A picture is worth 1000 words and a “Before & After” tells a whole story in an instant. Over the last 20 years I have created hundreds of brands and websites and love to share the transformation this unique creative process provides. Each time I meet with a new client we dive deeply into their essence, what is most important to them. This is different from mainstream marketing that focuses initially on the potential client. 

When you start your brand with what is most important to you, your marketing will attract people who are interested in what is important to youThis is key to attracting loyal followers, prospects and clients who feel that you are the only person who can truly help them. Because you are aligned on what is essential, they are more likely to be interested in everything you are up to.

Following are some of my favorite “Befores and Afters” from our archives. I hope you enjoy witnessing the transformation.

Ocean Activist Revealed

rg-beforeBefore I worked with Rich German, he was known for running a 7-figure internet marketing and coaching business, but he was gaining international attention as an ocean activist, and his website didn’t share his true passion. It became an embarrassment that people were finding this website (above).

When we designed his new site, we made sure that his passion was front and center. His quote don’s the Home Page reading, “No ocean, no us. Know ocean, know us.” Rich German, and his artwork fill the page with stunning effect.

Now he is proud to show off his website and says, “Julia created exactly what I wanted in record time. Now my website is totally me.” You can visit his new site at http://www.richgerman.com


Embodying Life

solad_beforeWhen Michelle Peticolas came to me for a new brand and website for her business Secrets of Life and Death, she was ambivalent about how much she wanted to reveal about herself through her website. She was sharing a new paradigm for dealing with sorrow and loss, and she was sensitive about how her clients viewed her. Though her website at the time was creative, (albeit a bit dark and heavy) Michelle’s essence and brilliance wasn’t coming through.

Through our collaborative design process, Michelle had a breakthrough in authenticity and allowed me to reveal her passion for trance dancing. Now of her brand that shows her trance dancing with the universe, Michelle says, “I have more and more embodied who I am, and I’m living a more authentic life since working with Julia.”
See Michelle’s video testimonial here. You can see Michelle’s site at http://www.secretsoflifeanddeath.com


carrie_dinow_beforeSharing Her Spiritual Essence

When I first began working with Carrie Dinow, she had an MFT practice and a website that was sorely outdated. She let me know right away that she wanted to break out of the traditional MFT mold and reveal her spiritual essence through her website. During the collaborative design process, we developed a new aesthetic that instantly reveals what is most important to Carrie and her perfect clients, love, insight and change. Within a couple of months of posting her site live, she doubled her practice. Those who were seeking her unique perspective could now recognize her and connect.

“I love my website. Working with Julia helped me to become very clear about my work and my website now represents me completely – the look, the feel, and the message. Since we launched, my practice has doubled! Thank you, Julia!” Carrie Dinow, Psychotherapist  www.carriedinowcounseling.com


rw-beforeInstant Recognition

Dr. Robert Weissfeld had a very scholarly approach to marketing before we met, and he was having a difficult time expressing his uniqueness. If you look at his before website, you see he is over-explaining and has too much text, even in the banner! Working together using my Branding from the Heart process, we developed a new brand for him that expresses who he is, what he does, and what makes him different, in an instant: Trauma to Tranquility. Replacing his busy site with clear messaging, visuals and layout, now it’s immediately evident what Robert does and how he can help, before you even delve in to the writing.

“I am very pleased with the final outcome of my site building package. Julia Stege is talented and proficient at graphics and branding. She put together a great design, and she patiently took me through some trial-and-error tweaking so I had a brand visual that I really liked. Plus the online branding course was excellent at helping  me to nail my message. I now have a site that I can feel good about that holds its own and distinguishes my work.
Robert Weissfeld of www.TraumaToTranquility.com



vetri-and-mari-beforeMagic Coming Alive Online

When Vetri and Mari came to me, they were doing their best to create their own marketing, but it wasn’t showcasing their brilliance as well as they wanted. With a purpose to Experience the Magic Your Soul, they wanted a website that revealed their essence magically. Through our collaboration, we compiled the important symbology that represents their purpose and combined it with beautiful photography of the couple. The result is harmony!

Julia Helped Us to Express Who We Are Authentically! Julia and her team did an amazing job on our new magical website. We are very happy and thankful that she was able to convey our message and passion, Experience the Magic of Your Soul through our website. Julia was very creative and artistic in putting together our banner and logo. Vetri wanted to represent the higher dimensions of light through Unicorn and Mari wanted to represent Joy and Beauty through Hummingbird. Julia was able to comprehend what we wanted to express and she did an amazing job. Julia was very resourceful in getting beautiful pictures for our website. She also did a great job in copyrighting our authentic message. We recommend her graphic design and website services. Thank you Julia and her Magical Marketing Team!” ~ Vetri and Mari – www.vetriandmari.com



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