STARpreneur Mastermind


Are you out to really transform lives (and the world!) through your gifts, but trying to do it all alone?

Have you been overlooked and misunderstood your whole life, yet know your tribe is seeking you now, dreaming about if only they could find (and recognize) you?

Do you know it’s time to get your world-changing message and gifts to the world but need support in getting it out there so you can attract your tribe and inspire a revolution?

Dear Unstoppable Entrepreneurial Change Maker,

I can relate to feeling like I’m supposed to impact the world in a big way, but I’m not getting out to my Soul Tribe in the numbers I wanted. Back before I realized I needed support, I used to be just like the Lone Ranger. I tried to do everything myself. I didn’t even have a Tonto! I was worried about money, confused about what to do to attract clients, hiding my truly rebellious self behind a mask of conformity. No wonder I kept hitting a financial glass ceiling of $50K/year, and I didn’t have a boss to blame.

That is until I found the right mentors and invested over $30,000 to finally get help.

Before I hired mentors, I used to:

  • Figure out my plans myself and refused to take any advice
  • Struggle every month trying to make my bills because my income didn’t cover everything
  • Insist on doing all jobs myself to save money (including bookkeeping and programming websites!)
  • Engage in a lot of ‘throwing spaghetti against the wall’ in my marketing plan thus wasting a lot of time with strategies that didn’t work
  • Confuse everyone with all my modalities and offerings
  • Hide my suffering in silence while being secretly pissed off at everyone who was successful

My mentors helped me to:

  • Open up to having it all
  • Integrate magic into my work
  • Clarify what makes me different from others in my field
  • Focus on what to do in my marketing (and what NOT to do)
  • Create a clear marketing funnel that attracts clients 24/7
  • Burst through my 20 year financial glass-ceiling and break 6-figures
  • Create consistent 5-figure monthly income
  • Plan and execute big launches including my first big live event
  • Feel supported, held and confident I can take on the world

Are you doing what I did?

I speak with dozens of people every month, and most of them are heart-felt entrepreneurs who are trying to do it on their own and not succeeding at the levels they desire… just like I was. Do you relate?

To see if you are holding yourself back from your birthright, check off all the challenges you are having right now:

  • Don’t have a clear, ever growing audience that really gets you
  • Don’t have a clear message that integrates all you do and represents you authentically, and that is applied to all your programs and packages cohesively.
  • Don’t have a system of wildly attractive free offers that folks are downloading consistently so you can grow your list, follow up, and fill your practice.
  • Don’t have a brand or website that beautifully represents you, or you don’t know how to consistently keep the site fresh, inviting and popular.
  • Don’t have a clue how to write copy that consistently converts prospects to paying.
  • Doing a lot of ‘marketing stuff’ but not bringing in consistent results (or don’t even know what your results are!) because you don’t have a systematic plan that builds
  • Hate and resist sales because you don’t know how to do it without being ‘salesy’ or feel like you’re too ‘pushy’
  • Not doing what would be most effective, self-expressive and attractive because you’re afraid of being rejected or failing
  • Trying to do everything in your business yourself, even the stuff you’re not good at
  • Not receiving help from a trusted advisor, mentor, coach and/or community
  • Not investing in your business for fear of failure (which is a guarantee of failure)

Did you ever think that if you haven’t done it on your own yet that it’s time to get some help and support?

Please take a few minutes to imagine what your life would be like if

  • You knew exactly what to do to attract your perfect customers over and over and over again, sometimes while you sleep….
  • You were so proud of your authentic, self-expressed brand you could confidently share it with the world knowing it truly represents you…
  • You knew exactly what to do and say, what to offer, when to do it, because you had a customized business and marketing plan that works…
  • People started following you in huge numbers because you’re getting your brilliant, consistent and wildly attractive message out to the world in a way that inspires interaction…
  • You were so supported by your mentor and community that you never felt alone in the process of attracting your tribe and inspiring a revolution.
  • You stopped hiding out altogether and came out as the bright shining STAR you truly are.

