Thank You for Entering the Website Giveaway 2013

Julia D. Stege, MFA The Magical Marketer

Julia D. Stege, MFA The Magical Marketer

The Website Winner will be announced January 11 but YOU have already won a valuable prize!

Honorable Mention Live Online Workshop “Wildly Attractive Website Behind the Scenes Expose: How to Attract Your Tribe Online by Being Yourself”

Value $47 Each ~ 1000 Winners

In this 90 minute live online training you will learn

  • Why conscious entrepreneurs need a new paradigm for marketing
  • What key steps are needed to make a website Wildly Attractive to your perfect customers
  • What makes a site immediately recognizable to those seeking your services
  • How creating a new website can transform your business and your life
  • Unlimited Video Replay of the live presentation
  • PLUS we will save time in the live presentation for your questions and contributions

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