OK I’m about to get controversial here. Risky, yes, but what’s a rebel-girl to do when confronted by things she feels are just simply wrong? Not be silent about it anymore!

I started this as a thread on Facebook and got over 100 comments so I’m reposting it here on my site to expand the conversation. It’s about those things that I have noticed over the years some self-proclaimed “Conscious Entrepreneurs” doing that don’t seem that conscious to me. Like lying, for instance. I have a whole list of these things, and I want to hear from you too, because I’ll be adding to this list over time.

So here, without naming names (this isn’t about crucifying anyone) are things I’ve witnessed self-proclaimed “Conscious Entrepreneurs” doing over the last several years… things I promise never to do (or risk being called out publicly) …. things I hope you never have or ever will do…. Things that if you are doing them, I hope you will consider leaving behind in the dustbin of history…

Here is my starter list (feel free to add your own list in the comments below!)

Ten Unconscious Things Conscious Entrepreneurs Still Do (And That I’m Promising to NEVER Do)

1) Exaggerate or outright lie about how much money they make or the results their clients have had.

2) Sponsor money competitions during their launches (encourage rich marketers to crush each other with the promises of even more riches!)

3) Host a telesummit with an all-white cast of speakers (even one with “Soul” in the title!)

4) Say things like “If you’re not 6-figures yet, you’re not a ‘real’ business.”

5) Maintain a cold distance at their events to create scarcity and therefore more sales.

6) Do tricks on people during sales conversations to ‘gain an unfair advantage over your prospects”’ (direct quote)

7) Have a hard ‘Launch Close Date” when they know there’s going to be a “Cart Re-Open Date” soon.

8) Host a so-called “Live Webinar” that is actually pre-recorded.

9) Charge $1,000/hour for coaching programs, then turn around and pay the coaches who are doing the actual work only $45/hour.

10) Ignore or refuse to ever discuss urgent global issues like environmental destruction, slavery, refugees, civil rights, war, etc… much less any possible solutions, for fear of turning off potential clients, all the while claiming to care.

Phew, now that’s a weight off! So, what are your additions to my list? I want to hear you be BRAVE.