Social Networking From The Heart

Magical Marketing Seminars Presents
Social Networking from the Heart
How to Uplift the World and Attract Perfect Customers Through Social Media

Attention Conscious Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Healers, Artists and Leaders 
Who Want to Attract Perfect Customers Authentically

From the desk of Julia D. Stege, MFA
Tuesday 8:55 am

Dear Friend,

Julia Stege 2010My name is Julia Stege, the Magical Marketer, and I’ve come into your life to let you know: you can’t hide any longer. 

You know you have an important message, product, or service that will make the world a better place. 

It’s time to bring it to a wider audience, but you just haven’t been willing to do what most marketing experts have told you to do:

    • target an audience
    • lure them in with hype
    • sell sell sell

That kind of marketing just isn’t a match for your personality and message, and anyway, you can’t stomach it long enough to give it a try.  Maybe you have felt like giving up on marketing altogether, but I want to tell you there’s another way, a whole new paradigm for marketing that comes from the heart, promotes what’s most important to you, and attracts your most perfect customers.

Do you know you need to do something different to attract clients

but can’t find a marketing method you like that also works?

Are you ready to bring your

heart-felt business to the world but your marketing doesn’t match
your brilliance?

Are you on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

but you have no clue how to use them for your business?

If you said yes to any of these questions, let mehelp you create an authentic marketing plan that comes from the heart, emphasizes what’s most important to you, and magically attracts your most perfect customers…

Does any of the following sound so familiar it makes you sick?

You know there’s something BIG missing from your marketing plan, but you just can’t put your finger on what it is.

You’ve been fascinated by alternative teachings like the Law of Attraction and other spiritual principles, but haven’t figured out how to integrate them into your marketing efforts.

You’ve been embarrased by your marketing (or lack of it) because it doesn’t really reflect who you are. So you don’t like to show people your stuff, and you know you’re losing sales as a result.

You started your business by attracting customers through referrals and networking, but that’s not working as well as it used to.

You’ve been told so many things by marketing efforts that you don’t know which is the best next step for YOU. You wish you had a marketing plan that was fun and fulfilling as well as attractive and effective!

You have a variety of offerings that make sense to you, but you have no clue how to market them cohesively.

When people ask you what you do, you don’t know what to say to perk their interest to learn more.

You have been taking every customer who shows you the money, but a lot of the time you find yourself wasting time with people who don’t get you or your value.

And most importantly, you know that what you have to offer will make the lives of countless others so much better, if you only knew how to get the word out at the right time in the right places with the right words to attract the right people who really want and need your unique gifts.

Are you ready to attract your perfect customers through your brand,
your marketing, and in your life?  Are you willing to stop trying to compete, and instead draw in those who are a perfect match for
you, because you are aligned? 

The very opposite of hype is what makes you tick, your true life passion. 
It’s when you share that in your marketing that everything starts to click.  Your message, your visuals, your marketing, your programs and products all come together cohesively as a true reflection of you.

As a sensitive intuitive myself, I have always had a knack for seeing the beauty and magic in others and bringing that out to the light.  Now I want to teach you how to create a fun, fulfilling and attractive marketing plan that will create a client attraction breakthrough for you while being your authentic self.



“I Get to Be Me and Biz Grew 50% in 2 Months!”

“Since attending Julia’s classes “Client Attraction Breakthrough” and her social networking course several months ago, my business has grown 30% and this month it will be 50%. I am attracting more business than ever, and Yipee! I get to be me through the whole process! The success results are dramatic for me. Enthusiasm is key and Julia pointed the direction.
~Laura Mathieson


I Now Have 2 Listings on Page One of Google
Out of Over 2 Million for My Keywords!

“During Julia’s Social Networking classes I had created a Blogger blog, a WordPress blog and a Hubpages hub, and got to page one of Google. Now, lo and behold I have 2 page one positions out of over 2.6 million on Google when the search is for “leasing lawyer” which is just what I am and want to promote.

Thanks Julia! ”

~Stu Heller The Leasing Lawyer


“Accelerate Your Business Connections Online!”

“Julia skillfully and joyfully teaches how Law of Attraction principles and Social Networks savvy will accelerate your business connections; leading to ideal clients, sales, referrals and repeat business. I appreciate her expertise and passion, plus she’s a phenomenal graphics/website designer, showcasing her clients authentically and attractively.”

~ Harriet Wright


I Learned Magical Ways to
Build my Biz Authentically!

“Julia is a very talented internet marketer who teaches “magical” ways to build your business by promoting your “authentic” self online. She assisted me in clarifying my personal mission and values. But she didn’t stop there, she explained how to incorporate that priceless information into my marketing strategies and techniques. Her classes will show you how you can use these Law of Attraction Marketing methods in your business and attract perfect customers online.”
~Kathleen Rhodes










Social Networking from the Heart Course Fee $497


A Webinar Intensive to create a fun and fulfilling Social Networking plan that attracts perfect customers while you uplift the world. Learn the latest strategies on networks like Twitter, Facebook and Linked In while discovering magical ways to get to page one of Google just by sharing yourself authentically. You will develop a do-able plan for expanding your networks with people who are a perfect match for your offering, all the while sharing your purpose with the world.



6 x Video Trainings on How to Set Up and Use Social Networks likeTwitter, Facebook, and also authority sites that get you to page one of Google.

Class 1: A New Paradigm for Internet Marketing Class 2: Your Heart-Felt Online Message
Class 3: Facebook FUNdamentals Part 1
Class 4: Facebook FUNdamentals Part 2
Class 5: Twitter Essentials

BONUS Video: How I Got to Page One of Google by Sharing Myself Authentically


Looking forward to helping you finally create an online marketing plan that is fun, fulfilling and sustainable for you!

Go Forth And Attract!


PS: If you have been avoiding marketing because you feel alienated from the process, think about how many clients you are losing to the cosmos! If you have any questions about whether any of my courses are for you, please do not hesitate to call me at (707) 823-3316 and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.