Wildly Attractive WordPress Website and Blog Design Showcase

Though I’ve been creating websites in HTML since 1997, I started designing websites almost exclusively for the WordPress platform almost 2 years ago. WordPress is the most popular website platform today for a number of reasons, including high-Google ranking, ease of use (once it’s set up), unlimited expandability, easy integration with social media plus most importantly, an integrated blog.

One of the biggest concerns folks have when purchasing a website is how easy it will be to maintain and update. With a WordPress site you can make simple updates yourself and hire a VA at a reasonable cost for maintenance. I’ve attracted excellent programmers and WordPress experts who can make any of my designs into a WordPress platform site with a strong foundation so it’s essentially bug-free.

When I work with my clients to create their Wildly Attractive WordPress Website, my intention is to intuitively tap into their core essence to collaborate with them resulting in a beautiful, evocative, compelling website that attracts their tribe while forwarding their purpose authentically in the world.

What makes our websites different is our rootedness in the power of the Law of Attraction, and our collaborative process. We start each site with a deeply spiritual conversation to discover the core site message and what you’re attracting through the site. Then each step of the process is informed by your attraction plan including who you are attracting and what results you are creating in the world. We feel that the results speak for themselves, but it helps to get phone calls from folks around the world telling me that I’m the only one they’ve ever found who combines metaphysics, technology, branding and design with such stunning results.

I hope you agree they are stunning ; )

We offer two categories of websites, one is called the Wildly Attractive WordPress Website. This is a custom designed WordPress theme with branded banner and opt in box. The other category was inspired by the website I designed for Harriet Tubman Wright for the Wright Resort. One of her clients called her site an “Online Oasis” and so I started using the term to describe our WordPress Sites with a beautiful Interactive Home Page that creates a spiritual experience for the visitor, and additional graphic design to continue that experience through the site.

Here is a showcase of some of the most beautiful WordPress websites we’ve designed recently, with a couple of classics thrown in (including the very first WordPress site I designed back in 2008).

I hope you enjoy my WordPress Web Design Showcase.
Click on the image to see the live site.

Wildly Attractive WordPress Websites

Flex Your Joy Fitness with Dorothy Jantzen


Come Home to Nature with Carol Venolia

Are You Ready to Fly with Joyce Lynn

Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life with Jane Kennedy, NP


You Attract Wellness with Dr. Kimberly D’Eramo


Wildly Attractive Online Oasis WordPress Websites


The website that started it all: Our first Wildly Attractive WordPress Online Oasis
for Creative Sage and Cathryn Hrudicka 2008.

“Julia Stege has worked with me in several capacities, designing two of my company logos, my business cards, and most recently, as Web designer for my web and linked blog sites. Beyond being a designer, Julia is a very intuitive and knowledgeable branding and marketing expert. She was able to work with me to hone and define the authentic, core essence of who I am, the essential brand of my business, and she knew how to visually represent that essence in graphic and online media design. Julia is a delightful, intensely creative professional who also works well with other team members. She has collaborated long distance with me and my WordPress programmer to produce truly beautiful, inspired and unique results. I will be calling Julia again to work on projects, and I would highly recommend her, if you want something extraordinary that is beyond the typical capabilities of most graphic, Web design, branding or marketing professionals.” Cathryn Hrudicka


The Yogic Diet with Monique Toh. The Buddha Logo is
Interactive and Leads the Visitor to Select Areas of the Site.

The website that inspired the term Wildly Attractive WordPress Online Oasis. Designed for Harriet Tubman Wright and The Wright Resort.


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