What’s Working or Not Working about Your Website?

What’s Working or Not Working about Your Website?

Is your website not really doing it for you?

Are you confused about what IS working and what’s NOT working about it?

Do you wish someone who understands these things could look at your site and tell you some next steps just for you?

That’s what I’m doing this Thursday. It’s a Live Magical Group Website Review

Date: Thursday, July 28, 2016
TIME:10:30 am PT / 11:30 am MT / 12:30 pm CT / 1:30 pm ET

I’ve been designing, writing and producing websites for almost 20 years, and  in that time I’ve spoken with hundreds of frustrated entrepreneurs who have invested time and money into their online presence only to find it’s not working for them! Either nobody’s visiting, or nobody’s opting-in (or there’s not even an opt-in form on the page), nobody’s buying, or connecting, or there’s no plan, or maybe it’s just the approach you’re using in the text…

There are so many moving parts, so many pieces to this online marketing thing, it’s hard to know what you’re supposed to be doing.

That’s why I’m hosting this Live Group Magical Website Analysis on Thursday, July 28. You can come, submit your URL, and let me know what’s important to you. Then I’ll use my 20 years of website knowledge and my intuition to come up with recommended steps for you.

Sound good? Then please register here to get the call information.


PS: Please feel free to invite anyone you know who has been struggling with their website and could use a helping hand. Share using the buttons below. Thanks!

PPS: If you cannot join us live but want to ask me a question about your website, please join my Facebook Group “Let’s Talk Websites” where I post tips and answer questions about websites and online marketing. Join Here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/letstalkwebsites/

PPPS: If you are seeking assistance with your site but you would rather have me review your website privately, you can apply for a private Magical Website Analysis with me. I have opened my calendar for a few such review sessions. If you want one of them please use the following form to give me the details of why you need the Website Analysis: http://www.magicalwebsiteanalysis.com 



  1. My one and only website went live just over a year ago and I used Squarespace, learning how to create it myself – it was tough as I’m no techie. But despite a lot of swearing at first, I accomplished what I intended to be a ‘go-to’ website for an overview of who I am, my background, what I offer, plus some testimonials which help to explain what I achieve in my sessions.
    Of course I have evolved, and my work has eveolved, but I havent updated my website.
    Realise I need to be much clearer as to what I would offer prospective clients, add videos as I feel ‘Im much better live than in words, get webcasts going, free stuff….
    just OVERWHELMING where to start and what to prioritise.
    Its taken me many years to be able to say it, but I realise I have many gifts and a lot of potential, but marketing myself ( great with others!), has never been my strong point and despite people saying ” where there is a will there is a way”, can’t afford to big prices for it.
    If you can help me make money from my website however, I’d be more than happy to pay you!
    AND, recommend you to my other therapy friends – I am a natural marketer for others work…particularly if they are Conscious therapists, which I note that you definitely are!!
    Look forward to the website analysis on Thursday and will defo share with my mates xxG

  2. Well I guess I don’t have to spend the weekend fiurging this one out!

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