You know it’s true, though you may be trying to hide the fact: your website sucks and it’s about time you did something about it.

The question is, exactly WHY does it suck so BADLY?

You really won’t be able to fix a thing if you’re clueless about what’s wrong, and it doesn’t help to stick your head in the sand while waving all those potential online prospects on past. It’s time to face what’s wrong square in the eye and start making a change.

This article gets to the root of what’s wrong, which is the first step to finally making your site Wildly Attractive.

Here are the 7 Reasons Your Website Sucks:

1) No Clear Audience: You don’t know who you’re talking to!

If you don’t know who you’re talking to then you will not be able to address them properly through your site. Your potential clients need to know you get them and feel a connection with you, so you must be clear who they are and be able to address them in a way that will cause them to recognize themselves. And you are not fully realizing that your perfect clients are a reflection of you. You are separating yourself too much from your peeps!

2) No Clear Message: You don’t know what to say to them

You need to have a clear, authentic message for your site so visitors know who you are, who you’re addressing and what you do… all in an instant. A concise and consistent message will help your visitors identify you as who they are seeking. Conversely, with no clear message, your site visitors are lost and confused and likely to leave without taking further action to connect with you.

3) No Free Offer: You aren’t compelling them to interact with you

A site visitor may like what you have to say, but unless you have an irresistible free offer that inspires them to give you their name and contact information, you will have no way to follow up with them. There is truly no point to a website that doesn’t inspire folks to take the specific action of opting in to receive more from you.  And “Subscribe to my Newsletter” will not work. It needs to be a valuable training, report, handout, video, or ebook that someone would want to pay for, but that you offer for free.

4) Poor Copywriting: You are boring your visitors to sleep!

The words you use on your site are key to attracting the right people there to begin with and then inspiring them to take specific actions on your site (like opting in to your free offer). Unless your copy is honest, engaging, and effective, your visitor ‘bounce rate’ will be high and nobody will stick around on your site long enough to connect with you.

5) Lousy Design: Your graphics don’t represent your brilliance or inspire interaction

The first thing a person sees when they visit your site is the design, and if it’s ugly to them, they will leave before you can say, “please opt in to my free offer!”  You really want your site to feel like you and represent your mission and purpose authentically. Also, if a site is not well designed, the visitor cannot even find what they’re seeking on your site. Design is about looking good, of course, but it’s also about organization and structure. Your site needs to inspire people to take actions, not confuse them with too many bells and whistles.

6) No Marketing Plan: No idea how to get your site out to the world

It would be nice if once the site was up all you had to do was sit back and wait for the phone to start ringing but that’s not how it works. You simply must have a plan to ongoingly drive new visitors to your site.

7) Nobody is Helping You: Haven’t found the right support

You simply haven’t found the right person/s to help you with your website. Most website producers are programmers with little or no understanding of how to inspire a soulful connection online, and most business coaches don’t get you enough to advise you correctly.

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