Dear Friend, Thank you for considering the Magical Affiliates bonus program for Magical Marketing and all product launches by Julia D. Stege, MFA. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP Many of you have referred your friends and colleagues to our programs and services in the past just out of the kindness of your heart! We thank you for that! But now, when you are a Magical Affiliate and you send your friends your special links, you earn cash bonuses for their purchases that range from 10 % – 20% and upwards, depending on the offer. Before each launch we will send you notifications of what the bonus will be so you will know. When you click on the registration link below, you will be directed to a 1shoppingcart.com form you will fill out to become one of our affiliates. We ask for details about you including your SS# so that we can pay you and file our taxes appropriately. We do ask that you get a free Pay Pal account so that we can pay you automatically. However, if you have a problem or question about our methods of payment, you may contact me at (707) 823-3316 and we may be able to work out another way to pay you, ie by check or by trade for Magical Marketing services. Once you sign our form, you will be in our system and you will receive log in information to access your back end and get your affiliate links. The video to the right gives some basic directions on how to use your back end. Let me know if you have any questions. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP Best wishes, Julia D. Stege, MFA (510) 30-MAGIC