dreamstime_s_34353137Have you ever had the thought that if ‘they’ knew just how complex and bizarre your offerings really are, they’d wonder if you’d lost your marbles?

This is a key fear a lot of my clients have before we create their Wildly Attractive Website. They have been told to ‘narrow it down,’ or ‘focus on one thing,’ rather than creating something new nobody else has even heard of.

One of my specialties has always been helping creative and spiritual entrepreneurs to create an umbrella brand that promotes everything cohesively as it relates to their core purpose. Now that I understand the Character Code System, I see that my people who test largely as Activist / Artist have a challenge to fulfill in this lifetime, and that is to bring together a host of creative ways to transform the lives of people for the better.

That means that all those modalities and methods you use on the side or secretly behind closed curtains are meant to come out to the light and be combined in a unique way that only you know how to do.

Yes it takes guts to bring out an offer that is entirely new, but that’s what your peeps are waiting for.

I remember when I first learned about the Law of Attraction. I didn’t suddenly jump on combining that with branding and design to come up with something entirely new. I experimented on friends and colleagues for years before I came up with the unique combination of fine-art creativity, practical marketing strategies and law of attraction principles. Now people come to me from all over the world, and on a regular basis tell me they have been searching for someone like me for years.

You don’t have to wait like I did. I can help you get your work to the world now.

Here are 3 Keys to Getting Your Real Work Out So People Get You

1) Stop trying to niche it down or focus on just one thing. Accept that you are a strange bird with a unique offering to bring that will transform the lives of millions. It’s up to you to create this new alchemical blend of modalities and methods that help your peeps with their unique challenges.

2) Stop trying to explain your modalities. Start sharing your purpose. Yes your bizarre combination of offerings is difficult to discribe. So stop trying, especially in the early phases of your interaction with someone. Focus instead on sharing what is most important to you, what unites everything you offer ~ Your Core Life Purpose! Share that in your marketing and notice how you will start to attract folks who ‘get’ you~!

3) Be authentic online. Stop trying to be so strategic and polished in your presence online. The Internet is already a rather alienating place for your peeps and they’re seeking an authentic connection with you. In fact the only way they will recognize you is when you are being true to your purpose and authentic in your being. So be that way as you write your website copy and social media posts. Be vulnerable and share what’s true. Notice what the Universe brings to you in return.

What’s your bizarre combination of offerings? The way to bring it to the world is by branding your purpose. When you share your purpose in a way that promotes everything you are up to, your perfect customers are drawn to you by their intuition. They will say to you, “I have been searching for you for SO LONG! I’m so lucky to have found you!”

It is my pleasure to help you discover your heart-felt brand and share that to the world authentically and brilliantly. Right now I have a special sale on my consulting program Branding Breakthrough where we spend a full 4 hours together working out your authentic brand message, your perfect customer profile and your irresistible free offer. Save a full $200~!

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