I believe that showing the before and after website images helps to show just what is possible when you uplevel your brand. Below are examples of designs we have done over the years and what they looked like before. The live site is available through the link in the headline above each example. This is Part 2 of our Before and After Website Design Showcase. To see Part 1 Go Here.

“You gave it the magical touch my website needed.”

Gail Cerruti, PT

When I started working with Gail Cerruti, she had a very basic website for her Physical Therapy business that didn’t represent the results she produces for folks, which is, “helping beautiful souls live pain-free, joyful lives.” Because of Gail’s busy schedule with a successful business and being a mom, it took her a while to really clarify her message and get her content ready. Once it was done, however, all the waiting and the transformation this required was well worth it! We launched in the summer of 2016.

This is what Gail shared once the project was finished:

“WOW Julia, Thanks so much for the excellent work on the site, I love it! it’s beautiful.  That was just the touch it needed, your magic touch. I am so happy to be DONE DONE DONE! and I am sure you are too. Thank you for your efforts to keep this project moving forward and being an honorable rebel 🙂 Love, Gail.” Gail Cerruti, PT

“This process has moved me to an entirely new level.”

Scout Wilkins

Scout came to me when she had recently come out of a year-long period of deepening into who she is and what she’s doing here, and she knew it was time for her marketing to reflect her new understanding of herself, who she helps and why they do it together. Her vision is of a world filled with self-actualized people who love themselves, love each other, love the earth and act accordingly. She had all the great tools, powerful insights, the courage to say what she thinks, and what she needed was help from a person who can see what she sees, to pull it all together and put it out there in a way that is magnetic, beautiful, compelling and the obvious next choice. This is the result:

Scout shares her experience…

“Julia, and the system she has created, works. In my experience, showing up as a heart-centered entrepreneur takes the willingness to move through many layers of how fully I let myself to be seen. Julia not only creates a safe place to explore the question of who you are, she provides real tools that help go deeper in that exploration, and find the specific words, messaging and imaging that puts it out there for the world to see. This is a scary process that is absolutely worth doing. It has moved me, my understanding of myself, and my ability and willingness to stand for what I believe to an entirely new level. Thank you, Julia.” Scout Wilkins



“It’s been a joyful and magical collaboration.”

Julia von Flotow

Julia von Flotow wanted to streamline her message both verbally and visually, and then she wanted to implement a plan of action on the marketing front. She wanted help with design and development of an integrated marketing and communications system and plan to support the realization of her vision. We collaborated on a beautiful banner that reflected Julia’s unique approach to healing and transformation and allows her to stand out in her field.



Here’s what Julia said about the process.

“Julia Stege has a wonderfully, warm and welcoming quality that facilitates a deeply connected, honest, creative work process. The result is beautiful and resonant – a look and feel that expresses the unique mission, vision and values of her client. Julia’s client-centered focus and intuition approach honors the integrity of the creative process. It’s been a joyful and magical collaboration.Thank you, Julia!” Julia von Flotow



“Less than a week after launch I already attracted new students!”

Ariela Sarai

Ariela liked her site when we first spoke, but she had not considered she could have a site that truly represents her resonance and personality. When we began working on her brand message, and even more so when we developed her beautiful aesthetic, the unique Ariela emerged and now she stands out among Avatar trainers.

Ariela says it in her own words:

“Julia helped me create a website that reflects exactly what I wanted to convey. The whole process was a powerful unfoldment of how I want to express myself, what I offer, and who I am looking to connect with. She was very empowering and at the same time offered expert advice and direction. The end result is that my site keeps getting shared, people are writing to say how much it inspires them, and less than a week later I am generating new students from it!” Ariela Sarai


“My website feels authentically ‘me’ in my heart and soul!”

Tami Schmickle

When Tammy first came to me, she had a website for a while but was wanting it to reflect who she is and who she serves. She didn’t have a consistent brand and her site didn’t attract many visitors. She was ready to be seen and step into her power in her business and she wanted her website to be seen as well! She had been wanting to figure out her brand for some time and desired a website that totally matches who she is as a heart centered spiritual entrepreneur and draws in her soul tribe. She knew that once her site was aligned with her soul and her purpose that her business would be much more successful and bring her the people that could benefit from her coaching and astrology services. Working with Tami was a delight and I love the unique aesthetic we created during our collaboration.

Tami was thrilled with the final result.

“Julia is a gifted intuitive artist who truly understands how to implement the Law of Attraction in creating a beautiful website that is designed to attract your perfect clients. She began by guiding me through a process that enabled me to get complete clarity on who I am and who exactly I want to serve. Then she worked with me to create a fabulous and unique website design that I love and that feels authentically “me” in my heart and soul! She also shared ideas for the site with me on the calls as well as suggestions for marketing my new site, which I really appreciated as a newbie in my field.

I now feel so much more confident in what I have to offer and prepared to “go forth and attract” my clients right away! If you want a beautiful website that completely represents who you are, heart and soul and doesn’t look like everyone else’s……I would definitely recommend you work with Julia. Thank you Julia for “getting” me and creating the perfect website for me!” Tami Schmickle, Celestial Transformations


Is it time for a new or updated website?

If your website looks like any of these “before” images, or if you simply feel your website is not representing you well or attracting your perfect customers, we should talk. I’d love to get on the phone with you and review your site together, exploring what’s working and what isn’t working about your site now, and looking at whether now is the right time for a new brand and website, or update the one you have. If that’s attractive to you, you are invited to apply for a Magical Website Analysis with Julia Stege by visiting www.MagicalWebsiteAnalysis.com.