined them saying), and referrals came to me from all directions! It’s magical how spending 5 minutes in the morning and the evening with 4 simple, stimulating and inspiring questions can have such a powerful and immediate impact on my business. I’m eager to see how it continues to unfold and highly recommend any class Julia teaches!”
~ Christine Heuber

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Go forth and attract!

Julia Stege
The Magical Marketer

PS: If you’re not offering free webinars yet, you’re leaving lots of money on the table, not to mention your heart-felt gifts. Come learn how to share your passion authentically in free webinars that promote everything you’re up to.