shoot_for_the_moon_quote_artNo matter what phase of our business we are in, we always want to attract more perfect customers… that is more customers who are more to our liking!

Even if you have a lot of customers now, you could benefit from having a larger percentage of those being perfect customers rather than pain-in-the-butt customers, right?

And if you have a dearth of customers of any kind, a surge of new, perfectly aligned customers would be welcomed.

My advice is not to suddenly amp up your advertising budget and blast your message far and wide, inundating the world with your promotions. My advice is to take some simple, deeply intuitive actions to help you align with your desire and meet the folks who are seeking you right now.

Here are 5 ways to attract more of your perfect customers

1) Do Your Attraction Plan

If you are currently not attracting the right people to your business, it’s time to create or recreate your Attraction Plan (get it HERE). The Attraction Plan helps us to gain consciousness about what we really want, and that awareness helps us recognize our perfect customers and draw them to us.

2) Create a Compelling Brand Message from the Heart

Your brand message is the most important element of your marketing. What you say about your business and offerings will either compel or repel your perfect customers. That’s why I work with each of my clients, whether they are logo or website design clients, to clarify their message first. Your message should include reference to your perfect customers, your unique gifts and your purpose. That way those who are aligned with you will recognize you and be compelled to connect with you.

3) Give Away Great Content that Keeps Them Coming Back for More

When you give away useful content (advice, tips, audio, video, etc) your perfect customers are able to check out what it’s like to work with you before they commit. I have clients who checked me out for years before stepping forward to work with me. The reason they stayed with me that long is because I give away great content that helps them attract their perfect customers even before we work together. Your free offers are the key ingredient to attracting perfect customers online.

4) Communicate with the World from your Online Oasis

Your brand message and free offer need a home base, one that represents you online. We call Magical Marketing websites an “Online Oasis” because it’s a beautiful, inspiring place online folks can visit to experience you, get some great information, and connect with you. If your website doesn’t represent you or your message well, you won’t attract your perfect customers. It’s when your website resonates like you and compellingly displays your free offer that you will start attracting people who are aligned with you. Your Online Oasis provides a platform for your expression day and night.

5) Get Help!

If you are not attracting enough of the right customers, you are not getting your message or your gifts to the world the way you could be. It’s important to get professional help with your brand and website if you want your business to expand and grow in the right direction. Any investment of time and money you make into these foundations of your marketing funnel will be returned to you exponentially as you attract more of your perfect customers.

Get Started Now:

1) Get your Attraction Plan at and start working on it 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night for the best effect.

2) View our complimentary webinar “5 Reasons Your Websites Not Attracting or Converting Perfect Customers” where I share my formula for a successful website design along with other secrets to attracting your perfect customers online.

3) Apply for a Magical Strategy Session and Website Analysis. If you’ve been suffering with a boring brand or website for too long and know it’s time to step up your game, I invite you to apply for a Magical Strategy Session and Website Analysis. We will connect for 30 minutes in a no-obligation review of what you’re doing now, what you want to attract, and how to get you there. Due to our limited schedule, these are offered on a first-come, first-served basis to those who qualify by filling out the survey at