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Are You Looking for Ways to Attract More Perfect Customers By Doing What Comes Naturally, Sharing Your Passion?

Do You Want to Expand Your Network Without Having to Leave Your Home?

Have You Been Thinking About Offering Teleclasses but Need to be Shown the Basic “How To’s?”

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July 2013
Dear Friend,

I haven’t always lived in paradise.  I’ve lived in snowy tundra, under cloud belts, and in neighborhoods where gun shots could occasionally be heard.  So you can understand why I never want to leave home now that I live in West Sonoma County in the heart of Wine Country, Northern California.  No matter what the weather is doing, it’s always breathtakingly beautiful. I’m blissed out on a regular basis here.

Several years ago I discovered that teleclasses are a great way to consistently earn money from home, and I get to share my passion while I do it. With teleclasses I can create supportive learning environments, serve multiple people at once and leverage my time. It’s also a great way to let new contacts and prospects get to know me and what makes me tick.

Back in 2006 I took a course in teleclasses which overwhelmed me with WAY too much information. I just took the basics from the first 3 classes and started offering my own teleclasses. I have since taken a few courses in how to successfully offer teleclasses and from them I have gleaned what you really need to know to get started.

Over the years, a lot of my peeps have asked me
to share my teleclass tips, including
how I’ve been able to increase my income
by almost 100% over the last few years using online classes.

I know if I dumped all the information I know onto my peeps, they would feel overwhelmed, and that could stop them dead in their tracks.

That’s why I’m offering a course you can take at your own pace called “Teleclass Magic: Essential Steps for Expanding Your Biz from Home with Teleclasses.”  I’m keeping it simple so you can get started offering teleclasses fast.  I’ll be covering only the important details on how to offer teleclasses to grow and expand your business while sharing yourself authentically.

Authenticity is really the key!

I bet that somewhere along the line you were told there is a certain way to approach business and marketing and it doesn’t have anything to do with what YOU love or what YOU are inspired to share. You were told to use some marketing technique that ultimately doesn’t match your style and that’s too hype-y for you.

My #1 concern is that your marketing feels good to you and is a true reflection of your personality and purpose. You see, I work with the Law of Attraction which says “Like Attracts Like.” That means that your perfect customers are those who are most like you, and who are interested in everything you’re up to.

And the way to attract people like you
is to share what is most important to you.

Teleclasses are my preferred method of sharing my passion and teaching what I know. They offer a way for my peeps to connect with me and learn from me in a supportive environment they can access from anywhere.

And since teleclasses are so easy to record, I can create products from my classes and sell those ongoingly. In my series I’ll show you exactly how to create products that you can sell while you sleep!


This is a real photo of the laguna down the street from me in Sebastopol, CA and that’s a real rainbow. We see a lot of those all spring.


I Grew My Biz by Being Me!

“Since attending Julia’s classes “Client Attraction Breakthrough,” “Attracting Perfect Customers Online,” and “Social Networking Magic,” my business has grown by over 30%. I am attracting more business than ever, and Yipee! I get to be me through the whole process! The success results are dramatic for me. Enthusiasm is key and Julia pointed the direction. ~Laura Mathieson

This series is for you if:

  1. You want to expand your customer reach beyond your locale.
  2. You’ve been thinking about offering teleclasses
    for a while but you need support to get started.
  3. You have dreams of developing a large following
    of peeps who love your stuff and want you to shine your light!

I’m Empowered to Express My Purpose Online!

“Thank you Julia for all your patience and support. Your style of listening for our true purpose and then helping us express that online is inspiring. I feel empowered.” ~Nancy Marin



“Julia’s Classes are Powerful”

“I have completed three of Julia Stege’s online teleclasses. Julia guided me through the processes where I became clear that I want to be a health coach instead of the MLM business I was doing, and

started attracting contacts, ideas, products, teachers, and more into my

life. Julia

has a special knack for leading the teleclasses, drawing out of each

participant exactly what she/he authentically wants to express, and then

directing us to follow through to create what we want.  These classes are

powerful.” ~ Lauren Schroeder, Health Coach

In this teleseminar series you will learn:

  1. My step by step process for creating successful teleclasses your clients will love.
  2. Out-of-the-box Marketing Strategies that can literally transform your life.
  3. How to attract perfect customers ongoingly in the new economy.
  4. The technical know-how to give your teleclasses professionally
  5. Tips on creating products easily from your teleclasses

Here’s a short video where
I discuss this six week program,
Teleclass Magic

I know how painful it can be to feel like you’re supposed to be doing something for your business but you don’t know how you can do it! Once you take the first step by signing up, you will be amazed at how easy it is to create successful teleclasses that educate and inspire others!

Here’s the Course Outline


Teleclass Magic:
Essential Steps for Expanding Your Biz
from Home
with Teleclasses

6-Part Home Study Program by Podcast
6 x 90 Minute Class Audios and Notes
Plus Bonus Videos

Class One: How to Attract Perfect Customers in the New Economy
Changing times require creative measures! In this class you will empower yourself with attraction by focusing on what you want to happen before you plan your teleclass offerings.  With our simple 4-part Attraction Plan process, you can identify your perfect peeps and what draws them to you, and clarify what you want to offer.  This is the most important step to attracting the right people to help your teleclasses succeed.

Class Two: Your Heart-Felt Offering
In this class you will explore what makes you tick and how that relates to your offerings and the results you produce for your clients.  It’s your passion that makes you different and draws the right people to your offerings.  Learn how to craft your teleclasses to share your purpose in a way that promotes everything you’re up to.

Class Three: Your Teleclass Plan
Now that you know who you’re attracting and what you’re offering to them, it’s time to map out your plan of action, create your class structure, and determine your bonus offerings.  We’ll cover the time line for marketing your free class all the way through the delivery of your series and, “what happens after?” — how to keep your clients active with you once the series is over.

Class Four:  Your Authentic Message
In this class you will receive guidance on how to write your sales copy in a way that is authentic, poignant and inspiring rather than hype-y or fake.  This class includes suggestions on how to format your sales pages to be more effective and result in more registrations, and when to use media such as video and podcasts.

Class Five: Filling Your Pipeline with Perfect Peeps    
In this class I will share the exact marketing steps I’ve used to attract hundreds of perfect peeps to my classes.  From your own e-list to the social networks to in person networking to speaking gigs to joint ventures, we’ll cover the various ways to create buzz about your classes and inspire people to register.

Class Six: Teleclass Technical Tips
In this class we will discuss the basic technical aspects to successfully offering teleclasses, including teleconference and webinar services, recording options, transcription and notes production, resource pages, shopping carts, affiliate programs, etc.  Also how to create products from your teleclasses to create residual income with 100% profit.

Magical Bonuses

Selections from Social Networking Magic Tele-Series
~ Value $250

As soon as you register you’ll receive access to home-study videos and audio podcasts on how to attract perfect customers through social media.  Learn inside tips on using Twitter, Facebook and other social networks to create buzz and fill your classes.


Teleclass Magic:
Essential Steps for Expanding Your Biz
from Home
with Teleclasses


Course Fee Only $495.00
with Single Pay


Register by phone: Call Julia (707) 823-3316