Something’s off, and you don’t know what it is. Maybe you’re not attracting enough new clients, or enough of the right KIND of clients, through your website and/or online marketing. If you’re not sure whether you need a new website, a simple upgrade, or to throw in the towel, here are some clues.

woman-computer-drawing11) When you go to your site, you want to throw up.

It’s not as uncommon as you may think. Most of the time, if you had a programmer create your site, they use cookie-cutter themes with common clip-art images and give you no direction on the website copy or how to make it real and engaging. So by the time you go live with the site, you’re already disappointed. And after a while, the site begins to make you nauseous not only because of the money you wasted on it but because of the business you’re losing as a result. Any marketing, even professionally created marketing, that makes you sick will not work for you. Get a new site or a site upgrade now to ensure you love it, and your tribe will love it too!

Close-up of Caucasian male legs in plaid pants standing on green retro carpet.2) Your site was created so long ago it no longer represents you.

OK, so your site doesn’t make you want to puke, but it’s so old that you don’t even recognize yourself in the graphics or the copy or even the offerings. This site, if it’s attracting anyone at all, is attracting folks with a vibration that is more of a match to you years ago than now. So you will attract folks who are not really a good match to you. It’s time to honor how far you’ve come by getting a new site that represents you and your purpose NOW.

HUH1-200x3003) You’re in business but you don’t have a website at all.

Maybe this should have been #1 but really only about 10% of you have this problem. However, if this is your issue, you need a website asap. It’s almost impossible to attract a steady stream of clients without a website. Even if you are marketing locally, your potential clients will look online to check you out, and if you don’t have a site they won’t think you’re professional or worthy of their investment. This is truly a Law of Attraction phenomenon. If you are willing to invest in yourself (ie your website) then your clients will be willing to invest with you! Get a new site now! Or if you are unwilling and uninspired to market yourself, maybe it’s time to throw in the towel and get a job. That’s not such a bad option if you’re really not cut out for business. Check deep within and ask for assistance from your higher self with this decision.

momoney4) Nobody comes to your site, or nobody opts in

If you have a site you really like, but hardly anyone is visiting your site (which you know because you have Google analytics on your site, right!!?) then you have a problem with your marketing. Your site may be truly resonant with your purpose and the free offer may be stellar, but if you’re not getting visitors to your site, you are letting money go down the drain. You will want to invest in marketing before you consider upgrading your site. There are millions of options for online marketing, and to ensure your steps will be effective, you probably want to hire a consultant to assist you in determining the best marketing ideas for your offering and tribe.

If on the other hand, folks come to your site, but nobody opts in, you either have a problem with your free offer, or the sales copy you have on the site is not engaging your visitors. This is not such a bad problem to have because it’s fairly simple to change the site copy and upgrade your opt in. You won’t have to create a whole new site. But you probably need consulting help to make your offer truly attractive and inspire your visitors to engage with you.

MichellePSquare5) You’re ready to really get your authentic self out to the world in a bigger way

You may not hate or even dislike your site, and you may be attracting clients, but if you’re up to bigger things than your site originally was intended for, then it’s time for a change. Perhaps your site was all about a specific modality that is only part of the larger picture you see now. Or maybe you were limiting your self-expression in some other way because you were afraid to (or advised against) being truly authentic; like my client Michelle who originally hid her beautiful self on her site, and now she reveals her authentic self through her site (see image to right). Maybe you’re out to change the world through your genius, but you weren’t bold enough to say so before (that’s happened to me!) If your authentic self is crying out for a wildly attractive platform for your true soul’s purpose, it’s time to get a new site.


If you know it’s time for a new site, an upgrade, or marketing consulting to get you on the right path, let’s talk. I have opened 7 spots in my calendar to speak with those ready and willing to move your online forward. Submit your application for a Magical Strategy Session with me at Then we can go forth and attract!