I did it again! I am a musical star on the off-off-off community theater scene! This is my third time. My first appearance was as the Captain in Sound of Music, then as Glinda the Good Witch in The Wiz, and this time as Teen Angel in Grease! 

I got all dolled up in the most outrageous getup, replete with giant foam wig, a silver sequined dress, angel wings, a wand and halo! I got on the stage with 10 other foam-haired angels and while 300 people watched, I SANG that song that Frankie Avalon made famous in the movie Grease!, “Beauty School Dropout.”

It’s a kind of mean song but the only singing adult part available in this mostly teen production by Music to My Ears in Cotati. The part is an ANGEL so the costume is up my alley, and the song is a really great 50’s style tune that shows off my contralto voice, so I went for it. And I got it. Doing this is me out on a limb for my self-expression.

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO: (my performance starts at 0:51)

When was the last time you let yourself be fully self-expressed, in public?

Most of us are so terribly wounded from showing up at a young age and being beaten down by naysayers, meanies and … come to think of it, people like the Teen Angel I played in Grease! This often stops us as adults from really coming out in full regalia, waving our magical wand, letting our freak flag fly. But studies show that repressing our creative self-expression leads to stagnation, depression, and even ill-health.

Being too concerned about what other people thought held me back for many years, and made me kind of angry and bitter, too. I boxed myself into a corner where I only did what I knew I was best at, and allowed all these other creative voices to stagnate. I had a chorus of voices in my head and heart asking to be heard, and my inner response was somewhere between, “are you kidding?” to “maybe some day.” Only as I’ve let go of my concern for anyone’s negative judgement, including my own, has my own creative muse awakened and allowed her visions to come alive.

“When you’re 90, procrastination really hurts.” Bud Stege

My father, who is a prolific writer, put off his creative muse for most of his adult life, focusing instead on business and admittedly a lot of adventure. Due to procrastination, he simply didn’t write those books that were in his head and heart, and now it has come to the point where he is in his 90s with still unfinished manuscripts of his books waiting to be released, and not the same presence of mind to be able to complete them. His honesty on how it feels for him to be at this stage has really helped me wake up now and honor my own creative muse before life gets away from me.

At first it was hard to make my bossy inner critic take a step back, let me take time from work, and give me space to create freely. I had to tell her, “Hey Bossy, back off! I have a life to live here!”

I had been wanting to paint more for years, but had simply not given myself time. So I started with once per week, and slowly that has increased to where I paint almost every day now. Here’s my latest painting, “Flowers from Wencke,” acrylic on canvas 16” x 20”… inspired by the flowers my business partner Wencke sent to me on my birthday. I am having my team create me an artist’s website so I can display and even sell my paintings online!

I wouldn’t be able to do this without my own international business that supports me in my creative pursuits.

I am so blessed to have a tribe of divinely aligned, highly creative entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, and magicians from around the world who inspire me every day. Right now I am working with divinely aligned clients from across the USA and in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, England, Wales, Ireland, Canada, and France!

And best of all I discovered I don’t have to work all day to make a nice living while helping my tribe. Most can be finished by early afternoon, giving me freedom to paint, practice the song for my next performance (I’m already practicing to win the lead of WIlly Wonka late this summer!)

Discovering how to grow my tribe didn’t come over night. I knew I had to do it in a way that was aligned with my purpose, that was authentic and real. And over time I developed a system that brings a consistent steady stream of amazing people to me and my business from every corner of the globe.

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