Presentation with Sheila Paxton and Julia Stege

5 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Attracting or Converting Your Perfect Customers

Thank you for your interest in “5 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Attracting or Converting Your Perfect Customers” It’s my pleasure to assist you in discovering what’s not working about your website and the steps you can take to improve your site’s attractability. 

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STAP_Cover_3dSoul Tribe Attraction Plan Workbook

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Webinar Replay

In this 90 minute free webinar you will discover:

  1. Why you’re not attracting the right people to your website
  2. How many websites are structured to lose prospective clients in seconds
  3. Why so many of your perfect customers are confused about what you do
  4. What makes a site immediately recognizable to your perfect customers
  5. What key step many entrepreneurs resist that could make or break the success of their site.