Let’s Celebrate our Accomplishments from 2014

As we enter 2015 with all sorts in interesting energies flying about, and all sorts of ideas of where we’re headed in this next year, it’s nice to take the time to celebrate accomplishments we’ve made over the last year. Toward that aim I am presenting the Magical Marketing 2014 Spiritual Website Design Retrospective!

It’s a True Collaboration!

The website designs below are a good representative of the several dozen custom designs I created over the last year for incredible, creative, brave women who are out there transforming the world through their spiritually inspired gifts.

Julia and Barb Hoffer croppedEach of these designs represented here are “Wildly Attractive Websites” created by me in collaboration with my clients. I develop the visuals whilie using screen share with my clients so they can watch and comment as I do my magic in Photoshop.

The main visual element to the Wildly Attractive Website is what I call an Alchemical Banner Design. When I collaboratively create these, my clients tell me how the colors, elements, and styles of the graphics feel to them, and only when they feel it is aligned do we move forward. The result is a resonant design that feels like the client and inspires those divinely aligned prospects to connect with them. That is why the visual resonance of each design is distinct rather than being only a representative of my artistic style.

Some of the Themes are in production so you are seeing the “Theme Design Comprehensive” which is why the text is dummy text, etc. This is your ‘bird’s eye view’ into the process of designing a website.

I hope you enjoy this spiritual website design retrospective.

Click on one of the thumbnails below to start the slide show.

If you know it’s time to truly express your gifts, your offerings, your personality, even your Soul, through your website I invite you to  apply for a Magical Strategy Session. Together we will plan your next steps and discuss how Magical Marketing can assist you to attract your Soul Tribe online.