Just write down a few words: What that would be like for me:

This is exactly why I created the new STARpreneur Mastermind for my peeps:

Do you want to be a STAR-PreneurTM?

A STARpreneur is


I always express myself in full freedom, knowing that only when I am vulnerable, authentic and true will my tribe recognize and trust me. I feel supported by my community to truly be myself out-loud in the world.

Taking Action

I know what to do and when to do it to attract my tribe and inspire them ongoingly to interact with me. I don’t overwhelm myself and others with too many things. My marketing funnel is clear and effective.

Attracting Clients

My list is growing consistently and consciously with the right people. I know what to say to my tribe to inspire them to work with me. I understand Sacred Sales and how to grow my business authentically.


My work transforms the lives of the people I meet so that they can transform the lives of others resulting in a transformed world. I don’t hide my rebel, change-making self but instead share what I’m passionate about and I contribute generously to the causes I believe in. I am making a real difference in the world, and I am free!

I have designed a 12-month program called The Magical Marketing STARpreneur Mastermind to support you in truly getting your world-changing message and gifts to the world in a way that attracts your tribe and inspires a revolution.

I have opened only 10 spots and already 7 are taken. If you are interested to discuss this program with me, please call (5100 30-MAGIC and leave a detailed message, including best times to reach you, where, and why you want support now.

The Magical Marketing STARpreneur Mastermind Includes:

Twelve Exclusive Private Clarity Sessions with Julia ~ Value $3,600 (45 min ea)

Clarify your messaging, marketing plan, and launches to build your Star Following and exponentially increase your income, without being salesy.

2 x Live in Person 2-Day Masterminds with Julia in California Value $3000
One in late Summer and one in early 2015, we’ll convene with our Starpreneur Mastermind Community to receive valuable coaching, advice and support to creating Your Star Platform & plan Your Star Launch

Monthly Virtual Mastermind Webinars with Julia – 12 Sessions ~ Value $2400 (90 Minutes)

Instead of forcing you through a cookie-cutter formula, we will pick you up wherever you are and launch you to where you want to go. The Stars are the Limit~! Includes live coaching from Julia and the group.

Star Launch Website ~ Value $2,997

When it comes time to launch your new free offer, teleclass, webinar, book or program, we will create a 5 page launch website (either separate or integrated into your current WordPress site) that allows you to successfully promote and build your following around the launch. We will create a simple custom banner for the website and pay page, a customized opt-in box, a 3-D Graphic for your Star Program, a customized StudioPress theme, and we will program the site to be interactive with your visitors. Grow your Star Power online!

Monthly Private Attraction Re-boot with a Star Coach ~ Value $1000 (20 min)

When you’re feeling out of alignment with your Star Goal, call on our Star Coach to help you gain clarity of what’s stopping you and clear the way to soar.

Star In Action ½ Day Group Accountability Sessions with Star Coach: 4 Quarterly Sessions Get your stuff done with the support of your Mastermind community. Group convenes for support then works on their own for 3 hours then reconvene to check in.

Access to the extensive Magical Marketing Training Archive, including:

Branding from the Heart, Magically Attractive Webinars, Teleclass Magic, Attracting Perfect Customers Online, Magical Marketing Mastery, Creating Widly Attractive Websites

Personal Feedback from Julia and other STAR-Prener Members on Private Facebook Group Ask questions on the private group and receive valuable feedback, encouragement and support from Julia and others in the group. Value $1500

Access to the Star-Preneur Academy Faculty  –  Expert Trainings  Our Faculty are knowledgeable experts in the areas of: Law of Attraction and Business, Authentic Sales, Self-Care for 6-Figure Entrepreneurs, Courageous Self Expression, Business Planning, Social Media Marketing, Blogging

Complimentary VIP Tickets for a Magical Marketing Live Value $197

Lifetime Membership in Magical Marketing Inner Circle Value $797 per year

Taking 10 people so I can really help each individual at the highest level

PAY IN FULL PRICE: Only $6,997

OR Pay $997 now and 10 payments of $595 every 30 days

Call (510) 30-Magic for more information and to apply